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There is a courtdate for former student and teacher at Cornwall Classical College and Viatorian priest Father Ron Leger csv tomorrow in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

  20 April 2015: 1 pm, courtroom #301, Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (408 York Avenue)

I encourage anyone who  can do so to attend.  It will probably be a short hearing but there can be surprises.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers, and please, as always, pass along links to any media coverage regarding the outcome.


The Australian Royal Commission hearings into abuse at the Neerkol  orphanage in Queensland Australia is live streaming right now (10:12 pm EST).  Bishop Emeritus of Australia’s Rockhamton Diocese  Brian Heenan is back testifying.

I have been having trouble accessing the Royal Commission website this evening, but did discover a way around it to get to the livestream.  Those who wish to follow parts or all of the coverage can click here to access the site.


Check the St. Mary’s International School Labor Dispute website…

The recent blog:  “Busllshit Investigations:  St. Mary’s and ASIJ admin fail” is a well worthwhile read.  Of particular note for me personally right now is the fact that it seems that legally that draft Agreement which I discussed had no legal teeth.

Those who operate the website asked a Yokohama judge ‘if it is possible to make another person renounce their right to seek justice?’

The judge’s response was as follows:

“The constitution and the penal code take precedent over any agreement to waive the rights of an individual to seek justice or redress in criminal or civil court.  Such an agreement would be dismissed as a defence.”

Initially I construed that as meaning that it is illegal.  I re-read  and am not sure that that is the case.  As I read it now I can certainly  see that the Agreement would not be binding should the victim chose to pursue criminal or civil action, but, I don’t see anything which says or implies that it is a criminal act to oblige a victim to sign such an agreement.  Am I wrong?

Those who followed the Cornwall Public Inquiry will recall that the now infamous  Full Release and Undertaking Not to Disclose signed by David Silmser contained an illegal clause.  The clause related solely to criminal action.

There were three lawyers involved in some fashion in ‘brokering’ that agreement, one representing the diocese, one representing the accused priest, and one representing the accuser.    Two of the three layers later claimed – successfully –  that they didn’t see the illegal clause in the document!  One of the three, Malcolm MacDonald, a former Crown attorney, was eventually charged with obstruction of justice,  entered a guilty plea, and was given – would you believe, an absolute discharge!!!  But, the thing is that he  was charged, and in truth, had he been left with a criminal record, he could have and probably would have been disbarred.

It’s serious business to attempt to obstruct justice, and rightly so!

As a disturbing aside,  Malcolm MacDonald was. it turns out, a child molester himself.  He was later charged for sex abuse of young boys – he died before standing trial, some say by suicide but I truly do not know if that is the case.

And, believe it or not, Jacques Leduc, the lawyer for the diocese, also faced sex charges.  To make a very long story short, Leduc eventually ‘walked’ on a  technicality.  There have been out of court settlements with three of his victims.  (Ditto in essence for the priest at the heart of the agreement, Father Charlie MacDonald :  ‘walked’  on a technicality, and  many out of court settlements)

I must make perfectly clear here that the third  lawyer has never faced any sex abuse  charges.

Anyway. all this to show that not only does an agreement preventing a victim from pursuing  criminal action  have no teeth here in Canada, it is illegal.

Is it illegal in Japan?  i.e., can those who try to so gag/silence a victim be charged criminally?


A family birthday today – first BBQ of the season :)  A little nippy in the shade, but oh my how nice to be sitting outdoors for a few hours.  We did move in to eat – just a biut too cool by then, but –  Spring is finally here!

Enough for now,


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Oh, the shame!

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Oh, the shame.

On Friday (in Australia) the Bishop Emeritus of Australia’s Rockhamton Diocese  Brian Heenan took the stand  at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

More of the disgusting same old same old:

17 April 2015:  “Ex-bishop ‘deeply regrets’ response to abuse allegations at Neerkol orphanage” & related articles & VIDEO

I really would love to go through the transcript but, none of the transcripts for this session are posted yet.    I will check again next week.  Once it’s available I will post and make note.

For now, just a few excerpts from the media coverage with comment, and, a thought:   rest assured that the bishop did not take the stand without much prep work by both Church canon lawyers and civil lawyers.

(1)  Bishop Heenan had no training in how to deal with sexual abuse allegations

There’s that old saw again.

Surely to goodness he, a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, had heard of  the very biblical millstones, and, as I’ve said int he past, it seems to me that’s pretty self explanatory.

