It’s all “legal”

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When it comes to dealing with convicted molesters in Canada, we  truly are in a sad state in this country – both in and out of the Church.

Look at this series of articles:

18 October 2016:  “Sex offender Denis Hall a ‘legitimate candidate’ for Saskatoon Catholic trustee” & related articles

Can you believe your eyes?  Really and truly.  Can you believe it?

Denis Hall, a convicted molester,  running for trustee for a Roman Catholic school board.  And presumably no one – no one! – could do anything about it!

Thanks be to God, he dropped out, presumably of his own volition.  Mind you, witness the following, he wasn’t happy to do so:

“The use of the terms ‘pedophile’ and ‘sexual assault’ by the mainstream media are completely and categorically false,” he said in an email to CBC News.

“They misrepresent me and my ancient past in the worst possible light, and render untenable my continuance as a candidate, as well as my ability to serve on the board should I have been elected.”

However, because Hall failed to withdraw from the race in time, , his name is still on the list!

How have we come to this?

From a strictly Roman Catholic perspective, what is wrong with both the Saskatoon Diocese and the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools (GSCS) board?  How could they possibly allow this to happen?

Oh, yes, everyone of these ‘good’ Catholics had ‘concerns,’ but no one did anything.  The diocese did nothing.  The school board did nothing.  Well, there was a  little hand-wringing here and gnashing of teeth there.  But, that aside, nothing.

Here’s what we hear, via the media,  from the diocese

  • “An important question to ask is whether Mr. Hall could enter into a relationship with others where the bonds of trust can be easily developed and sustained so that the good work of proclaiming the message of the gospel can easily and naturally take place,” the diocese’s acting administrator Father Kevin McGee said in a written statement.


  • “I have reason for serious concern that Denis is not suited for this position,” McGee said. “Having said that, Mr. Hall has met the legal qualifications to run as a candidate. We trust in the electoral process and the wisdom of the electorate.”

And this, via the media, from the school board:

“Mr. Hall qualifies as a candidate under the Local Government Elections Act, 2015. The school division has no legal recourse and is bound by the legislation,” a statement from the school division read.

“We are aware of Mr. Hall’s criminal convictions, and we have taken steps over the years to prevent him and his organization, YAS, from having access to students and our buildings. We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of our students in the future.”

This is beyond belief.  Not a single soul from the Saskatoon diocese, ditto the Catholic school board, can tell a convicted child molester that he can NOT be a trustee because, as a convicted molester, he is NOT qualified to be a trustee with a Roman Catholic school board.

Note that Hall ran in 2003.  Did not a soul know back then ?  No one?!  Are these people not vetted?  Does the pardon mean he does not have to disclose the fact that he was in fact convicted for sexually abusing those young girls?  What exactly does a pardon entail?  And, who grants them?  Do they have children?  Do they care about children?

Part of me says I shouldn’t be surprised.

I don’t know if Archbishop Donald Bolen knew about this before he officially departed the Diocese of Saskatoon and was installed as Archbishop of Regina on the 14th of October.  It all seemed to blow up just after his departure – publicly at least

[As an aside, Archbishop Bolen seemed to have no difficulties concelebrating alongside convicted child molester Father Kenneth Greer in 20019.  That was back in 2009 when Bolen was Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Regina.  Here’s a picture:

Convicted child molester Father Ken Greer second from left,.  Then Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Regina Msgr. Donald Bolan fourth from left -   Bolan is now the Bishop of Saskatoon. Father Eugen Schaffer first left.  Fr. Gordon Rushika centre.  Priest to left unknown.

Convicted child molester Father Ken Greer second from left,. Then Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Regina Msgr. Donald Bolan fourth from left – Bolan is now the Bishop of Saskatoon. Father Eugen Schaffer first left. Fr. Gordon Rushika centre. Priest to left unknown.







