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So, today was gardening day, day one.  It’s past time to get a few plants in the ground.  The few plants I picked up a week ago were gasping for water so tried as best I could to revitalize them, and then moved on to a bit of clean up in the yard , and then off we went to buy more bedding plants and so on.  A hot hot day.  Exhausted by day’s end!

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll get back at it and hopefully get most of the plants into the ground .  It’s supposed to be another scorcher – hoping for a gentle breeze:)

Enough for now,


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Uh. Oh!

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Uh. Oh.  Someone we know may be in a spot of trouble, again.

I spent some time today trying to confirm that recently laid impaired driving charges were laid against someone we ‘know’ on Sylvia’s Site.  Unfortunately police will not verify date of birth, and since the “information” is not yet entered into the court I unable to verify through those means.  Until I know with certainty that it is indeed who I think it is, I will hold on posting.  I am 99.9% sure I know who it is, but that .1% is a niggle I don’t want to risk.

So, several hours today spent trying to sort that out, – without success :(.  I will check court each day next week until the day comes when the information has been filed.


Another article posted on Father Barry McGrory:

23 August 1986:  Just ‘being themselves’ makes for good show 

That was just before he disappeared from the Ottawa Archdiocese, never to return.  Well, at least never in the sense of serving as a Roman Catholic priest in the archdiocese for which he was ordained. He may have slipped in and out over the years.  I have no idea.

Years downstream I looked back at Father McGrory’s sudden exodus from Ottawa.  I always had a sense that something prompted what seemed to be a rather hasty departure , particularly for a priest who was, at least on the surface, not only beloved by his parishioners at Holy Cross but also well established with both the archdiocese and the community.

Anyway, there he is, Father Barry McGrory, a molester, one of the threesome referred to by CJSB talk-show host Ed Needham as the “Holy Trinity,” just before he packed his bags and departed Ottawa.


For those who have asked, my interview with Mark Sutcliffe on Ottawa Today (1310 News) can be accessed online.  For some reason I am unable to download the clip – keeps recording another program.  Until I sort that out, for now, it can be accessed by clicking here .  Then, to the right of the promo picture  of  the show,  scroll down to Ottawa Today – May 26 (09:00-10:00).  Click on that link.  Start the audio, and advance to about the 36.47 point.

Enough for now.


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Just a mistake

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A reader sent a question regarding Father  Philippe de Maupeou – asking if I had information regarding his time at Ottawa’s Saint Paul University financed by Montreal Archbishop Turcotte.  I knew I did, but when I went to double check discovered that the  link by his name on the Accused list took me to – the old Inquiry website which is still very much being re-constructed, and, of course, sad to say, no information has been re-entered as yet on Father Philippe de Maupeou 🙁

So,  I created a page here on Sylvia’s Site and then posted the information which I have on hand.

I draw this to your attention to point out the following:

(1)  According to CJAD talk radio,  the Cardinal Archbishop of Montreal, Jean-Claude Turcotte said that de Maupeou is not a paedophile, he,  de Maupeou,  just made a mistake;

(2)  The chancellor of the archdiocese, Mgr. Michel Parent says, he’s paid his debt to society, and he adds those who call for priests convicted of sexual assaults on children are ‘hard-hearted’. (there’s obviously text missing here , but it looks as though the Monsignor might have been suggesting that those who call for defocking of convicted clerical molesters are hard-hearted? )

(3)  Archbishop Turcotte awarded de Maupeou  a $60,000 study bursary  to study canon law at Ottawa’s University of Saint Paul (he lasted only the first few weeks of the program  and was gone)

I cannot for the life of me conceive why Archbishop Turcotte would have thought that Father de Maupeou’s touching of a little 10-year-old girls genitalia was ‘just a mistake.’  Nor can I conceive how he could have deduced that the priest was not a paedophile.  Is that what de Maupeou told him?  I have no idea.