What about the millstones? Did he, a bishop of the Church,  never read the Bible?  It’s pretty clear there:  Christ’s ultimate condemnation went to those who harm a child – “better that a millstone be hanged around his neck.”

What training did he need?  Was there something amiss in his spiritual formation. or in his prayer life, that he couldn’t  sort out all by himself that not one single child is ever the better for being sexually abused? and that priests who sexually molest children have proven themselves unfit to be priest?

(2)   A retired Catholic bishop described a pedophile priest as having a “unique gift with youth” in a character reference for the man’s court sentence

What can I say?  What oh what can any Roman Catholic say to justify a bishop coming out with the likes of such a bold affront to  victims, his diocesan flock,  and to God?

The molester has a “unique gift with youth”!!!

How sick!  How terribly and utterly sick.

Then, during his testimony on Friday the bishop noted:  “I would probably write it differently now.”

Only “probably”?


(3)  The bishop admitted he’d been trying to protect the reputation of the Catholic church but denied shielding his fellow priests

I don’t go along with that at all.  This was about protecting the molesters.  The reputation of the Church was not being protected by allowing sexual predators to run loose with unfettered access to children. The reputation of the Church was not being protected by allowing a known molester to continue to masquerade as a priest, administer the sacraments and deceive the faithful.

I’m sorry.  I don’t buy the protecting the Church line at all.   I know that many do.  I do not.  After a long time thinking it through a few years ago I came to the conclusion that it is an oxymoron to say that these cover-ups flow  from a desire to protect the Church.

Think about it.  Does it not sound noble – almost virtuous – for a prelate to claim ‘I was trying to protect the Church? ‘  Much better I do believe than:   ”Well, to be bluntly  honest, I was protecting the molester’

Enough for now,


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“Done once”

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A document related to Brother Lawrence Lambert fic and the sex abuse scandal at St. Mary’s International School (SMIS) in Tokyo has been posted. The undated document, title  “Agreement (First draft),” was drafted by representatives from SMIS, a prestigious boy’s school in Japan founded and operated by the Canadian wing Brothers of Christian Instruction/Mennasians. .

In order to put the “agreement” into context, there are a few things you must know. I will expound on a few of these later

1. The victim is Jewish;
2. The victim’s father was an Australian diplomat;
3. The child was sodomised by Brother Lawrence Lambert fic in the SMIS chapel;
4. The boy was 11-years-old;
5. The boy was in the chapel eating what was for him a Kosher treat, rollmops – essentially pickled herring;
6. The child was warned that if he told anyone the same thing would be done to his little brother, also a student at the school;
8. The maid  saw the blood on the little boy’s underwear;
9. Brother John Paradis knew. That’s Brother John Paradis/Jean-Emile Paradis,/Brotehr Paul Paradis headmaster at SMIS.

Now, take a quick read through the wording of the Agreement in its tortured English. And indeed it is tortured.

Here it is:   Agreement (First draft) with Brother Lawrence victim and Brothers of Christian Instruction Japan-Philippines (blog commentary attached)

You can see that the document was obviously intended to recap the proceedings of a meeting whereby a settlement/agreement had been reached between the Brothers of Christian Instruction and the victim.

That agreement, however, was never signed. For that matter, no agreement was signed. Ever.

There was a meeting. There was not, however, an  “agreement.”

Furthermore, if we were to believe the contents of the document we would conclude that a Mr. Tadashi Chigira was both in attendance and a signatory to the agreement.


The truth of the matter that the draft was penned wistfully and no doubt hopefully and prophetically, long before the 21 January 2014 meeting transpired.

Yes, the victim was there.

Yes, Brother Lawrence Lambert, a ruthless predator was there.

And yes. Brother Ducharme, Vice-Provincial of the Canadian branch of the Menasians in Japan and the Philippines was there

There was no Mr. Chigira.

For that matter, there was no lawyer.

The victim had concluded that since he would not be represented or accompanied by a lawyer at the meeting SMIS had no need of a lawyer.

Ergo, there was no lawyer at the meeting.

Nor, for that matter, as I said before, was there a signed ‘agreement.’

Closer look at the draft “Agreement”

Now for a closer look at a few of the points raised in the draft and some further elaboration on exactly what Brother Lawrence did to that;little Jewish boy in the SMIS chapel and the magnitude of the cover-up involving Brother Lawrence

(1)   After many exchanges on electronic mail between Mr. {Redacted], victim of a sexual abuse, and Br. Raymond Ducharme, representative of the Religious Corporation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction Japan-Philippines (宗教法人 カトリック・キリスト教教育修士会), henceforth representative of Br. Lawrence Lambert, member of that organization, assailant in the sexual abuse done once to Mr. [Redacted]at St.-Mary’s International School, at that time located in Tokyo, Shinagawa ward, in 1965. [Emphasis added]

Note:  ” done once”

“done once”?

