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Hearings were late resuming this morning, Wednesday, 19 November 2008.  And now, 1006 am, they have gone off behind closed doors – in camera!

Seems that for Michael Neville (Father Charles and Ken Seguin) there is a problem with the anticipated evidence of the next witness, Joe Dupuis.

Neville had a lawyer there speaking for him.

Apparently whatever the nature of the anticipated evidence is it may require Neville to become a witness.  Should that happen, Neville would have to step down as legal counsel for Father Charlie and the deceased Ken Seguin.  Much concern on that count!!!

I for one have no qualms about seeing Neville on the witness stand.  The shoe on the other foot for a wee spell 🙂

Anyway, Justice Glaude has waived the requirement for a written motion to hear whatever needs to be heard in secret behind closed doors and sorted out.  There were no objections from any of the gathered throng.

I have no idea how long this will take.  None.  I will turn up the volume and carry on with other things.

A few items of interest:

(1) Ex priest (?) Don Grecco is scheduled to appear in a Cayuga courtroom this morning.  Anyone with information on the proceedings please post to keep us informed.  And yes, Reality Checker is right, this is not Grecco’s trial.  It will probably be a rather short appearance.

(2) About a dozen people picketed outside Ottawa’s St. Paul U.  They were protesting the fact that  convicted clerical paedophile Father Philippe de Maupeou was supposedly there  studying canon law. I had added him to the Paedophile alert! last September.

De Maupeou was long gone by the time of the picket.  I have an unconfirmed report that he was asked to leave in the first week of the Fall semester.

Anyway, good for those who braved the cold to picket.  You made your sentiments known!

Perhaps St. Paul’s will eventually cease providing refuge to clergy accused, charged and/or convicted?

I will post media coverage of the picket later.

(3)  Did you see CPS S/Sgt. Gary Derochie sitting alongside Cornwall Police legal counsel yesterday?  He’s right there, sort of front and centre. Smack dab in the witness line of sight. A little intimidating for those who have had dealings with him I would think?

(4)  I am told there is a healthy OPP presence in what I call the VIP section of the bleachers, that’s the bleachers to the Right of your screen.

(5) I am putting together a blog on Randy Millar’s testimony.  Well on my way but still going through the transcripts.   The Millar transcript of yesterday is posted.  Read and weep!

Trip to Ireland or no, none of this is any easier to stomach.

Enough for now,



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