As for shipping the convicted molester  off to study canon law, …..what, I wonder,  makes canon law so inviting for those  intent on recycling molesters?  I would think that the last place in the world any bishop would want to recycle a priest known to have so flagrantly  violated Church law would  be as a canon lawyer interpreting, enforcing and/or upholding the law?  Apparently not.  How many cases have we come across where molesters were shipped off to study canon law?  It’s more than one or two, isn’t it?

I don’t know what has become of Father Philippe de Maupeou.  In 2013 his address in the index of that year’s directory was that of the diocesan centre  His name is not in the index of the 2016 directory.  Has he left the priesthood?  Did he die?  Does anyone know?


WordPress is a finicky program.  And, with each update there are changes. most good, but some, for those who operate a blog, not so good.  And so, for example, for years on end I was able to set the blog to automatically permit comments to posted.  That was my default.  Then along came a new version.  Someone, for some reason, decided that there should not be an option to enable the posting of  comments automatically.  Now I must remember each time I post an article to scroll down a little further and check to little box to enable comments.  I frequently forget, but am working at it.   And, yes,  it’s awfully hard to teach an old dog new tricks 🙁

I have also discovered that threads which for which I have had comments enabled will, for no apparent reason, disable.   That means that no one can post a comment.

Please, let me know when you hit an article which does not permit you to post a comment.   The only way I know is when you tell me.

Enough for now.


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I will be  interviewed on radio this morning at around 09:45 am on Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, 1310 News.


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Updates from the courts

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Time for updates from the courts:

(1)  Father Linus Bastien (Diocese of London, Ontario)

As feared, the “fitness” hearing for Father Linus Bastien scheduled to start yesterday has been postponed:  Bastien was hospitalized.

24 May 2016:  Hearing delayed on whether Bastien fit to stand trial

As it stands, the fitness hearing has now been rescheduled  to run on days previously scheduled for the start of trial.  Here it is:

 24 -27 October 2016:  10 am, fitness hearing set for three days,  Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue);

This is a terrible blow to those complainants who have been waiting years on end – literally – to see justice done.  The first charges were laid October 2011.   Think about it.  By the time this “fitness” hearing begins it will be five years since charges were first laid.

I also posted an article from early February regarding his attempts – unsuccessful – to get the charges thrown out.

04 February 2016:  Lawyer argues elderly priest should not stand trial on sex abuse charges

And, yes, Father Bastien is 89 years-old.  There are those who will claim that there is no point proceeding with charges, and that to do so would be cruel and inhumane.  Actually, the truth of the matter is, that if indeed he is guilty, he has eluded justice, deceived the faithful and lived a lie for  about 60 years.   Why should any criminal be rewarded for his dishonesty?  Is that justice? And, further to that, would we show the same charity to a serial killer who eluded justice for 40, 50 or 60 years?

Finally, a question, one which constantly niggles at my mind:  why, if Father Bastien insists that he did not molest those boys, did he not fight tooth and nail to get the case to trial as quickly as possible to prove his innocence?

I don’t understand.  Try as I might I just do not understand.

My heart goes out to the complainants and their families.  Please keep them in your prayers.

(2)  Father Stephen Amesse  (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

A trial date has been set for Father Stephen Amesse.  The trial, scheduled to run for seven days next year, will commence Monday 06 March 2017

Prior to trial there is one day scheduled for a pre-trial motion:

19 January 2017: 10 am,  pre-trial motion, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(3)   Jessica Beraldin (Roman Catholic teacher, Mother Theresa High School, Barrhaven, Ontario – Barrhaven is a suburb within the city of Ottawa, Ontario)

06 June 2016: 08:30 am, “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

(4) Brian Lucy ( former organist at St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Gananoque, Ontario)

The next court date for previously convicted and currently incarcerated Brian Lucy is:

27 May 2016: 09:00 am, “to be spoken to,”  Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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My thoughts

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The three-day fitness trial of Father Linus Bastien’s  was scheduled to begin today (24 May 2016) :

24 -26May 2016: 10 am, fitness hearing set for three days,  Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

According to EHV there is talk that Bastien suffered a heart attack.   I pray that that is not the case.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


There’s one more article from last week which I wanted to make brief comment on:

18 May 2016:  Lawyer’s career dominated by clergy abuse scandal

Rob has done great work representing victims of clerical sexual abuse, but I don’t agree with him on this:

[Rob Talach] believes the Catholic Church, by requiring a celibate priesthood, made sexuality a forbidden subject among priests and the bishops responsible for managing them. It meant, he said, that even sex abuse was not discussed.