Who decided to insert those two words, “done once”?

And, why? What purpose do they serve?

Why not, for example, say: “Lawrence Lambert….assailant in the sexual abuse to Mr. [Redacted]”?

Ah yes. Silly me, –  “done once” is essentially synonymous with “only once.” In other words, it ‘only’ happened once.  Let’ us never therefore forget that it happened once.

Indeed.  Only once. That must be it. “’Only’ once.

Let’s take a look and think this through, and here I will take the opportunity to elaborate further on what exactly was “done once” or happened ‘only’ once to that little Jewish boy in that SMIS chapel

-  It was only once that Brother Lawrence grabbed the child and molested him.. Once.

-  It was only once that this Roman Catholic brother pushed the child over the edge of the table in the chapel and sodomised the little boy. Only once.

-  It was only once that the child was thus punished by Brother Lawrence for eating Kosher Rollmops (pungent pickled herring) in the chapel. (Yes, that’s what the boy was told:  he was being punished for eating in the chapel!)   But, yes, just once.

-  It was only once that the little Jewish boy being sodomised stared at the prayer books or hymn books on the table. . Since this was 1965 I think they may well have been missals?  No matter, decades later the boy is a man, and he still remembers looking at those books. But, ah yes, while that once seemed to last an eternity for the boy, it was, well, after all, only “done once”

-  It was only once after it was all over that the terrified boy watched Brother Lawrence dip a handkerchief in “the water bowl ” and then proceed to wipe his, Lambert’s,  genitalia clean with the wet hankie. Was the “water bowl” in fact a holy water font or bowl of holy water? I think so. There would have been a font or bowl for holy water in the chapel.   No matter, the cleansing of Brother Lawrence’s genitalia – probably with holy water – was witnessed, – just once.

-  And, of yes, it’s true, the child was threatened ‘only’ once. The little Jewish boy was warned that if he told anyone what had happened the same thing would happen to his seven-year-old brother , also a student at SMIS .  But, well, the threat was just “done once.” That was all.  Just once.

- I suppose on the “done once” theme I could add that discovery of blood on the boy’s underwear by the family maid was “done once” too?

- And that taking the scared and reluctant boy to see the embassy doctor was also “done once”?

- And yes, I could even add that once sodomy was confirmed informing SMIS Headmaster Brother John Paradis fic (Paul-Emile Paradis) was just “done once”?

(2) “in the synagogue on….”

Yes, the 21 January 2014 meeting transpired in the synagogue.  The victim’s choice/insistence.

(3)  At that meeting, Mr. [Redacted] expressed his feelings towards Br. Lawrence, Br. Lawrence expressed verbally his apologies and asked for forgiveness of Mr. [Redacted] and Br. Raymond apologized on the part of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

Oh my. This sounds as close to happy times as things can get under such dark circumstances. Everybody asking forgiveness and apologizing, and the victim simply and, by the sound of it, ever so politely, expressing his feelings toward Brother Lawrence.

I call this huggy-bear-kissy face time. It almost has the making of a Rockwell painting, does it not? Happy times.

That’s not exactly how it played out, but, well –wishful thinking I suppose?

(4) The Brothers of Christian Instruction are not to ask nor allow Br. Lawrence to work at St.-Mary’s International School in Tokyo, Setagaya ward, and not to ask nor allow Br. Lawrence to work amid students of elementary, junior high school and high school.

Brother Lawrence, a known sexual predatory, had been working around children in Japan since his return to the country in or perhaps shortly before 1969. He was teaching at SMIS. He was teaching Catechism in English at Seiko Gakuin, Shizuoka. He was out at Camp Chimikepp surrounded by young boys. He was made superior of the Shizuoka Community. By 1982 he was Principal at SMIS Elementary School. By 1985 he was Assistant Headmaster and Principal at the SMIS elementary school.

According to Mr. Kagei’s 11 September 2014 letter to St. Mary’s Alumni it was not until January 2014 that Brother Lawrence was informed that he was not to be around students!

Unbelievable!!! Brother Paradis knew very well what his confrere did to that child. Not only did he know, he knew within days, if not hours. How many other brothers knew is uncertain, but my guess is that due to the fallout related to the finding of blood on the boy’s underwear the news was of necessity shared with at least some selected members of the Brothers of Christian Instruction. I won’t embark on that path.

