Read and weep

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Hearings resumed at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Tuesday, 01 April 2008. Garry Derochie is on the stand and has just undergone cross-examination by Alan Manson (Citizens for Community Renewal).

The transcripts from yesterday are available.  Read them and weep!  It certainly seems to me that S/Sgt. Garry Derochie has been motoring along in the eye of the Cornwall storm for the past fifteen years.  And seems he had his finger in every pie. And certainly seems he was anxious to see Perry charged with something or other.

There is much in Derochie’s testimony of yesterday which warrants mention, not the least of which is the conflict of interest situations which got the blind eye.

There were some good interventions by Justice Normand Glaude, and some good questions posed by Peter Engelmann. I will eventually get to them.

And as I listen this morning I can not for the life of me believe what I am hearing –  a senior police officer claims he didn’t think there there was a ‘duty to report’ to Children’s Aid when sex abuse allegations which came their way were classified as historic.

A senior police officer – and father – did not recognize or understand that children were at risk when any suspect molester is out and about in the community?! Even if the allegations of abuse stem back  a year, two years or twenty years?

That’s what we’re being  told.  In fact, according to Derochie, barring Perry Dunlop, that was apparently the thought of the entire police department.  That was apparently their interpretation of the Child and Family Services Act.  Presumably not a soul in that police department who knew of the sex abuse allegations against two pillars of the community thought there was a legal duty to report to CAS because children might be at risk. Not a soul but Perry.

As I said, I can not believe what I’m hearing.  How oh how did Perry figure this one out all on his own?  Amazing!  Perry figured it out, did something about it, and look where he is.


Media of the day is posted.  Check New to the Site on the Home page. Note too that I have posted a list of the 17 parties with standing.  Yes.  Seventeen!! If you have been trying to do a tally, there it is.  Seventeen.


Perry is in good cheer.  He is getting out in the yard in a much more regular basis. The mail is getting through.  He has received letters from family, friends, victims, at least one priest who was sexually abused, and supporters from across Canada and the States. As I have said before, they are his contact with the outside world.  Keep writing.  You can enclose photocopies of anything you would like him to see, be it pictures, Sudoko, or articles or documents.

Perry Dunlop c/o OCDC
Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre
2244 Innes Road
Ottawa ON
K1B 4C4

Frank Horn (Coalition) has started his cross-examination.  A break now.  Must get on with other business in the lull…

Enough for now,



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1 Response to Read and weep

  1. RealityChecker says:

    I’m having a great deal of difficulty understanding Glaude’s opening statement.

    Yes…Commissioner Glaude you are correct – the Cornwall public Inquiry does not have the benefit of Perry Dunlop’s testimony.

    You seem to have forgotten and do not mention…(maybe you suffer from C.R.A.F.T. disease…) YOU put Perry Dunlop in jail for refusing to testify!!!

    So why are you now circulating a draft of Overview of Documentary Evidence (ODE)related to Perry Dunlop and now want the use of such a document addressed sooner than later?

    Is this not evidence that Perry Dunlop DID NOT have to ever testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry and an ODE could have sufficed right from the start…just like with other previous witnesses who for whatever reason you excused from testifying and an ODE was used?

    Perry told you a long time ago he wanted no part of this Inquiry…was not going to testify…and now you have indeed eluded to the fact he NEVER did have to testify in the first place – you CAN use an ODE.

    So….why is he now sitting in jail???

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