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A belated Happy Canada Day to everyone!

Our days are busy from dawn to dusk – a fun Canada Day with all children in the neighbourhood sporting Canadiana washabale tatoos :)

Once again I am unable to send emails.  I don’t know what happens when we hit Nebraska but I am always unable to send or respond to emails while here.  Receiving is no problem – just can not send.  If you have sent an email and are awaiting a reply there will be nothing until my return to Canada next week.

Enough for now


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Disgusting news

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We are in Nebraska – enjoying family since arrival :)  this has been my first opportunity to get online for a few minutes.  We have all sorts of tournaments on the go – keeping us on our toes and lots of fun.


Canadian Oblate priest Father Rocky Grimard had a court date scheduled in Bexar County Texas today (Monday, 29 June 2015)  If anyone sees  any word of the outcome please pass it along.  I won`t be able to check for the next courtdate until next week.


Disgusting news via this external link toan article regarding the inquiry the in N. Ireland

Paedo priest Brendan Smyth paid off victim with mass card money

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The latest

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On the road for just shy of 17 hours today.  The border crossing at Sarnia Ontario was busy, and traffic around Chicago heavy, but  the first and longest  leg of the trip is behind us and we are now looking forward to seeing family tomorrow evening :)


Three external links to the latest news regarding allegations that Cardinal George Pell overheard and had failed to act upon a victim`s plea for help :

Pell pulls out passport to disprove claims

Passport proves Cardinal George Pell’s point

Passport proves Pell’s point

Enough for  now


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Has anyone heard any news regarding the Father Yvon Arsenault Preliminary Hearing which was scheduled for this past Tuesday (23 June 2015)? I have been unable to find any coverage, but there may well be something in the French papers.  If anyone sees anything please post a  comment with the news, or send me an email.

(Under normal circumstances I would call the courthouse tomorrow to find out if in fact the Preliminary hearing proceeded as scheduled, and if it did, if the judge rendered or reserved  his/her decision, however, we are off to the States tomorrow to visit our daughter and her family so will be unable to check until the first week of July after our return.)


The last little while has been hectic.  Days have been filled taking care of a multitude of things, including a number of long overdue appointments :(.  I still, for goodness sake, have flats of bedding plants lined up in the front yard waiting to be planted!  They’ve been sitting there for the past three weeks –  they’re starting to look pretty pathetic – don’t think they will survive another week.  )

Anyway, the yard has had to wait – it will be made presentable after our return.

There is lots happening, just no time to post.   For now, here are a few external links, all dealing with testimony at Northern Ireland’s  Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry:

Northern Ireland: Cardinal Sean Brady admits ‘shroud of secrecy’ over historic sex abuse cases

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Cardinal Seán Brady admits ‘shroud of secrecy’ over Church sex abuse inquiry 

Historical abuse inquiry: Cardinal Brady admits ‘shroud of secrecy’ over sex abuse investigations: Cardinal Brady issues ‘unreserved apology’ to all those abused by Fr Brendan Smyth

Smyth victims take legal action against Gardaí: Victims of the paedophile priest Brendan Smyth have said they will be taking legal action against An Garda Síochána.

As I say, I will be visiting family in States for next weekend – all being well will be back 06 July.  Yes, I will keep tabs on Sylvia’s Site while I’m away – will at the very least moderate comments, but anticipate the days during this somewhat belated visit will be full :)

We are leaving at 04:30 am so must call it a day and get a few winks.  The car is packed and ready to go :)

Enough for now,


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Preliminary hearing today

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The preliminary hearing for Father Yvon Arsenault‘s Mirmachi charges is scheduled for today, Tuesday 23 June 2015:

23 June  2015: 09:30 am, Preliminary Inquiry (hearing),  Miramichi Law Courts (673 King George Highway, Miramichi, New Brunswick)

You may recall that Father Arsenault, a priest with the archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick, is already scheduled for trial by judge and jury in Moncton, New Brunswick on 14 September 2015.