No matter. The thing is that Brother John knew. That is an absolute fact. And, the other absolute fact is that for decades boys were wilfully placed at risk as Brother Lawrence, a cruel and ruthless sexual predator, was allowed to freely interact with children at schools operated by the brothers.

As an aside here, I understand too that some time after the victim came forward in May 2013 Brother Lawrence was quietly shuttled from SMIS to Shizuoka. Why the children at Shizuoka were deemed to be less at risk is beyond me, but, that’s what they did.

Perhaps Brother Ducharme, the Vice Provincial, thought he could keep a better eye on him there. Ducharme is Headmaster at the Seiko Gakuin high school in Shizuoka. He teaches – or did – some sort of religion class. I think this may be akin to the class that Brother Lawrence once taught at the same school? the Catechism class in English? (Unlike St. Mary’s International School, most if not all students at Seiko Gakuin are Japanese and most classes are conducted in their mother tongue. And yes, for those who wonder, the school in Shizuoka is Is also run by the brothers – in fact it is one of four schools founded and operated by the brothers in Japan.)

(5)  The Brothers of Christian Instruction agreed to pay 4,430,000 yen for the trip of Mr. [Redacted] his wife and his daughter to Japan and their stay in a hotel in Tokyo.

Agreed? Yes, I suppose in a sense that’s the right word, but it’s misleading. I’d say it’s more a case of the brothers bending over backwards to get together with the victim to keep him from talking.

The thing is that a meeting was to be had. Tokyo was agreed upon. The victim is accustomed to travelling business class, and is accustomed to staying at five star hotels. He wanted and needed support for the ordeal.

The brothers agreed that they would accommodate the needs of the victim in order to get him to Tokyo,

It was, as all of you who ever been in similar situation know only to well, an extremely distressing time for the victim and the trip and stay was far from a picnic.

6. This agreement is final. Mr. [Redacted] is not to do further civil responsibility pursuits or responsibility prosecution pursuits against Br. Lawrence or the Brothers of Christian Instruction concerning the sexual abuse stated above as well as divulgate information about the sexual abuse stated above in the media..

And there is an absolute slaughter of the Queen’s English.

What the heck are they trying to say?

Well, for one it sounds as though they wanted the victim to agree that he would not sue (“not to do further civil responsibility pursuits”), and despite the garbled English I’d say there is absolutely no doubt they wanted to gag him to keep him for disclosing his abuse to the media (“is not to ….as well as divulgate information about the sexual abuse stated above in the media”)

But what of this: “Mr. [Redacted] is not to do further … responsibility prosecution pursuits against Br. Lawrence or the Brothers of Christian Instruction”?

How do your read that garble? I think they were trying to keep him from laying criminal charges. I have read and re-read and keep coming to the same conclusion.

In Canada, preventing a victim from pursuing criminal charges is a crime. I don’t know if it’s a crime in Japan. I don’t know if it’s a crime in Australia. I know that it’s a crime in Canada.

I will close here with the words of the founder of the Mennasians:

My dear children whom Jesus our Saviour loved so much that he embraced them. Come to us, stay with us, we will be the guardian angels of your innocence.” (S. VII p. 2271)

Fr. John Mary Robert de la Mennais

Father Mennais must be rolling in his grave.

I will add other links shortly.

Enough for now,


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75 charges and 40 + complainants!

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As promised, I will be getting on with posting some new information on the sex abuse scandal at St. Mary’s International School in Japan.  I started the day however with getting a few items posted regarding cases before the courts and then adding a few other articles of note.

So, first the latest posts – then I will get back to work on the SMIS material.

Courtroom updates

(i)  Nathan Labatt (Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan)

The case has been adjourned again.  Labatt’s lawyer did not appear in the Humboldt courtroom:  he made a phone call!

13 April 2015: Second Adjournment in Labatt Case

Such adjournments, by the way, are not at all unusual.

So, the next courtdate for the former youth volunteer with Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry facing child porn charges is:

04 May 2015: Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

(ii)  Father Paul-Andre Harvey Archdiocese of Chicoutimi, Quebec)

Father Paul Andre Harvey has been committed to stand trial.  The priest, who first faced sex abuse related charges in January 2012, has opted for trial by judge alone.  The trial date has yet to be set.  That could take a while.

According to recent media coverage, Father Harvey now faces a total of 75 charges related to allegations from 40 women who were between the ages of 6 and 23 when they allege they were abused, and one from a woman who was aged 23 at the time.  The allegations of abuse span from 1960 to 2000.