My thoughts:

(1) Those priests who are ‘interested’ in having sexual relations with a  woman manage to find one, just as those married men who are ‘interested’ in having sexual relations with a child manage to find one;

(2) Marriage is no ‘cure’ for paedophiles, haebophiles or pederasts;

(4) There has been no lack of priests over the past 50 years who have talked and/or written ad nauseam about sex;

(5)    I am inclined to believe that sex abuse has been discussed, in depth, and often,  behind closed doors.


Today a  good friend came to give me a welcome hand getting on top of some much needed research.  A very productive day! We  accomplished in one day what would have taken me two or more 🙂

Enough for now,


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Re duty to report

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Today, Tuesday 24 May 2016 is the start of Father Linus Bastien’s  three-day fitness hearing :

24 -26May 2016: 10 am, fitness hearing set for three days,  Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

I encourage those who can do so to try to get there  to find out exactly what his arguments are.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


A few thoughts on the following of the following recent article from the Ottawa Citizen:

18 May 2016:  Ottawa diocese repeatedly warned about local clergy’s most notorious abuser 

(1) Four priest knew

What strikes me here is the fact that, according to the article, and starting in the 60s, Ottawa clergy were warned at least seven times about Father Crampton’s “sexual misconduct.”  At least four priests were told.  We don’t know the names of all four priest, but we do have the names of two:  (1)  Father Barry McGrory, and (2) Father John Beahan (later an auxiliary bishop )  Both were themselves sexual predators, and both were good friends of Crampton’s.  It is no surprise, then, is it, that neither neither McGrory nor Beahan took any action?

Who were the other two priests who knew and failed to action to protect children?

(2)  Duty to report

“In 2011, the Archdiocese of Ottawa issued a protocol that requires all clergy members and church employees to report any allegation of child sexual abuse to the Office of the Archbishop and to the Children’s Aid Society.”

In Ontario the duty to report to CAS has been obligatory for many many years.  Lawyers are exempt.   Dioceses are not.

That aside, I do not understand why there is no obligation to report to police.  If there is suspicion that there is criminal activity,common sense says report to police.

Sexual abuse of children and youth are crimes. By all means, report to CAS to ensure that other children are protected, but for goodness sake report suspected criminal activity to police.

I have never understood why the duty to report in most if not all provinces and territories in Canada is not to police but to the CAS.  Why is there not mandatory reporting to police of such a reprehensible crime ?  That I suppose is another matter, but it seems to me that there is nothing to prevent a bishop from insisting that all sexual abuse allegations levelled against a priest must be reported to police.  Why not?  Yes, I can understand that victims may have concerns, but I also have faith in the victims, and I believe to the depth of my being that there is not one victim out there who wants to see other children or youth abused. I fear too that it serves Church officials well to allow victims to remain riddled with shame and fear. Perhaps a little time to explain the necessity of contacting police and a  promise of support is in order, along with assurances that the shame belongs squarely on the shoulders of their abuser?

Enough for now,


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Not many surprises?

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Well, not a good way to start off the week.

I call it circling the wagons.

Ottawa’s Archbishop Terence Prendergast had a statement in yesterday’s Ottawa Sun.  Here is a link:

22 May 2016: “Archbishop: Church must do better, help to heal” & related article

A few quotes and comments.

(1)  “We saw in black and white a list of Ottawa priests implicated in the sexual abuse of minors published in the city’s English-language dailies.”


Those mentioned were  either convicted in criminal court, or found liable in civil court.