I think its’ highly possible that if the judge determines that there is sufficient evidence to got to trial on the Miramichi charges those charges will be joined and tried along with the Moncton charges.

We shall see.  I think there is now a total of 20 charges against Arsenault from seven or more complainants.

For those who can attend the preliminary hearing, please remember that there will be a publication ban on all testimony and evidence presented in court, along with a publication ban on the names of complainants.  There can be reference made to such things as Father Aresenault’s attire and demeanour, and the number of people in court, but nothing that any witness says at the hearing, and nothing regarding any documents which are entered into evidence.

The judge may make his/her decision today, or may decide to reserve that decision o another day.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,




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Mark calendars

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Mark your calendars!  A few courtdates this coming week:.

Monday, 15 June 2015

(1) Father Peter Groulx (Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Charges laid against Father Peter Groulx October 2014:  three counts of Sexual Assault and three counts of Sexual Interference with a person under 16 years of age contrary to the Criminal Code. The charges relate to incidents dating to 2003 to 2005 in Terrace Bay.  The details for Father Groul’s next court date are as follows:

15 June 2015 :  10 am, Preliminary Hearing,  Thunder Bay, Ontario courthouse (125 Brodie Street North. Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Please keep the complainants in your prayers, and, as always, please pass along news and/or links to media coverage of the outcome.

(2)  Nathan Labatt (Archdiocese of Regina. Saskatchewan)

Former Boy Scout leader and former youth volunteer with the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry Nathan Labatt was charged January 14 2015 with 1)  Sexual exploitation, Section 153(1) CC, 2)  Invitation to sexual touching, Section 152 CC, and 3)   Possession of child pornography, Section 163.1(4).

15 June 2015:  10 am,  Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

Yes, please keep the complainants in your prayers, and please pass along news and/or links to media coverage of the outcome.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

(1)  Father John Sullivan (Diocese of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario)

Father John Sullivan was previously convicted following his guilty plea in 1992 to 32 offences involving 13 altar boys.

New charges were laid June 2012, and further charges in October 2012.  Father Sullivan (yes, he’ STILL a priest!!) is now facing, I believe three charges of gross indecency and one of buggery.

It’s now nearly three years later since these recent charges were laid. and the complainants are still waiting for their day in court!!  Please keep them and their families in your prayers.  I am sure it is extremely difficult going from court date to court date hoping that he will show up, or that there will at least be some small sign of progress toward trial.  Nothing to date.  As always, if anyone ahd any news from the court please pass it along.

(2) Ex Oblate priest Eric Dejaeger (no longer  priest but still an Oblate!)

On 04 Feb. 2015 Dejeager was  sentenced to 19 years in jail (8 years deducted as 2:1 credit for time served, therefore 11 years left to serve).  However, there  are additional charges from Edmonton Alberta which were laid in November 2011 and are apparently now being tossed in with the Nunavut charges; whether or not Dejaeger will, as is anticipated,  plead guilty to those charges and serve additional time for those crimes remains to be seen.

It’s taken some doing to get those Edmonton charges to Iqaluit.  I won’t hold my breath that it will actually happen on Tuesday.  For the sake of the complainants I hope and pray it does, but ….?

We shall see…

As it stands, Dejager’s next courtdate is currently:

16 June 2015: 1:30 pm, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut

Please keep the Edmonton complainants and their families in your prayers.

This has been anther case which has unfortuangtley – as do so many – dragged on and on and on for the complainants.

Enough for now,


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We shall see…

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Brian Lucy, former organist at St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Gananoque, Ontario has a court appearance this coming Thursday (12 June 2015) on hi second set of charges (one of indecent assault on a male and one of gross indecency):

12 June 2015:  9 am, “to be spoken to,”  Brockville, Ontario courthouse, (41 Court House Square)

A tentative trial date of 22 February 2016 has been set for the first set of charges ( two child porn charges, one charge of indecent assault of a male, and one count of gross indecency).

