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According to word on the internet,  Bishop James Wingle has cancer of the prostate.  Note the following posting on Socon or Bust

Fr. Tim Moyle says:

May 8, 2010 at 2:22 pm

According to the Eganville Leader (small weekly from Bishop Wingle’s home town), his sister says that he stepped down as bishop for reasons of ill health in the wake of a battle with prostate cancer.
It’s a sad commentary on the times that one would hope that such horrible news if true is considered better than other possible alternatives.
Fr. Tim

I don’t for the life of me understand why prostate cancer would be kept secret.  Not at all.  To the contrary, I believe the Catholic thing for a bishop to do under such circumstances would be to ask for prayers for strength for the difficult journey which lies ahead. 

Why would a bishop deny his flock the opportunity to pray for him in his time of need?  Why would he not ask for prayers?  Why?

Bishop Wingle may indeed have prostate cancer, and if that’s the case my prayers are certainly with him, but, I believe there is something else afoot here.

We shall see…..


On Saturday I posted three more documents regarding Father Lorne Whalen.  If you missed them on New to the Site (New tab at the top of page) here they are.  Penned by a Roman Catholic priest, they fall into the read and weep category. 

November 1993:   Christmas card sent by Father Lorne Whalen to the young Private at CFB Cold Lake Alberta 

31 October 1993:   Father Lorne Whalen note which was slipped under the barrack room door of a young Private at CFB Cold Lake Alberta – includes directions to Whalen’s house CFB Cold Lake 

29 March 1993: Father Lorne Whalen note to a young North Bay Ontario man whom he had talked to briefly after a Sunday Mass 

An interesting coincidence here…

Father Lorne Whalen was eventually ordained for the Diocese of Pembroke by Bishop James Windle in May 1988.  He spent  his first years as a priest in Eganville, Ontario. 

Bishop James Wingle was raised in Eganville Ontario.  After spending some time working with Ontario Correctional Services he decided to become a priest.  In 1977 Wingle was ordained at St. James church in Eganville, by Bishop J.R. Windle.

Wingle would have been long gone from the Pembroke diocese when Whalen came along – he was teaching at St. Augustine’s Seminary from 1984.  But, his family was still in the Eganville area.  And he was still a priest incardinated in the Diocese of Pembroke.

It means little, but just seems uncanny that, on the one hand I am posting articles related to an abdicating bishop, and the other I am reviewing files related to Father Lorne Whalen, and both were ordained by Bishop Windle, and both were incardinated in the Diocese of Pembroke, and one was born and bred in Eganville, and the other’s first duties as a priest were in the Eganville.

 Sheer happenstance I know, but, ….. interesting.

Anyway, I will get on with posting more Whalen documents and info. 

Enough for now,



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3 Responses to Uncanny

  1. Cheryl Helena Thomson says:

    Sorry I was confused several weeks back, as the Windle and Wingle stories made me wonder if it was the same man. Sylvia, if you could get back to me here in Newfoundland by e-mail, I would appreciate it. We have a mutual friend, named Elizabeth. Best to you – Cheryl

  2. Marie Morris says:

    I have met Bishop Wingle briefly and met members of his lovely family. He appeared to be very much a truly devoted clergyman to my husband and I. Bishops, like priests are men doing a very demanding job. With all the rules and coverups in the RCC, surely they can retire and go through cancer, privately. Not every one is an open book. During these times of so much going on in our church, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for them to lose respect for the “Institution”. I am sure if there is anything untoward, it will come out. If that happens, and only then, will I believe it. As Christians, let us not bury the innocent until proven guilty.

  3. Snowdog says:

    Also, do not forget that Borne’s last position was also in Eganville, Borne also as secretary to Bishop Windle had access to all complaints lodged against any priest in the diocese of Pembroke

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