(2)  “Yet, there were not many surprises in the published articles, as people in Ottawa have heard the stories in the news of abuse and the conviction of priests over the years as they were reported.”

There weren’t many surprises?  Really?!

I’d say there were quite a few surprises.  Big ones.   A few

(a) Father Barry McGrory’a abuse of children here in Ottawa was not reported and was an extremely well guarded secret.  Ditto his conviction in Toronto a few years after he was suddenly and mysteriously shipped out of the archdiocese.

Yes.  That was a surprise to many.   A big one at that.

(b)  Father McGrory, a molester priest who claims to have  been “cured,” and has been ‘saying’ Mass and hearing confessions for years, is blaming a 13-year-old  victim for the abuse she suffered at his hands.

And, yes, that was surprise too.  Actually, for many, it was a shock!

(c)  Diocesan officials knew as early as 1965 that Father Dale Crampton was a molester.  Diocesan officials were told again in 1980.  And again in 1986.

That was news to nearly everyone.  Another surprise.   A huge surprise.

(d)  Colleen, a McGrory victim, was told in 1997 that Father McGrory had defrocked.  False!

Yes, yet another  surprise.  In fact, for everyone who read the article, another huge surprise.

(3)  “… the shock came from seeing all the details displayed in one place. “

Actually, the shock came from seeing secrets which had never had seen the light of day,


On 21 May I blogged: Is that what we’re talking about?

In the blog I made reference to and queried this portion of a para of Archbishop Prendergast’s 18 May 2016 statement:

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast has made it his clear policy and practice that any priest, who is found guilty in a criminal trial or found liable in a civil action, is prohibited from conducting any and all ministry and from presenting himself as a Catholic priest. ….

I was wondering specifically why there is mention there only of ‘sanctions’ for those molesters  found guilty in a criminal trial or found liable in a civil action, and no mention of those predatory priests who are dealt with through essentially an internal process of “justice and reconciliation”?

Well, here is a the 2011   Protocol Regarding Sexual Abuse of Minors by Clergy and Religious Clerics (Ottawa Archdiocese)

and here is the relevant para (emphasis added):

2.4       In the event that the Review Board is involved in the matter of a particular allegation, whether criminal charges are laid or not and following a briefing by the Delegate, if the Review Board deems there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe that an offence has been committed, the Delegate will communicate to the Archbishop the Review Board’s recommendations that may include an assessment of the allegation and the suitability for ministry of the accused.

Note this references cases in which the Review Board concludes that there are  “reasonable and probable grounds to believe that an offence has been committed.”  Would these be deemed “credible” allegations?  No?

And note, that the Review Board ‘s recommendations MAY include an assessment of the allegation and the suitability for ministry of the accused.


As you know, I believe these molesters should be defrocked, not suspended and so on.  That being said, I am wondering why the archbishop made no mention of ‘suspension’ and so on when there is an internal investigation.  In other words, at what point does  the Review Board and the Archbishop  determine that a priest is a molester who, like their molesting brethren who are NOT dealt with internally, must be  “prohibited from conducting any and all ministry and from presenting himself as a Catholic priest” ?


Here’s a link to the September 2015:  Ottawa Archdiocese Code of Pastoral Conduct

You can read it through and see what you think.  For me, that’s

Enough for now,



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Is that what we’re talking about?

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I will get and post the next court dates for previously convicted former church organist Brian Lucy, female Ottawa area Catholic school teacher facing sex charges Jessica Beraldin, and lay-contributor to the CCCB’s 1992 sex abuse guidelines Father Stephen Amesse.


A reminder for those in the Windsor area to mark your calendars for next week.  Yes, this is a long weekend 🙂  So, Monday is a day off for most people, then, starting on Tuesday 24 May 2016 through to Thursday 26 May 2016 Father Linus Bastien has a fitness hearing scheduled:

24 -26May 2016: 10 am, fitness hearing set for three days,  Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

This is probably yet another attempt by Bastien to avoid trial.  He was first charged back in October 2011!  He was committed to stand trial 03 March 2014.  At the start of this year he was engaged in a court battle with, in essence, the claim that he never should have been charged in the first place.  He lost that one.  Now he’s moved on to the fitness business.