St. John’s in Gananoque lies within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Kingston. Ontario,

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


A lawsuit launched January 2012 alleging sex abuse by Father Paul Hamilton (Archdiocese of Kingston) has been settled in some fashion out of court.

09 June 2015:  Civil abuse case settled

Also named in the lawsuit was Hamilton’s close friend of Father Michael Reed. Reed was named in the suit as someone who knew that Hamilton was sexually abusing the boy and failed to notify proper authorities.

I have had countless people contact me over the past year asking what was happening with this particular lawsuit and I unfortunately had no news to give .  I have discovered that it is difficult to keep track of what is happening with a lawsuit, very different than following a case through the courts after criminal charges are laid.

Anyway, witness the article, there is finally some news, but not enough to tell us what happened and whether or not settlements were reached with with regard to the allegations against Father Hamilton and/or Father Reed.

I will see if I can find out any more.


I hope that proves to be good news:

10 June 2015:  “Pope approves ‘abuse of office’ proposals for bishops in sex abuse cases” & related articles

We shall see….

Enough for now,


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The two Brothers of Christian Instruction in the SMIS chapel identified

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News regarding two priest and one Brother of Christian Instruction:

(1)  Father Robyn Gwyn (Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario)

Father  Robyn Gwyn has committed to stand trial on the Ontario Superior  Court of Justice.  The files are currently in the process of being transferred from Provincial to Superior Court of Justice.  It will be about a week before I can  get the next date for trial.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Saint Mary’s International School

Some time ago I said that I would disclose the name of the other Brother who, according to “Jacob Bernstein” also sodomised him in the SMIS chapel in 1965.  A statement has been posted which details in part Jacob’s allegations against the two Brothers of Christian Instruction, Brother Lawrence Lambert and  Brother Marcel/Claude Villeneuve fic

2014 :  Statement re abuse by Brothers Marcel Villeneuve fic & Lawrence Lambert fic

 Please keep Jacob in your prayers.

There are still more bits and pieces to post about the SMIS sex abuse scandal and coverup to post.  I shall carry on a bit at a time.

(3)  Father Stephen Amesse (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast sj is appointing a new pastor to replace Father Amesse at St. Patrick’s in Fallowfield:

22 May 2015:   Archbishop Prendergast to St. Patrick, Fallowfield parishioners re Father Amesse and new full-time pastor

The archbishop makes reference to “the unanticipated long delay in bringing this situation to a conclusion…”

Does anyone know what the archbishop means by that?  Father Amesse was charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference December 2014.  There is a preliminary hearing booked for 21 December 2015.  Most cases in Ontario take at least two years to go to trial (or 11th hour guilty plea).  As far as I can tell Father Amesse’s case lumbering through the court system as could be expected, if not perhaps a tad faster?

Anyway, Father Amesse’s days as pastor at St. Patrick’s in Fallowfield are over, at least for now.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Yesterday I posted several articles and a document regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which just released it’s report and recommendations regarding abuse of children at the Residential Schools.  If you didn’t check and see them on NEW to the site, here they are:

02 June 2015:  “Canada’s residential schools cultural genocide, Truth and Reconciliation commission says” & related articles

02 June 2015:  Truth and Reconciliation Commission Press Release 02 June 2015

Truth and Reconciliation Commission “Calls to Action”

The report itself is online.  It is large  – too large to post.  I had hoped  by now to have had opportunity to read through at least the Calls to Action.  Not yet :(


There’s no lack of fuss and media coverage regarding Cardinal George Pell and the Australian Royal Commission.  Here is a small sampling:

04 June 2015:  “Papal abuse commission steers clear of Pell-Saunders dispute” & related article

Enough for now,


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Tentative trial date set for former church organist

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There is one court date tomorrow, Wednesday, 03 June 2015

(1) Father Robyn Gwyn (Archdiocese of Kingston)

Father Robyn Gwyn, who was placed on an “indefinite leave from active ministry” in May 2004 and was living in Berwick, Nova Scotia  when charged in September 2014, is now, I believe,  facing at least 12 sex charges dating from the late 80s to 2000.

