Another Basilian teacher

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Another Basilian teacher for the Accused list….

That’s right.  Another one.

Father Leo Campbell csb will be added to the list of “Accused” this evening.

Campbell, a Basilian priest, died 2008.  Campbell’s death came days after allegations of sexual abuse against him were reported to  a Basilian superior on Detroit Michigan.  My understanding is that Campbell had been sent to Southdown after the allegations were reported.  He died in Southdown.  There are some who believe his death was suicide.

The sex abuse allegations date to 1978 when Father Leo Campell was teaching at St. Mary’s College, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Who was the principal at St. Mary’s at the time?

Father William Hodgson Marshall csb.  [I am seeking clariification on this. ]  [08 August 2010:  YES! Marshall was principal]

A lawsuit is currently winding its way along.  Named as a defendant is, amongst others, the Basilian order.

I will be putting together a page for Father Leo Campbell this evening.  I will also provide a few more bits and pieces of information about Campbell and the allegations.

Yes, that brings to three the number of Ontario Basilian priest- teachers who are known to have been accused of committing sexual crimes against children:  (1)  Father Robert Whyte csb; (convicted)  (2) Father William Hodgson Marshall csb (recently charged; and (3)  Father Leo Campbell (accused – law suit launched after his death) 

My heart is heavy. St. Mary’s.  Marshall the principal.  [? checking to clarify ] [YES.  Marshall the principal] Campbell a teacher. Dear Lord above.  I am sick.

Anyway, I will get on with the job at hand.  Once done I will blog with further information. 

Enough for now, 


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3 Responses to Another Basilian teacher

  1. Joe says:

    I believe Fr Higgins was the principal at St. Mary’s in Sault Ste. Marie in 1978. I was there from 1973 to 1977, and Fr Gregoire was the principal in 73-74, and 74-75, Father Higgins came in 75 and was principal there till after I graduated. I believe Hod came in around 1980 after I was long gone. never saw any sexual abbuse in my time there but I did witness physical abuse.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Joe.

    Mystery solved: according to today’s Toronto Star Hod was at St. Mary’s as principal from 1978-1985.

    This is confirmation of what I had been told – Father Leo Campbell was teaching at St. Mary’s while Hod Marshall was principal! I shudder at the very thought.

  3. Cliff Whalen says:

    I attended St. Mary’s College in Sault St. Marie. Father Marshall was the principal and Father Campbell was one of my teachers. Always lots of hugging in the hallways and I was invited to go camping for the weekend along with a few other guys. My parents did not let me go…thank God. As students we all knew something wasn’t right, especially with Father Campbell. He (Campbell) became principal there when I was in grade 10.

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