13 April 2015:  “Father Paul-André Harvey waives a jury trial” & original French text

I am reliant here again on a google translation of the articles.  If there are serious errors in the translation please let me know or post a comment of correction.

I was just checking his age.  In January 2012 he was 75, so, he must be about 78 now?

Anyway, please keep the many complainants in your prayers.  This has been a long ordeal for all,  and, alas,  it’s not over.


Links to a few articles have been posted on NEW  to the site.  I made comment on a couple, but not the following, so will do so now:

(1)  14 April 2015:  “Child sex abuse inquiry: Rockhampton priest ‘raped me well over 100 times’, witness says” & related articles

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has commenced public hearings again. this time in Rockhampton. Queensland, Australia regarding abuse at  St Joseph’s Neerkol Orphanage.

As you see from the link, I tried to pull together several articles to try to capture the tales of horror which was suffered and endured by those poor little souls in the orphanage and which will be heard during this phase of the commission hearings..

The hearings are live-streamed.  You will have to check the clock and time change – hearings commence at 10 am  AEDT.  As much as I would like to follow it all I don’t think I’ll be able to watch more than an hour or so here and there, but, there is talk that a former bishop will be called to take the stand – I think I will do my best to tune in for all of that.

You will find the link to the commission website (Australian Royal Commission)  on the right-hand column under “Links of Interest.”  Scroll down past Recent Posts and there it is.  For now, click here to access the site

Say a special wee prayer for the victims who are testifying.

(2)   10 April 2015:  St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson Claims He Wasn’t Sure Whether Sex

Does he have the slightest idea how preposterous that sounds?  He may or may not have known that it was a crime for a priest sexually abuse a child?!!!!

Does he have any idea how ridiculous this circling of the wagons and dancing on the head of the proverbial legal pin sounds?

Enough for now,



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Both “Oblates”

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As mentioned before, a few more bits and pices of information have been added to the pages of Father Rocky Grimard omi and the recently deceased James Roth OSFS.

It’s both intriguing and confusing, is it not, that though these priests belong/belonged to to different orders, they were both “Oblates” ?  Father Rocky Grimard is a member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) – they are traditionally referred to as Oblates.  Father Jim Roth was a member of the Oblates of St. Francis De Sales (OSFS) – they frequently refer to themselves as Oblates (prior to his untimely death he was the last of his order serving in Canada – now there are none).

That aside, a few comments on both priests and some of the new information posted:

(1)  Father Rocky Grimard omi

(i)  We now know that Father Grimard was chaplain to the Kennedy County Sheriff’s Office, in Sarita, Texas.  At the time of his arrest Grimard was Director of the Lebh Shomea House of Prayer in Sarita.

I wonder if he has served as chaplain to other police forces in other locales?  Does nayone know?

(ii)  According to a faculty profile posted on the Oblate School of Theology website at an unknown date, we now have the following additional information:

- Father Grimard received a Diploma in Police Studies in Regina Saskatchewan

- attained a Certificate of Advanced Spiritual Direction from Loyola House in Guelph, Ontario (that’s a Jesuit facility)

- he is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs (Personality Test I assume?)

- he was certified in Religious Formation at the Chicago Theological Union in Chicago, Illinois

(iii)  I see no comment as yet on the Worldwide Marriage Encoutner Movement website regarding the charges against their national priest leader in the States.  Has anyone seen anything?

Also, are there any priest out there who may have had the misfortune of attending an ME weekend with Father Rocky Grimard?  I ask because I am familiar with the manner in which the weekends are conducted, and know that where possible priests are paired up to answer questions and share those answers with one another in  privacy.  There is, dare I say, almost an intimacy to the setting?  I dread to think of the shock befalling a naive priest paired up with the likes of a Father Grimard who was unable to contain/control himself when he happened on those two plainclothes police officers in the park.

(iv)  there is still some confusion regarding Father Grimard’s whereabouts over the past few years.

we know that in or around the Fall of 2013 Father Grimard was off to Chicago Illinois.  Since that time, aside from returning to conduct retreats and such in Canada, he has, it seems,  served in the States

- at some point Father Grimard began to serve at the Oblate School of Theology (OST), San Antonio, Texas, and for at least some if not all of his time there was Director of Internship Program/Director of Operations at OST – apart, of course,  from conducting retreats and so on

- in the Fall of 2012 he was assigned to the  Immaculate Retreat House in Williaminitc, CT .  There is nothing to be found by searching the Immaculata website regarding his time there: not a hint that Father Rocky Grimard was ever there.  There are however references to his time at Immaculata elsewhere, but nothing indicating specifically when he left for Texas.

