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A busy couple of days.  Settling business following my brother’s death is still wrapping up – a shipment which I packed and sent while in Ireland has finally arrived – running around today picking up papers and clearing customs.  It’s done, and boxes will be delivered tomorrow .  I managed to arrange delivery to allow time to pop into courtroom #8 at 9 am this morning to find out what’s happening with the charges against disgraced Bishop Raymond Lahey.


I said I would double check on the Emma Wilson-King business to be sure I have my facts straight.  Yes indeed.  Two paedophiles are on the loose in Cornwall, their identities secret because they were charged and tried as juveniles.  This because Wilson –King concluded the the acts of sexual abuse (sodomy included ++) were committed when the molesters were  juveniles.  Neither did jail time for their crimes.  Few know their identities. The sexual abuse began when the victim was a 7-year-old child.

According to the victim there is no doubt that both these men were molesting him when they were over age 18.  According to the victim the facts regarding time lines and dates re his first molester were irrefutable.  He actually got into an argument with Wilson-King when he found out that  the man would be tried in juvenile court, and bluntly told Wilson-King in so many words that he was the one who was sodomized and he remembers.  At that Wilson-King allegedly broke into tears and away she went, and in short order the victim was chastised by another police officer for giving “Emma a hard time.” 

A probation officer called the victim to say he was going over the file of one of the molesters – he told the victim that the perp should have been charged as an adult  – he allegedly said that the numbers were all there right in front of him.

But, the charges stood.  Both men were tried as juveniles.  Both were found guilty.  Neither went to jail for these atrocities.  Because they were tried as juveniles both are now protected by a publication ban.    One got 3 months house arrest and 9 months probation.  The other got three years probation and was deemed a high risk to re-offend.

By the sound of it, another of CPS’ thoroughly bungled child sex abuse “investigations.”

So, there it is, two convicted molesters are on the loose in Cornwall.  Few know who they are.  Children are at risk.

Sad to say, that’s the other thing I remembered about Emma Wilson-King.  I double checked. 

Still not a word about the charges or court appearance.  Silence! 


A letter to the Editor and two new articles posted.

10 February 2010:  Letter to Editor

06 February 2010: Retreats for sex abuse victims

11 February 2010:  Taking steps to healing 

When I first read the article about the retreats in Quinte I wondered how that came about and who, if anyone, was the Cornwall contact.  It seemed to come out of nowhere.  Yesterday I saw that the connection is Justice Normand Glaude himself, and also may well be Janet Handy, a former member of Glaude’s presumably conflict-free  Advisory Panel

Has Handy nestled right into Cornwall?  Has she actually relocated to Cornwall permanently?  When she was first introduced at the Inquiry she was from Toronto and had been heavily involved as Executive Director of Gatehouse there. (scroll down the Advisory Panel page to see article re financial problems at Gatehouse in 1997. )

But, here she is, running a women’s group called SASS, and now piggy-backing piggy-backing healing sessions for male victims courtesy of funding from the AG.

Is this a perc which comes with having been on Glaude’s Advisory Panel?  Was it all hammered out in advance?  Or, did the powers that be just see something in Handy that no one else had?  I don’t know, but I must say I don’t think it’s appropriate that those who ‘worked’ the inquiry as advisors should be the beneficiaries of the government handouts they advoctaed.  Seems when it comes to the inquiry and things Cornwall we just move along from one real or perceived conflcit of interest to another 

That aside, what an insult to male victims.  Did you read that?  They’re going to make “ a dream catcher”  or, perhaps, “ a rattle”!!! 

What absolute nonsense!  These are grown men. 

On top of that, these men are being relegated to the back door!  To make the women feel comfortable?!  

I don’t believe it. 

What about the men?  Will they feel comfortable being relegated to the back door?  Or, does that matter?

Note that counselor Seguin says that everyone is equal?!  But, front door for the ladies and back door for the men it is – because Heaven forbid we upset the ladies who, after all, were here first?

Why do I fear this is no more than a feminist sorti into the potentially lucrative domain of “healing” for male victims of childhood sexual abuse.  

One more and final comment on this silliness …

According to the article, Handy’s Halifax-based helper Wanda Seguin said” “We’re giving back to the community. If we all did that, all of our little ones would be safe. Wouldn’t that be amazing?”

What does Seguin mean?  How would “all of our little ones be safe?”   Does she really mean that if everyone took part in healing sessions, and making rattles, and eating our children would be safe? 



If the paedophiles and molesters  are still running loose – and of course we know only too well that they are! – how will making rattles etc protect our children?

I don’t understand this at all.  Does Seguin perhaps mean that all male victims are molesters, and that if they make rattles etc they will stop molesting?  Is that it? 

I hope not.  I certainly hope not.  That may be fine and dandy for the few who actually do become molesters, but what does it say of and do to the many who don’t? 

If perchance that’s what’s behind those comments it’s nothing short of negative and malicious stereotyping of male victims of same-sex childhood sexual abuse.   As I say, I do hope that’s not what is meant, but, back to my question:  how in the name of goodness are these weird new “healing” sessions for male victims going to protect our children? 

As far as I’m concerned, the bottom line is this:  our little ones will not be safe until the judiciary, legal profession, and law enforcement treat child sexual abuse as the abhorrent crime and sin that it is, and until molesters are treated like the abhorrent human beings that they are and are locked up, – for a good long time.

And, alas, in this day and age and as things stand, that really would be amazing.  But, a goal well worth fighting for.  True justice.  Somehow I sense that that would go a long way to helping victims “heal” – just the sheer assurance that society and “the system” views the sexual abuse of a child as so dispicable that the hand of justice will fall heavy and hard on those who dare to sexually violate a child. 

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to That would be amazing

  1. Info Warrior says:

    Is this the Emma Wilson whose father is an LDS Mormon Bishop?
    Is this the Emma Wilson who was part of the Carroll-Wilson Cornwall pedophile investigative team?
    Is this the Emma Wilson who had friendly association with CM the Cornwall Clanner and CPS insider?

    Why don’t we call the system what it is.
    The reality is that the system is designed to destroy.
    The opposite is creation.

    Good work Sylvia

  2. Wanda Seguin says:

    If you would like some clarity into the words shared in this article, as it seems you have taken it as a negative, I would certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss your perspective further and clarify some of your questions.

    As Ever,
    Wanda Seguin
    613-932-1755 Ext. 29

  3. John says:

    Wanda….Why not answer those questions on this forum. This site is read by many of the “victims”, and by those interested in the whole story from the beginning. Believe me when I say that we are listening.

    John Mac Donald

  4. Sylvia says:

    Hi Wanda

    John’s words are well taken. Please feel free to clarify on the blog, that way all can benefit.


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