I suppose that’s par for the course in a lot of dioceses these days?  Small wonder then that we have stooped to these depths where known molesters are free to do as they please, both in and out of the Church.

Look at the situation in St. John’s Newfoundland.  Remember   Raymond Garteh Standford.?

Standford, a former teacher in Roman Catholic school , was convicted in 1990.  As of at least 2011 Stanford has been employed by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador at a sports centre – a sports centre frequented by young boys and girls!

Those in positions of authority at the centre and in the government know this man’s background.  They know he’s a molester.

No big deal.  It’s all “legal.”   No cause for concern.  It’s “legal.”

God help us all, and God help the poor dear innocent children of this land.


I heave a few more bits of information on Father Danny Mills to add – will do so later today or in am.

Enough for now,




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We shall see….

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The following article has been linked to on the Father Normand  Dugas page

18 April 1967:  Father Dugas-relief supplies

Sorry, I had the information up in the timeline but forgot to post the article 🙁  There is also a picture of Normand Dugas posted – a crop from the larger picture (also posted) when he attended  Sacred Heart College of Caraquet and Bathurst, N.B.  He was part of a band, Vieux Copains.


A clarification on information regarding Father Arthur Gallien

Note the comment posted by Suzanne Mealey regarding the French  Silhouettes Spring 2005 publication

The article is about the Provincial Archives looking for home movies, or rather, amateur films. Father Gallien is mentioned because he filmed a lot of the Acadian Peninsula’s celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Deportation of the Acadians back in 1955 while he was in Neguac.


Yesterday I made mention of big changes in the Diocese of Pembroke regarding diocesan officials or reps who deal with allegations of clerical sexual abuse.


Father Peter Proulx, who for years headed the diocese’s Pembroke Diocese Sexual Abuse Committe, is being replaced by Father John Burchat.  And, Bruce Pappin, a layman who for many years was the media contact for the diocese has been replaced by a deacon Chris Barrett.

Both replaced at the same time?

How will those bode for victims of clerical sexual abuse in the diocese, and for those who contact the diocese with questions regarding clerical sexual abuse in the diocese?

We shall see…

Enough for now,



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Were they related?

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The name of Father Normand Dugas and link to page with further information has been added to the Accused list.

As you see, I have very little information on this priest.  Did he leave the priesthood in the ;ate 60s or early 70s?  Did he die?  Did he head out of the country to serve as a priest abroad?  Any information welcome 🙂

Also, does anyone know if Father Ubald Therialt and Dugas were related?  His god parents were Alfred Dugas and Edna Dugas. )  Father Theriault had a nephew with the surname Dugas’ and while I don’t as yet have it on the page I do recall that Father Ubald Theriault’s mother was a Dugas.

Any further info welcome.

Please keep all those alleging childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Fathers Normand Dugas , Arthur Gallien and Ubald Theriault in your prayers.


There are big changes in the Diocese of Pembroke Ontario, at least when it comes to those diocesan officials or reps who deal with allegations of clerical sexual abuse.  It’s a whole new ‘team.’   Well, perhaps “team’ is not the right word, but, the two key ‘players’ are gone and replaced.  I will give what info I can find tomorrow.


Former Catholic high school teacher Jessica Beraldin had a court date in Ottawa this morning (Monday, 17 Oct.).  Ten to one this is a standard case of adjourned and put over to another date.  I will check tomorrow.  If there is a new court date it wil be brought to your attention.

Enough for now.



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The name of Father Ubald Theriault has been added.  Please read through – if there are any gaps which you can fill in please post a comment or get in touch with me.

Note that Father Theriault’s mother was a Dugas.  I am now curious as to whether Fathers Normand Dugas and Ubald Theriault were related?    I am currently working on the Father Dugas page but finding very little information, however I just can not help but wonder if the two were related?  Cousins maybe?  I know the names are both very common in the Maritimes, but ….?  Does anyone know?