- by November 2014 Father Grimard is referenced as “presently stationed in Sarita, Texas, where he is Director of Lebh Shomea House of Prayer.”  When he was relocated to Sarita is, at this time, unknown, but it appears that he spent about or close to two years at the retreat house in Connecticut?

- the Canadian Catholic Church Directories from 2010 to the present give his address as that of the Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas .  (Unfortunately I don’t have easy access to the directorates from 2003 to 2009 so not sure how he is listed there.  If anyone can check please do)

(2)  Father James Roth OSFS

(i)  From the Winter 2015 edition of Bondings

Bondings is a quarterly magazine published by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, North American Provinces

I’m not sure when the Winter 20is was published.  Would it have been early January 2015?  or was it perhaps mailed out in December?

No matter, Father Roth’s untimely and questionable death transpired 11 February 2015, and that was only weeks after a victim who had been molested by the priest about 14 years ago came forward.

The  Winter edition of Binding contains a section with input by priest of the order explaining why and how they entered religious life. Teh editors apparently posed the question to several Oblates.  Father Jim Roth was one o that group.  Here is how Father Roth answered the question:

“When I was in high school I had little understanding of what the difference was between a ‘religious’ vocation and a diocesan one.  But, while in high school, I was educated by a group of me who knew me, who I enjoyed being around and having as teachers and coaches, who seemed to like what they were doing and knew how to smile, joke and have fun – men like Frank Schimscheiner, Dick Nelson, Lehr Barkenquest, Tony Steger, Jerry Bartko, etc.  So upon graduation from De Sales High School., I thought I would ‘try it out’ for a year, but then that year became two, then three, and now I can contentedly say forty-three.  The ultimate total will rely upon God’s good pleasure, but, so far, I must say the pleasure has definitely been, and continues to be, mine.”  – Father Jim Roth, OSFS, Toronto, Canada

By the sound of things, between the time he wrote that and his death. Father opted not to rely on God’s good pleasure?

[I just noticed that part of the text is highlighted and part is not!  Well, I have been have great difficulty getting my highlight function to work properly.  That is why in most cases now, and until I can sort out what the problem is, I try to draw your attention to the relevant text with a red box.  This morning I had tried the highlight again on that section then gave up and decided just to post it as is.  And, lo and behold,  for some strange reason the highlight function decided to work on that  one para!  Cross fingers that whatever the glitch was has worked itself out!l.  ]

(ii)   April 2015:  Father Jim Roth on Archdiocese of Detroit website list of “Clergy Accused of Abuse

Dare we in Canada dream of the day our Canadian Bishops and Archbishops see fit to publish the names of the accused in their respective dioceses?

A stark reminder that we have a long long long way to go here in Canada.

(iii)  Comment posted re confession and religious ed class

In case you missed it, a concerned parent posted the following comment on the “Don’t they deserve to be told?”  blog

This priest was absolutely around children and confessions are heard in closed quarters. Whether Father Jim conducted closed confessionals, I cannot say. What I can say is that Father Jim was frequently around children and also acted as a supply teacher at a school for a religious class when a teacher was away. To say he was involved with adult faith education is a broad generalization and completely taking away from the reality of this situation. I am truly sorry but our children deserve more safety then this.


I don’t see any news about the Nathan Labatt courtdate of today.  If there is nothing I will check tomorrow afternoon for the next courtdate.


I have some news regarding the Brothers of Christian Instruction.   I know it seems that all has been quiet, but, I have received some news which I am quite certain you will find of interest.  I need to do a  little work on it – will get it together and have it posted either later this evening (EST) or early tomorrow morning.

Enough for now,


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Courtdate in Humboldt

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There is one courtdates today:

(1)  Nathan Labatt

The former vounteer with the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry has a courtdate facing child porn charges has a courtdate:

13 April 2015:   Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

I don’t have the start time but think it will probably be 10 am as it was for the last Humboldt date.

If anyone attends please send news of outcome.  Likewise please send links to any media coverage.

There is a pre-trial hearing for Marcel Lalonde in Cornweall, Ontario this afternoon at 2 pm.  This is NOT open tot he public.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


I have a few more bits and pieces to post pm Father James Roth OSFS and Rocky Grimard omi to add tot heir respective pages – will get at that in a few mintures – will let you know once they have been added.

Enough for now,


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Don’t they deserve to be told?

