It’s hard not to ponder

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Thank you for the prayers.  All is well, or at least there is no life or death crisis. 

I was catching up on media postings today plus other things to take care of around the house.  Keep an eye on New to the Site (click on the “New” tab at far right of the top of the page).    

Things are happening.  I get the impression that tempers in the Vatican and various ‘palaces’ are fraying again.  Without doubt the raid in Belgium has ratcheted the pressure up a few notches. 

Who would ever have dreamed of such a thing happening.  No doubt cause for deep concern for some.

Note the Canadian connection to the raid:  28 June 2010:  Belgian abuse probe body quits en masse

Karlijn Demasure is Sister Demasure, (?)  Associate Professor of Theology at none other than Ottawa’s Saint Paul University.

Demausre resigned with the en masse resignation of the Belgian sex abuse commission.  They claim victim trust confidentiality has been broken.

That sounds a bit far-fetched to me.  Perhaps some victims are upset that the police now have their name and those of their abusers, but I truly don’t believe ALL victims/”alleged” victims would take such offence. 

Anyway, I have heard via the grapevine that the commission was ineffective and no more than a lap dog for the bishops. 

I don’t know how long Sister Demasure had been with the commission so certainly can’t comment on her contributions, but I can point out, as I have done before, that currently on staff in the faculty of canon law at Saint Paul U are John Huels, a known clerical molester, and Father John Renken, who was run out of Springfield Illinois when his long term homosexual relationship with Father Kenneth Steffen became known.

Sisters research activities include “Child Sexual Abuse.”   It’s hard not to ponder how much, if any, of Sister’s research in this area was drawn from her membership on the Belgian commission.

It’s also hard not to ponder how much, if any, direction and advice Sister got for her commission work from Father Frank Morrissey omi.


The Upper Canada District School Board issued an apology today:  29 June 2010:  UCDSB to issue apology 

How many months did that take?  I’m not about to look it up right now, but I know it’s been a long long long time.  So, why now?  Is this fallout from a lawsuit?  Is that what it is?  I can’t for the life of figure out why they would do the rote apology now!  Does it have something to do with the Attorney General announcing which of the commissioner’s recommendations will reap the government $$$?  I think it’s about time, if not past time for that.  But, why now?  Why an apology months upon months after the fact?

Enough for now


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2 Responses to It’s hard not to ponder

  1. mother says:

    I am sicken to find out what kenneth Steffen thinks he can get by with…he is not God …He hides in the town of Marine Il…He is a sick soul …playing the part of “Monsignor” at St Elizabeth Church. He is a Homosexual who thinks he can have his way with a multipal handicaped man…because he is over the age of 18…this young man is also mentally delayed …well he is not going to get away with this….The New Springfield Bishop has been made aware
    of what has happened… the way this is not the first time Monsignor Steffen has been in the media’s eyes….Riverton ,Renken,computesr ,widow’s estate’s, …the list goes on…oh and The men in Marine are questioning what he has been upto…since the yard sale.

  2. mother says:

    Mother just wants the world to know the Springfield Bishop has now “moved” Kenneth Steffen to Alton Illinois as a Chaplin at St.Anthony’s Hospital…so watch your love ones close…do not leave them alone with this sick man who hides behind his MONSIGNOR ,REV,Chaplin tittles…

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