Enough for now,


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Name and page added

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The Father Arthur Gallien page has been added.  As you see, there are several google translations.  As always, they essentially get the message across, but that’s about it.

There are two articles about which I would like a little more information.  I’m not looking for word for word translation, but only an accurate but  general gist of the article to put the excerpt posted into better context.  Here they are:

(1)  Scroll down to the  years 1968-69, 1967

Note the entry “assisted in introduction and naming of what is now known in Petit Rocher as the Rowing Festival.”  In brackets is a link to this source document Father Gallien-Rowing Festival

Then there is a google-translated excerpt.  I would appreciate you reading through the entire article.

Two questions:  (1)  Can the excerpt be polished up a bit?  and, (2)  is there anything else of import in the article which warrants mention?

(2)  Scroll to 1955

There is a link to this  Silhouettes Spring 2005 publication

I am lost on this one.  What role, if any did, Father Gallien play in the film industry  in New Brunswick?  He is mentioned there for a reason.  Was he a bit of a photography buff?  or is this  specifically film?

Finally, can anyone find a date of death?  There must be an obituary online somewhere, but try as I might I cannot find it.  He is indexed in the 1985 Canadian Catholic Church Directory  but not the 1991, so probably died between 1985 and 1991?


The  pages for Fathers Ubald Theriault and Normand Dugas are nearly finished. I will be busy today so will probably get them posted tomorrow (Friday, 14 October 2016)

Enough for now,


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Any help greatly appreciated

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The civil trial Timothy Kiomall and The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for the Diocese of Toronto, in Canada was scheduled to start today in Toronto.  I don’t see it on the docket.  Has it been settled out of court before trial, or has it been rescheduled?  Does anyone know?  The suit relates to Timothy Kiomall’s allegations of sex abuse at the hands of Fathers John O’Donnell and  Joseph Murphy, both priests with the Archdiocese of Toronto.

No matter what the status is, please keep Timothy in your prayers.

[Addendum:  The case settled out of court 23 September.  .]


The next court date for Nathan Labatt, former youth volunteer with the Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan’s Youth Ministry is:

10 November 2016:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” courtroom #1, Regina courthouse (1815 Smith St.)

This is for his REGINA charges.  He is facing charges in Regina, Kamsack and Humboldt.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


This article posted earlier today:

10 October 2016:  Clergy abuse victim furious over diocesan ‘stonewalling’

A disgrace!   I had my say at the foot of the article.


I have been working on getting information  on Fathers Normand Dugas,  Arthur Gallien and Ubald Theriault.  Once the information I can lay my hands on is pulled together  each name will be added to the Accused list with  a link to a page with further information.

Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂  For those do find info online please include the url of the page.  And pictures are needed.


I hope and pray that you each had a good Thanksgiving weekend.  Good food.  Time with family and.or friends.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  Scrumptious turkey (it had been brined in salt, water vegetable juice and whatever else went into the mix).  Oh my goodness it was delicious:  so moist, and full of flavour!  We had a doggie bag to bring home, so another feed of turkey and trimmings for supper last night 🙂  It was every bit as good as the night before.  Next time I cook a turkey I think I will trying bringing!

And, on that note, back to work on the latest additions to the Accused list…

Enough for now,



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There are five lawsuits

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Thank you, thank you to the kind reader who sent the following article regarding the lawsuits filed in New Brunswick:

08 October 2016:  Five new sex abuse lawsuits filed against Catholic Church

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to to dig to get the facts straight.   This goes a long long way to sorting things out, and also identifies the two previously unidentified deceased priests by name:

So, there were in fact five lawsuits launched in New Brunswick over the past month – two  lawsuits relate to clergy in the Archdiocese of Moncton, one lawsuit relates to clergy in the  the Bathurst Diocese, and two relate to clergy in the Edmunston Diocese.  Here they are, with name of priest identified by plaintiff as a molester, the diocese, and the location withing thw dioceses in which the abuse is said to have transpired:

1  Father Yvon Arsenault  – (Moncton Archdiocese) – in Shediac

 – allegations of abuse when Father Arsenault served in Shediac, New Brunswick

2.    Fathers Yvon Arsenault and Paul Breau (Moncton Archdiocese)- in Shediac

–  allegations of abuse by both priests in Shediac

3.   Fathers Normand Dugas,  Arthur Gallien and Ubald Theriault (Bathurst Diocese) – in Covedale and Neguac

– Plaintiff alleges sexual abuse by all three priests while he, the plaintiff, was a parishioner at St. George Roman Catholic in Covedale and St. Bernard Roman Catholic Church in Neguac.  (St. Bernard and St. George were and still are served by the same priest)

– alleges the abuse by Father Gallien began in 1959

– alleges the abuse by Fathers Dugas and Theriault was committed in 1960s.

4.  Father Rino Deschenes  (Edmunston Archdiocese) – Plaintiff Yvon Thibodeau

Plaintiffs Yvon Thibodeau and Marcel Thibodeau allege abuse by Deschenes between the ages of 9 and 13 while they served as altar boys.

5.  Father  Rino Deschenes   (Edmunston Archdiocese) – Plaintiff Marcel Thibodeau

Plaintiffs Yvon and Marcel allege abuse by Deschenes between the ages of 9 and 13 while they served as altar boys.

I won’t get any work done on the site today (Thanksgiving dinner :)) – but starting tomorrow I will start to pull together  and post what information I can find  on Fathers Normand Dugas,  Arthur Gallien and Ubald Theriault. (Any and all assistance appreciated)

Please keep all the complainants/plaintiffs in your prayers.


For those having their Thanksgiving meal today, enjoy!  I hope and pray that you will all have  opportunity to enjoy a good feast with family or friend. be it today or tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Enough for now.




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A ring???

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I just posted the following article:

07 October 2016:  New Brunswick lawsuit alleges abuse by former chaplain, Roman Catholic priests

It’s looking as though the complainant alleges abuse by three different priest;  Fathers Paul BreauYvon Arsenault and  Normand Dugas?

As I commented elsewhere, I hope to dig into this a little more to try to get the facts straight.  I will try to get that done this coming week.

And, as I queried elsewhere, is anyone else looking at this and, like me, thinking that this is beginning to sound just a little like Cornwall? You know, as in perhaps the existence of a paedophile ring?

It’s starting to have that ring to it, does it not?

I know little at this point regarding Father Normand Dugas .  I will find what I can and then add his name with a link to a page with further information to the Accused list.

And yes, I do indeed commend the complainant for speaking out.  My thoughts and prayers are with him.


Yesterday I speculated that the lid’s coming off the garbage can in New Brunswick.  Shortly thereafter, along came this news:

07 October 2016:  Diocese of Bathurst loses $3.3M lawsuit against Aviva Insurance 

Good news!

Note the following para:

Lawyers for Aviva countered that bishops within the diocese were aware of abuses dating back to the 1950s and did not report it.

Oh what a tangled web we weave….


Thanksgiving weekend 🙂  A beautiful day today.  The leaves are turning; brilliant red and yellow and orange.  Love it! Beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I pray that all will have the opportunity to enjoy a good feast with family or friends.

Enough for now,


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It’s posted

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The Father Paul Breau page is posted.

According to a  CBC article published today  the complainant alleges that he had been sexually molested by both Father Paul Breau and Yvon Arsenault. It seems in fact that the boy was repeatedly sodomised by both priests?

A lawsuit was filed against Rev. Paul Breau, the former chaplain, Rev. Yvon Arsenault and the Moncton Diocese, alleging the priests used their position of authority to engage in repeated sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old boy.

The boy was a young offender who had been ordered to do community work on church grounds, including raking leaves in the yard surrounding the St-Joseph parish. The two priests were responsible for supervising the young boy.