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I wrapped up my last blog “Not a boo”  saying that I have a little more information regarding Father James Roth OSFS  which I wold post later.

Later has come :)

Shortly after discovering that Father James Roth had spent time in Canada, specifically in the Archdiocese of Toronto, I contacted the Provincial for the Toledo-Detori Province for the Oblates of St. Francis de Slaes,  Father Ken McKenna, with several questions regarding Father Roth’s years in Canada.  With the exception of one, my questions were answered.  That one unanswered question related to Father Roth’s work with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board.  I was directed to, and given an email address for, Mr. Bruce Campbell.

Mr. Campbell is the media contact for the board.  On 31 January 2015 I emailed Mr. Campbell to ask what Father Roth’s duties were as a “priest-in-residence” for the school board  Mr Campbell replied that Father Roth served as Priest-in Residence at the board’s Catholic Eduction Centre (CEC) which is the administrative “head office” of the school board.  The priest’s duties were “primarily related to adult faith formation, celebrating weekly mass and other liturgical events, and working with our CEC and Keaton Centre (an operational facilities building) staff. ”  According to Mr. Campbell, Father Roth also “celebrated liturgical services in full school assembly or class assembly settings when requested. ”  I was told that Father’s  work in schools” was always under school staff or administrative supervision. ”

I in turn posed several further questions as follows:

“You say ‘His work in schools was always under school staff or administrative supervision.”’ Was there a directive to that effect? Also, was he one of the priests who would hear confessions of students?

“One more question: Have parents, students and teachers been informed that Father Roth has admitted that he was a molester? If yes, when, and how?”

That email was sent 31 March 2015.

Days passed.  No response.

Today (Friday 10 April) I contacted Mr.  Campbell again.  He told me he didn’t seem to have that last email I sent.  I realize that emails can get lost in a heap so fair enough.

Later in the day Mr. Campbell answered my questions as follows:

(1) Re was there a directive that Father Roth be under supervision?

“There is no formal directive. It is our board’s practice that any individual coming into a school who is not a staff member at the school to be accompanied by a teacher or administrator (principal/vp). This includes priests whose primary reason to visit would be to celebrate liturgical events.”

(2)  Re did Father Roth hear confessions at the schools?

“In terms of confessions, our schools do not have confessionals or booths. Confessions are heard in an open area with a teacher or other staff member nearby, but out of hearing range.”

(3)  Have parents, students and teachers been informed that Father Roth has admitted that he was a molester? If yes, when, and how?”

“Staff were informed of the issue via email statement of the matter on Tuesday of this week. Staff at the CEC (where Fr. Roth worked) were informed on Tuesday during staff meetings. A staff meeting was also held at the Keaton Centre, a nearby plant operations facility where Fr. Roth also ministered to staff. As you are aware, we also posted a statement on our website.”

Just two quick comments:

(1)  I haven’t been able to confirm as yet, but I am quite certain that Father Roth would have heard confessions at the schools.  In a confessional or out, and out of hearing range or not matters not:  if he was hearing confessions, then Father Roth listened to those children bare their souls.  If he so chose, Father Roth could identify the vulnerable.  If he so chose, he could establish a rapport with particular students.

(2)  The board was told 20 January 2015 that there were sex abuse allegations against Father Roth in the States.  The following day (21 Jan)  Father Roth was suspended from his position as priest-in residence for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic board and shipped back to the States.

And then, …….silence!

Teachers and fellow staff were not told  until 07 April 2015.

As far as I can tell from the reply, parents have not been told personally.  True some will hear via the grapevine, or read about it in the paper, or happen upon the news on Sylvia’s Site, but – don’t parents deserve better?  Shouldn’t parents be told?  I firmly believe that they should.  It’s parents after all who usually first notice the change in Johnny’s behaviour (It could be Jane, but in this case  I’ll use Johnny). And isn’t it, after all, true that  in those cases those poor parents  don’t know or even suspect that “Father”  did something sexual to Johnny, and that consequently they often spend a tortured lifetime wondering what happened to make Johnny ‘go bad,’ or why he’s changed, or why he’s slipping in school, or why he refuses to go to church,  or why he’s drinking, or why the family dynamics have changed so drastically – and  all the while trying to pick up the pieces and berating themselves for what they think they must have done wrong.  Do parents not deserve to be told?

And, as far as I can tell, the students haven’t been told.  Is that right?  Mr. Campbell makes no mention of telling them, so I gather that they have not been told?

Why not?  Should they not know?  At least the children in the upper grades in high school?  Surely they can be told?   Surely they should be given opportunity to put things that this priest might have said or done into context?