I encourage those who can do so to try to get there  to find out exactly what his arguments are.

Unconscionable!  It truly is unconscionable that a man who calls himself a Roman Catholic priest would go to such lengths to either postpone or avoid trial.

Please keep all the complainants in your prayers.


An additional note re Father Barry McGrory and the Ottawa Archdiocese’s  1997 assurance  to Collen Passard that McGrory has been defrocked/laicized after his conviction in 1993,- during several of those years Father McGrory was in fact living with with the nuns who once occupied St. Joseph’s Convent in Morrow Park, Toronto.  The property was apparently sold but some of the nuns were allowed to stay on in the premises and McGrory stayed on with them – during his years there he unfortunately served as their chaplain – ‘saying’ Masses and ‘hearing’ their confessions.


There are three articles from this past week on which I wish to comment.  For now, my quick comment on the following:

(1)  18 May 2016:  Archdiocese of Ottawa comments on articles in the Ottawa Citizen concerning cases of clergy abuse


“For many years now, we have been engaged in a process of justice and reconciliation with victims of abuse by members of our clergy. The reality is that most victims now choose the criminal and civil courts to seek redress.”

Is this a reference to the process whereby for countless years victims were  ‘paid off’ and gagged?   the process which has ensured that the identities of many a known clerical molester would never see the light of day?  the same process which has allowed known sexual predators to be blithely recycled from parish to parish, or diocese to diocese, or even country to country?

Is that the same process whereby those priests who committed egregious crimes were time and time and time spared the ‘pain’ and humiliation and of being reported to police?  and whereby predatory priests, through perhaps the sins omission and/or commission of their episcopal  and diocesan enablers avoided the pursuit of justice ?  the process which repeatedly failed to abide by the law and report credible allegations of abuse to Children’s Aid Society when children were obliviously being placed at risk?


Is that what we’re talking about?

And, then,  in the next para, this:

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast has made it his clear policy and practice that any priest, who is found guilty in a criminal trial or found liable in a civil action, is prohibited from conducting any and all ministry and from presenting himself as a Catholic priest. Further, the Archdiocese complies with the most recent Vatican procedures that require that such cases be reported to Vatican offices for review and decision as to the clerical status of such priests.

More dancing

Tap dancing aside, note the operative words in that above para referencing  any priest   “who is found guilty in a criminal trial or found liable in a civil action…”

That begs the question.  What of those  predatory priests whose identities are not known publicly specifically because the victims pursued the “process of justice and reconciliation” and are gagged?  There’s no criminal trial there, is there, so obviously there is no chance of a guilty verdict?  And,  there’s no civil action, is there, so obviously there is no opportunity for the priest to found liable?

Why no mention of  what becomes of those predatory priests who are dealt with through the process of justice and reconciliation?

Strange?  Or, am I missing something?

The bottom of the line and the truth of the matter is that every priest who is a known molester, be he convicted criminally, or found liable civilly – or having credible allegations against him via some truth and reconciliation process! – – must be defrocked.  The molester has proven himself to be unfit to be a priest.  Never mind this endless chatter about suspending faculties, and never mind not allowing him to present himself as a Catholic priest. He is still a priest. He is not an ex priest.  He is not a former priest.  He is still , to the great shame of those who insist we tolerate his presence in the priesthood,   a Roman Catholic priest.

This is all a further betrayal of the victims,  an affront to our intelligence, and an insult to Almighty God.


Happy Victoria Day weekend everyone.  Beautiful weather 🙂

Enough for now.


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Thank you Colleen

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Posted last evening and in today’s papers:

19 May 2016:  Abuse victim speaks for first time, demands to know why priest not defrocked

Well done Colleen.  Good for you telling us what’s been going on.

