Welcome news from Paraguay

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Amazing and most welcome news from Paraguay:

28 July 2014:  “Reports: The Vatican fires a priest in Paraguay accused of molesting US seminarians” & related articles

The articles are of interest to Catholic around the world, but of particular interest to many Canadians whose sons were exposed to Father Carlos Urroitigoity while the latter – and fellow priests from the fledgling Society of St. John – first lived at and then near at St. Gregory’s Academy just outside Scranton Pennsylvania.  St Gregory’s, an all boys Catholic school, was then run by the Fraternity of St. Peter.

There have been allegations about the goings on in the Society in the Society of John for years, and often battles and friction between  those who alleged that Fathers Urroitigoity and Eric Ensey were sexual predators and those who defended the pair.

Some may recall that  Bishop Rogelio Livieres the Opus Dei bishop of  the Diocese of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay took Urroitigoityand other members of the Society of Sgt. John into his diocese.  Lievres allegedly refused to believe the allegations against the priest, and refused to heed warning from the Bishop pf Scranton, NY when Urroitigoity was previously incardinated.

Urroitigoity became Viacr General of the Diocese.  Dominic Carey, a Canadian who has had no problem at all with priests bedding down with young lads, is, I think, serving  in the  Ciudad del Este seminary and assisting – or perhaps even directing? -  the formation of new priests (? – I must check this out )

Recently the Vatican sent an envoy over to Paraguay to check things out.  And, …. by the sound of this breaking news Urroitigoity is gone/fired/suspended.  Whatever action was quickly taken he is not functioning as a priest in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este.

AND, Bishop Rogelio Livieres is not to ordain any priests for the time being.

I am sure there will be more news on all  of this over the next few days, but, great and indeed pleasantly surprising news.

Please note and take time to read the article which I tacked on to the news of the Vatican intervention:  “My Brush with the Sex Abuse Scandal.”

St. Greg’s has resurrected.

What can or do I say?


A family birthday and overnight visit from a dear friend over the weekend.  Summer weekends seem to be  keeping me away from the computer – perhaps the timing is right?  I am enjoying the breaks and time with family and friends :)

Enough for now,

Sylviaough for now,


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Catch-up time

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Catch-up time.  Here goes:

(1)  Father Charles Picot.

Father Charles Picot’s court date of 21 July 2014 was adjourned.  Father Picot was not in court.

Father Picot’s next court date is:

22 September 2014:    09:30 am, “first appearance,” Bathurst courthouse, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Please, as always, keep the complainant in your prayers.

(2)  Eric Dejaeger omi

Ex priest and previously convicted Oblate child molester Eric Dejaeger had a one-day preliminary hearing scheduled on his Edmonton, Alberta charges on 31 July 2014.  I want to check up on this to see if the prelim is still scheduled.  My gut feel is that it is probably cancelled, or adjourned.  Dejaeger’s Nunavut trial has not wrapped up yet – in fact the verdict is due to be rendered 12 September 2014.  I don’t think the preliminary hearing will proceed on these charges until the Nunavut trial is wrapped up completely.

I will check on that either later this afternoon or on Monday.

And, yes, please keep all the Dejaeger victims and complainants in your prayers. This has been going on for a long long time.  (Dejaeger was deported from Belgium 19 January 2011.  For so many this has been going on a for a long long time.  Dejaeger has been “wanted” in Canada since 1995, and by Interpol since 2001)

(3)  Father Damian Cooper

You may recall that a trial date in this civil action has been set for 29 September of this year with the trial scheduled to last for 20 days.

There is now a date set for formal mediation:

31 July 2014:  Formal mediation in Vancouver, BC (NOT open to the public)

Note that this is NOT open to the public.  Please keep the plaintiff in your prayers.

(4) St. Mary’s International School

I received a 1973-74 St. Mary’s International School yearbook in the mail today.  I thank the kind and thoughtful soul who realized that I might be interested in receiving and sent it my way :)   I certainly was and am delighted to finally have it in my hands

I have looked through page by page twice.  It gives me so much more of a ‘feel’ for the school.  There are a few pictures which I will definitely scan and post.  That may take a little while because I will ‘redact’ the faces of any and all students in any pictures which I intend to post.

