Small wonder

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Perry has now spent 66 days in jail.


Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Wednesday, 23 April 2008.  Constable Kevin Malloy will return to the stand.

Those who watched Malloy’s testimony yesterday I am sure were as horrified as I to hear Malloy’s tale of a paedophile left to prowl the streets of Cornwall in 1989 due to —- “insufficient evidence.”

And, yes.  Paedophile.  In that instance the allegations were against local Roman Catholic school teacher and now convicted molester, Marcel Lalonde.  Malloy decided there was insufficient evidence.  Malloy decided the victim had consented!!  Malloy decided that although the victim said he had been drinking he, the victim, hadn’t had enough to drink that he was incapable of protesting!

Disgusting!!!   Worse, Malloy headed off to then Crown attorney Don Johnson for advice.  Johnson concurred.  Yep – no hope of conviction.

Johnson, you may recall, was the one time Crown later turned defence lawyer who has since defended I don’t know how many of Cornwall’s real and “alleged” paedophiles.  Johnson’s name has surfaced several times as a Crown who decided there was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges.  The Earl Landry Jr case jumps to mind.  While he was Crown Johnson said insufficient evidence to proceed against Landry.  Years later Johnson was back defending Landry!!!

The whole mess is sickening and disgusting.

So, Lalonde kept teaching, and children were knowingly put at risk, and Malloy and Johnson and who knows who else kept mum!!!

All I can say is small wonder Perry is where he is!  Small wonder his former colleagues failed to stand beside him.  The long and short of it is Perry is cut from a different cloth.  That is becoming increasingly apparent.

I will be out today.  Will catch up when I get home

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