Can you believe it?  Collen was told in 1997 that McGrory had been removed from the priesthood!

Of course, as we well know that just did not happen.  To the contrary.  Father Barry McGrory has been proudly proclaiming himself a priest for years, and blithely functioning in that capacity.

Do you get the impression as I do that there there has been no attempt on the part of Ottawa archdiocesan bishops and officials to have McGrory defrocked?  and that now that they’ve been caught flat footed they may reconsider?  Not will, but may?


“Given the comments attributed to him[McGrory] in recent days,” he[the spokesman] said, “that matter will be under review for possible recommendation to the Vatican.”

Indeed.  The decision as to whether or not to do the right thing and push to get a known – and convicted – child molester out of the priesthood will be under review?

As one wise and insightful friend told me after reading the article:  “so now they’re considering removing him, not because of what he did, but because of what he said!”

So sadly true.

No matter, it’s long past time to get on with the business of getting another wolf in sheep’s clothing out of the priesthood.

Thank you Colleen.  Thank you for speaking up.  A brave step.  Thank you for shedding light on the betrayals.   Thank you!


A question:  Does anyone know if Father Barry McGrory was shipped out of Ottawa in 1986 because a victim or a parent or someone threatened  to go public if wasn’t removed?  My memory is that his departure was both sudden and quite a surprise to local clergy, and my memory is that there were whispers that he would not be coming back.  At the time I didn’t question his departure, but recall sensing that something untoward was happening.  Perhaps I mistook the ‘mood’?

I was what you might call a baby Catholic in those days, and rest assured the farthest thing from my mind in 1986 was priests sexually abusing children.  Still, some things have a strange  way of niggling away at the mind, and for me, news of Father McGrory’s departure and the manner in which I heard of it is one of them.   I  have often looked back at comments made in my presence by both Father Stephen Hill and Steve Gerraghty at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  It was just, well, strange.  Really strange.  Strange enough that it has stuck in mind all of these years.  Did Father McGrory leave in 1986 to keep the lid on the reality that he was a cunning sexual predator?  Was he in fact forced to leave, or perhaps wind up in jail?  Does anyone know?


I realized yesterday that the information on Father Dale Crampton page was far from complete.  It was one of the first pages added to t he Accused list – at that time I believe I decided that I would just put enough information to give a brief overview with the intent of coming back to fill it in once the entire data base was up.  I didn’t even get the timelines posted!

I got to work on fixing that.  There are still more to add, but it’s certainly more up to date than in it was.

In light of the shenanigans with and tap dancing regarding Father McGrory it might be good at this time to revisit and reflect upon a recent comment posted by “Arlene” on the Father Dale Crampton obituary thread on 10 March 2016:

I am a former parishioner of St. Georges, London, Ontario. At Easter time in 80s, I entered the church and saw Dale Crampton serving mass. Previously from St. Maurices in Ottawa, I was aware of what he had done. I phoned the Bishops office and told them to get Crampton out of the church because I knew who he was and what they were pulling off or I would call the London Free Press. The Bishops Secretary arrived. I was then called by the Bishop Sherlock to come to his office to discuss this matter. We had a heated argument whereby I defended the raped children, called Crampton and people like him, wolves in sheeps clothing. It got worse and he basically dismissed me as having no forgiveness in my heart for a recovering alcoholic. That was the day I left the Catholic Church (he robbed me of my faith) but I let him know that the Bishop”s sneaky ways of lying to the parents of the children he raped were believing this guy was out of commission but he was in the back room of the church with the children and passing out communion with his filthy hands. Glad to hear the problem is solved and obviously by the culprit. I tried my best but the Bishop was great at overpowering my logic that this guy and perverts like him should not be in the priesthood but should be in jail, but they have a way of just lying and relocating. He did his best to load me with guilt and make me think I was over reacting and crazy. The whole thing is disgusting! But I tried!

It’s in the back of my head that somewhere I have further information about Father Crampton functioning as a priest in the Diocese of London.  I shall keep looking.

Enough for now,


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