(5)  Brother  Lessard.

I have also received some more information on Brother Benoit Lessard. I plan to get in touch with the contact first and will then post.

(6)  Suspensions

I received word last week that two priests in Canada were suspended and under investigation for allegations related to sexual misconduct.  I have made several phone calls and am awaiting a call back from a bishop.

At this time I will not disclose names or location.  Some Catholics are aware of the situation.  Catholics in the diocese have not been informed.  If anyone reading this knows of the situation and has any further information please send me an email at:  cornwall@theinquiry.ca

(7)  http://www.theinquiry.ca

I continue picking away at getting The Inquiry website back together.  I think I have finally come to terms with the reality that no matter how I hard I work at it this is going to be a long drawn out process.  I can’t spend my days hoping a few more hours will do the trick, and I must manage my time to ensure I keep up to date on Sylvia’s Site.  My plan is to divvy up the day with half going to Sylvia’s Site (postings, emails, phonecalls, research etc) and the other half to The Inquiry.  I think best I start each day working on Sylvia’s Site -  I have a tendency to get going on the website and think I’ll just finish up this page, or just add that article – and  time just passes me by :(   I must admit that I sometimes find myself poring through transcripts again looking for some little but important thing I recall being said .  And, as I believe I  have said before, I am finding that I am more astounded than ever at the magnitude of the scandal and cover-up – and I’ll add in some cases sheer incompetence. I am seeing it all with a new set of eyes, and often with benefit of additional information which I didn’t have at my fingertips when I first posted so much of the data.

I have been noting on the  Home page what I have added and what areas I intend to work on.  It’s impossible to direct you to all the new information but I think those notices are suffice to keep you abreast and clicking away on new pages and links .

I think that’s about it ,  at least for now :)

Enough for now,


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Will he show?

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Another “first appearance” courtdate tomorrow morning (Monday) for previously convicted convicted clerical molester Father Charles Picot.

21 July 2014:  09:30 am, “first appearance,” Bathurst courthouse, Bathurst, New Brunswick (254 St. Patrick St.)

Picot, who has been convicted twice and “acquitted” once on previous sex charges, is currently facing charges of gross indecency and indecent assault.

On his last failure to appear the court was told that Picot, now living in Montreal, is battling cancer and unable to make the trip, – plus his lawyer needs time to review the file.

I don’t know.  Does his lawyer need to review the file?  or is Picot unable to travel?

And, of course, will Father Picot show up in the morning?

We shall see.

And, yes, alas,  sad to say, even after two convictions Father Picot is still very much a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.  A disgrace.

I do hope some of you New Brunswick people will be able to make the trip to the courthouse to keep abreast of what’s going on.  It will probably be all over in the twinkle of an eye, unless of course Picot is there.  Even at that, should he show up it will still be short and sweet.  But. at least occasion to see him and hear how he’s going to plea and what his lawyer has to say.

If anyone does attend please keep us abreast of the outcome.  If there is media coverage please send a link.

As always, please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Still not all sorted out

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The preliminary hearing of Church organist Brian Lucy actually wrapped up on 25 June 2014.  There was a bit of a misunderstanding there.

I drove down to Brockville yesterday, the city of the 1000 islands.  It turned out that Brian Lucy was on the docket, but for a different set of charges, and only in remand court.  A new date had been set:  01 August, 2014, 09:00 am in courtroom #1.  Brian Lucy did not appear.

I asked many questions and must say I still haven’t got this all sorted out.  As I understand it, Lucy has been committed to stand trial in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on some but not all of the sex charges.  There is no date as yet for continuation on thoe charges in the Superior court.  It will probably go to arraignment court around September at which time the process will begin to move toward trial.  I will check on things around the middle of August to see if there is anything new.

As for yesterday’s charges, there are two charges of failure to comply with an undertaking and one charge of possession of child pornography.  The two charges of failure to comply probably relate to some instances in which Lucy it was deemed that Lucy breeched   his bail conditions.  I was unable to find out any more than that.

I need to find out more before I say any more.