The abuse is alleged to have occurred over a two-year-period in the 1980s, in the residence of the priests.

Can anyone help me sort out the dates that Father Arsenault was at St. Joseph’s in Shediac?  The information I have for the 1980s comes from the archdiocesan CV posted online.  According the Canadian Catholic Church Directories from the early 70s Father Aresnault was at St. Joseph’s in Shediac in the early 70s.  I have nothing which places him in Shediac om the 80s.  Is it possible that the archdiocese has omitted some years in Shediac?  or might it be that Father Arsenault was serving in Moncton at the time and since it really is only a hop, skip and jump from Moncton to Shediac he could have been there as often as he wished?  (I think it’s all of about a fifteen minute drive?)

Many churches put out histories of the of the church which includes the names of priests who served as pastors and/or assistants over the years.  Since these would be online in French I am unable to to find anything – I have tried 🙁  Could some of you please try searching for information regarding priests who served at St. Jospeh’s in Shediac, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s?

And, another favour to ask.

You will see when you scroll down to the year 2010 that there is an item regarding A Priest’s Life:  The Calling, the Cost, the Joy.  I am quite certain that that is this Father Breau who authored Chapter 11.

The whole book can be obtained free online.  I have tried to download without success.  Can anyone get it, and then copy and paste Chapter 11 and send it to me?  I can’t find the link now, but I know it’s there.

Have to get supper together.  Must run.

Enough for now,






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Lid’s coming off the garbage can…

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Well, well, well – looks like the lid’s coming off the garbage can in New Brunswick:

07 October 2016:  4 New Brunswick priests caught in sexual abuse allegations

There is reference by name to four priests:

(1)  Father Yvon Arsenault  (Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick)

The background here is that Arsenault was quietly removed from his parish in August 2012.  It was not until December 2012 that parishioners were advised that the priest’s removal came on the heels of sex abuse allegations.

Most I believe are aware that Father Arsenault is currently heading to trial on sex abuses charges in both Moncton and the Miramichi.  The Moncton trial is scheduled to run from 24 October – 01 December 2016.  The tentatice date fir the Miramichi trial is 21-24 February 2017

(2) Father Rino Deschenes  (Dioecese of Edmunston, New Brunswick)

Father Rino Deschenes  entered a guilty plea November 2014 and was sentenced to – believe it or not? – 7.5 years in jail.  And, by some miracle I do believe he is still in jail!

(3)  Father Paul Breau (Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick)

As you know, I am already working on the Father Paul Breau page.  Much of the information I am nabbing is in French therefore, for me, the need to run things through google translate .  I still have a few directories to go through – perhaps another hour or two and the page can be posted.  I will let you know when it’s up.

Of interest is the fact that he was heavily involved in the French Cursillo movement in New Brunswick, and, in fact, was one a small group who introduced French Cursillos to Moncton in 1979.  I have also found that he was involved in some capacity with a youth movement called Teen Encounter, which, like Cursillo, entails an initial weekend ‘retreat’ of sorts.

(4)  Father Normand Dugas (Bathurst Diocese)

I will have to round up information on Father Dugas.  He was ordained in 1960.

I will be looking for more information on Father Dugas.  Any information welcome 🙂

It seems there may be two other unidentified and now deceased priests named in the lawsuit.  Does anyone know their names?

I can not help bu wonder if either Fathers Dugas or Breau were reported to former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache while he was negotiating deals with victims from the Bathurst Diocese and Moncton Archdiocese?  That was via the Bastarche “Conciliation”  deals.  Remember that?  I think that goes back to 2010?  And remember the refusal to release the names of those clergy identified through the process as sexual predators?

No matter, in time the truth will come to light.  It always does.  It may take time, but if indeed there was another cover-up to protect molesters who are still very much alive,  and to protect the ‘good reputation’ of those now gone to make their Make, the truth will come to light.

I commend the complainants for coming forward.  Good for each one of you for finding the courage to speak out!

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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