Whoosh – away he went

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Good for the Toronto Star for doing a little digging on the whereabouts of the St. Catharine`s abdicating bishop.

07 May 2010: St. Catharine`s Bishop James Wingle disappears, a congregation is left to wonder why

True, we are no closer to knowing what`s going on or where the bishop is, but at least we can see how ridiculous this is.  No one knows where he is.  Not a soul.  Not one single soul.  He confided in no one.  Just whoosh – away he went.  One minute he was there.  The next he was gone.

`Out of the country,` but where? As I said in a comment on the article, someone should at least  file a missing persons report 🙂 .

And there is Cornwall`s Bishop Paul Andre Durocher  – he hasn`t had a sex abuse allegation against a priest since 2002.  I just said what is on my mind on that in the response to the article box, particularly as it relates to Father Gaetan Deschamps.

I have had enough of all of this nonsense.  I`m going to bed 🙂


One more thing.  Important.

Katherine asked when Monsignor Borne is to stand trial.  If anyone in the Pembroke area knows would you please post the info (or send to me ?  I`ve had a number of people ask in person as well.  Thanks.

Enough for now,


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