So, I had a little jaunt down to beautiful Brockville, Ontario, and had opportunity for the first time ever to set foot in that magnificent and historic courthouse (built in 1841!) .

The courthouse sites at the top of Court Square, a small hill just two blocks from the waterfront.  Once upon a time there were four churches – all Protestant – flanking the courthouse to the sides and fore of the square.  One church burnt down, so there are now three churches within a stone’s throw of the courthouse.

And, an interesting and humorous little tid bit:  slightly to the West of the square and down the hill sits the Roam Catholic Church.

The community was settled by the United Empire Loyalists.  I was told that they didn’t think the Catholic Church worthy to sit on the hill :)  Fact or fiction I have no idea, but rue enough the Catholic Church is down the hill.

The original jail still stands and is still in use!

I took a few pictures – will check them later and perhaps post a  few.


Our little six-year-old grand-daughter is with us for a sleep-over.  Not so little any more.  Time is flying.

Anyway, today it will be a day at the beach, and playing with Barbies, and colouring, and walking in the woods :) :)

Enough for now,


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In case you missed it

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Tomorrow morning is the continuation of Catholic church organist Brian Lucy’s preliminary hearing in Brockville, Ontario:

18 July 2014 :  09:00 am, courtroom #1, continuation of preliminary hearing, Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

A reminder that there is a publication ban on all testimony and evidence, but the public is free to attend.   I urge those who are free to do so to attend.

I ask as always that you please keep the complainant in your prayers.


In the event that you missed it I want to draw your attention to the following comment posted by Simon Scott, a journalist with the Japan Times:

Hi! My name is Simon Scott and I am a Tokyo-based freelance journalist who is a regular contributor to the Japan Times. I am also the Japan correspondent for the New Zealand Herald. Many of the stories I have published are up on the web, so Google: Simon Scott + Japan Time etc., if you want to check out previous stuff I have written.

I am currently researching a story about sexual abuse at St. Mary’s International School for the Japan Times and want to communicate with anyone who has any relevant information. I would like to talk with not just the victims of the abuse, but also anyone who may have information they feel could help with my story or who may be able to put me in contact with someone who does. I fully understand this is a sensitive topic and be rest assured that I won’t disclose the identity of any sources who wish to remain anonymous.

Please email me at my personal email address: rotty007@gmail.com

Simon Scott

Please pass the message along to those who attended St. Mary’s International School.  I have guaranteed all my SMIS contacts confidentiality and I stand by that.  I will not therefore be able to assist Mr. Scott.   I ask therefore that the message gets passed along to ensure that all those who have or may have information are aware of the message and can decide if they are prepared to contact Mr. Scott.

Let’s all pray that the truth will come out.  Pray too for the many SMIS victims out there who are struggling, and for their families, and for all who know a little bit of something but think it’s not much of anything.

I added the Brothers of Christian Instruction to the menu under “RC Scandal.”  At this time all I have done is list links to the names and pages of five brothers who are known to have allegations of sex abuse against them. but at least it allows all the names to be listed together and I can add to it.

You can access the link by clicking “RC Scandal” and then “Brothers of Christian Instruction (Mennasians}”

I just noticed that the video clips are not working.  I will have to sort out what’s gone ary there and get them back up and running again.  Its too late in the day now, and I will be out tomorrow, but I will get it sorted out :)


I continue work on theinquiry.ca.   More articles and links have been added to the Bishop  Eugene Larocque page, and I’m still not finished getting the page back together :(  Sometimes links to articles on the old website were broken so away I go hunting for the article – not always easy to track a specific article down because there are literally thousands to search through,  and, alas,  sometimes I didn’t file them by title

I have been giving a general idea on the Home page  of what I am working on and where I would like you to go clicking :)  Just keep clicking your way from page to page and link to link .

Enough for now,


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No notification to others in building?

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Thanks to BC we leaned yesterday that Quebec Superior Court  Judge Claude Bouchard has ruled in favor of those men who suffered child sex abuse at the hands of Redemptorist priests in Quebec.  12 victims testified at the class action which was taken to trial.

There is an English article online now.  I will post both this morning.

Well done to all of you men who fought so hard to bring the atrocities you endured at the hands of these wolves in sheep’s clothing to light.