I haven’t been in contact with the archdiocese, but the silence holds for its failures too.  For example, has anything been said to the parishioners at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga? Father Roth lived in the rectory and assisted in the Church for at least two years.  Should the Archbishop not be telling those parishioners?  Do they not have a right to know?  Should they not be hearing it from their shepherd?

And what about St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario?  father Roth assisted at the church for several years.   Should the Archbishop not be telling those parishioners?

Why would a shepherd not tend to his flock?

Enough for now,


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Not a boo

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A belated but welcome response by the Archdiocese of Toronto and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board to news that the recently deceased Father James Roth OSFS was a child molester.  Father Roth, you will recall, was an American priest who, as a member of the Oblates of St. Francis De Sales, has served in the Archdiocese of Toronto) since 2014.  Shorty before his untimely death 11 February a man had come forward alleging sex abuse at the age if nine at the hands of Father Roth about 14 years ago.   Roth, a diabetic who died of an overdose of insulin (suicide?), left a note admitting that he had sexually abused the boy.

Now, thanks to an article  in the Toronto Star, we know that on 20 January 2015 the victim’s lawyer informed both the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board and the Archdiocese of Toronto  of the allegations.  Then, on 22 January Roth was quietly suspended and shipped back to the States.  Quietly.   Not a boo to Catholics.  Not a boo to staff.   No a boo to the general public.

After Father Roth’s 11 February 2015 death the Archdiocese did post a notice of  his death on Facebook.    Still not a boo that the priest who had served in the Archdiocese for more than 10 years was a self-confessed molester!  Silence.  Absolute silence.   Mum’s the word.

Here’s the l article in the Toronto Star:

10 April 2015:  Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board Statement regarding the late Father James Roth

And now – Hallelujah! –  statements from both the Archdiocese and Dufferin Peel Catholic board are posted on their respective websites:

09 April 2015:  Archdiocese of Toronto Statement regarding Father James Roth, O.S.F.S.

10 April 2015:  Dufferin-Peel school priest confessed to sex assault in U.S.

I have a little more information to post on this.  Time to get supper together.  I will come back to this later.

Enough for now,


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Former RCMP officer

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There is still information which can be added to the Father Rocky Grimard omi page, but I think for now there is suffice to get the idea he has been here, there and everywhere, both in Canada and the United States since he was ordained 31 May 1991.

I was surprised to see that Father Grimard was an RCMP officer for eight-and-a-half years prior to his ordination.  He served somewhere in Northern Canada:  as yet I have no idea where.

Somewhere in all those articles linked to info is mention of his recent role as chaplain to a police force of some sort in the States.  I just now realized that I have not posted that information so must hunt about to find my source. I think it’s probably in one of those links:  if you happen upon it please send me the link :)

Note too that, while Father has been serving in the United States since leaving St. Henry’s in Melville Saskatchewan in 2003 he has been back to Canada to conduct retreats.  I have found two such instance, once in Yorkton Sask. in 2007,  and, just prior to Christmas last year in Woodstock, New Brunswick.  I think there are probably many more such instances, it’s simply a case of tracking them down.  Again, if you come across any please send me the link.

There are dates I am not yet clear on, for example, in September 2012 he was assigned to the staff at Immaculata Retreat House, Willimantic, Connecticut, but on occasion there is information which places him both at the retreat house in Connecticut and at the Lebh Shomea House of Prayer in Sarita Texas.    I think the Oblates at Immaculata have expunged all reference to Father Grimard from their website so it’s difficult to try to sort out exactly when he was on the move again and off to Sarita Texas.  Again, if you come across a document which clarifies exactly when he moved  please send the link.  I will spend some more time on this tomorrow to see if I can tighten timelines up a little more.

For now, I cringe at the thought of the multitudes across Canada and the United States who have encountered this priest in their church, or on retreat or during a marriage encounter weekend.

Enough for now.


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He’s a Canadian priest

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Yesterday I posted the following article on Father Rocky Henry Lee Grimard, a priest in Texas charged after soliciting an undercover officer for oral sex, exposing himself and then “proceeded to conduct a sexual act, and then ‘touching’ a second officer:

02 April 2015:  Priest accused of exposing self to officer in Olmos Park

Father Grimard, is, it turns out, a Canadian Oblate priest.  Many thanks to the reader who alerted me to that fact..

I am now going to start a page for Father Grimald – will try to sort where he has served in Canada and when he headed off to the States.

Enough for now,


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