03 June 2015:  10 am, “to be spoken to,” Kingston Ontario courthouse (279 Wellington St.)

If anyone is free to attend please do.  It will probably be over and done with in the twinkle of an eye and another date will be set, but sometimes there are things said by lawyers which are of interest.

Please, as always, keep the complainants in your prayers.  And please pass along any news or links to news of the outcome.

And, updates on two more:

(1) Father Gary Hoskins Diocese Saint George’s, Newfoundland (now Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador)

Despite the fact that he was convicted in 1987 (Guilty plea), spent three months in jail, and has been working for the Center for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto since 1995,  Father Gary Hoskins is, to my knowledge, still a Roman Catholic priest.  I found for a fact that he was still a priest when these new charges were laid  in February 2013.  I did hear some months ago that the process was presumably under way to laicize/defrock him – an email I sent to inquire went unanswered.  I must try again :)

Anyway, here is the next court date:

14 September 2015: 10 am, “to set trial date,” Corner Brook Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.), Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(2)  Brian Lucy (archdiocese of Kingston)

This one gets quite confusting…

The first charges against church organist Brian Lucy were laid August 2013.  Further charges of possession of child porn were laid in 2014 when he breached bail. The child porn charges were eventually married to the other charges.

In December 2014 Lucy was committed to stand trial on two child porn charges, one charge of indecent assault of a male, and one count of gross indecency.  In March of this year he faced two new charges, one of indecent assault on a male and one of gross indecency.

I don’t know if the plan is to marry the most recent charges (March 2015) with the first set (sex abuse and child porn).  At this time the two sets of charges are moving through court separately, the first set are now in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice where, after a preliminary hearing, he has been committed to stand trial.  The second set of charges are moving through the Ontario Court of Justice.

Will all the charges eventually be married.joined?

We shall see.  I am sure that if there is way to have him tried on all the charges at the same time it will be done.

And, speaking of trial, a trial date has been set (on the first set of charges)!  It’s tentative, but a date has been set:

22 February 2016:  TRIAL, Brockville, Ontario courthouse, (41 Court House Square)

In the interim there are several other scheduled date for Lucys:

First, on the new March 2015 charges:

12 June 2015: “to be spoken to,” Brockville, Ontario courthouse, (41 Court House Square)

Next, on the charges for which a trial date has been tentatively set, two dates, both of which are preparation for trial

(1) 11 August 2015: Judicial pre-trial conference in chambers (this is NOT open to the public)

(2) 21 September 2015: to set a date for pre-trial motions

As always, please keep the complainants in your prayers.


More information will be posted on the Brothers of Christian Instruction and Saint Mary’s International School tomorrow.

Enough for now,


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Today’s courtdates

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Two court dates today, Monday 01 June 2015:

(1)  Father Gary Hoskins (Diocese of Saint George, Newfoundland)

There is a courtdate for previously convicted molester Father Gary Hoskins:

01 June 2015:  10 am, “to set a trial date,” Corner Brook Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.), Corner Brook, Newfoundland

These latest charges against Hoskins were laid February 2013.  Hoskins, who has been working as a social worker in the Toronto area for years, was committed to stand trial after a preliminary hearing last year.

Please keep the complainant and his family in  your prayers.  As always, please pass along news of the outcome of today’s hearing.

(2)  Brian Lucy

The former organist at St. John’s Roman catholic Chruch in Gananoque, Ontario (Archdiocese of Kingston) has a court date:

01 June  2015:  10 am, Assignment Court, Brockville, Ontario courthouse, (41 Court House Square)

Lucy, who was first charged October 2013 and was committed to stand trial on two child porn charges, one charge of indecent assault of a male, and one count of gross indecency, is facing further sex charges laid in March of this year.  The latter new charges are: indecent assault on a male, and gross indecency.

Those new charges MAY be merged with first set of charges today?

Please keep the complainants in your prayers, and please pass on news of the outcome of today’s proceedings.

Enough for now,


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