There is word out and about that convicted clerical molester Father Dan Miller, now out of jail, is living in an apartment building in Pembroke Ontario.  There was no notification to others in the building.  More to come.


I swear to goodness that this business of getting theinquiry.ca back online is the worst darn thing I have ever had to tackle.  Oh my!  I spend hours and hours and seem to be getting nowhere.  BUT, the process is giving me a fresh look at the magnitude of the scandal and the cover-up.  Would it make sense to to anyone if I said there should have been an inquiry of the inquiry?

Anyway, I will carry on with the job at hand.  I think I mentioned before that I am now trying to pull out and post blogs which should help to pull the pieces together so dots which need to be connected are connected.  I ask again that you try to spend a little time each day clicking yor way around theinquiry.ca.  Yes, please  by all means do take time to stop and read the horror of the scandal, but take time to just skip from page to page and link to link to get the new material back into the bowels of the search engines.

As I add material to one page which I know is also relevant to another page I will pop a link over on the other page, so, you will probably run across pages with a few bits and pieces of information posted willy nilly.  In due course it will all be rounded up.

Here are the latest additions of interest.  Information has been added to the Gerry Renshaw page.  Pages have been added for Justice Terrence Platana, and for the following Crowns, Murray MacDonald; Peter Griffiths; Lidia Narozniak.  A page has been added for Father Gary Ostler – more bits and pieces to add there.  I am working on the Robert Pelletier page now – will get the Griffith-Pelletier Memo posted in the process.  Then will get the pages together again for Carole Deschamps.

As I say, as I come across information which is relevant to other pages I am now trying to post it there as I move along.  That means that there frequently are additions to content on pages – it would be far too time-consuming to make note of those additions.

Another thing.  Links to media articles are proving to be a huge problem.  I have all the  media coverage saved and eventually every article will be re-posted, but, when an article is referenced in a blog it is extremely time-consuming to track it down.  I have decided I will have to forgo trying to find and  link to those articles.  Sorry about that :(

Enough for now,


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Father Bernard Buckle’s name and a link to a page with further information has been added to the Accused list.

I have put together the information which I have been able to find.  Please, if you have any further information, send it me at:  cornwall@theinquiry.ca

Interesting, and for what it’s worth,  after graduation from high school Fathers Des McGrath and Bernard Buckle worked at Bowater’s Paper Mill .  There is perhaps a two-year gap in ages, but the pair did graduate from St. Francis Xavier University (Antagonistic)  together in 1957 and both then headed off to St. Augustine’s seminary in Toronto/Scarborough and were ordained in 1961.

Were Fathers Buckle and McGrath good friends, or is it sheer coincidence that they followed identical paths en route to ordination?

Also of interest is the fact that in the early 90s Fathwr Buckle was Pastor at St. Roman Catholic Church in Stephenville and who was his assistant but Father Gary Hoskins

Yes, that’s convicted clerical molester Father Gary Hoskins who is facing new sex charges , has opted for trial by judge and jury, and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing 16 September of this year.

Hoskins was recycled out of Newfoundland and into the Archdiocese of Toronto after his past conviction but – like Buckle – is still very much a priest ‘belonging to’ the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador (formerly Diocese of St. George’s) .

And, while we have no idea what the outcome of these charges will be I will add that it send a chill down my spine to see that Father Buckle served on the diocesan Liturgical Commission back in the early 70s with , amongst others Fathers Kevin J. Bennet (Administrator) and Monsignor William J. Boone.  Both the latter are now convicted molesters.

On a slightly different note, does anyone know or has anyone heard when these charges were laid?  It seems just a little strange that the word is just now out and already a date has been set to plea.  I think there must have been at last one court date, if not more, before this.  IF that’s the case, what’s going on?  Why IF the charges were laid some time ago, was everyone from police to the diocese sitting on the charges?

Anyway, the word is out.  I am sure parishioners at the Cathedral are horrified.  From what I can tell Father Buckle has been living in the rectory and assisting in the diocese since his retirement.  I imagine much of his assisting has been right there at the Cathedral.  Keep those people in your prayers.  As strange as it may seem, fr many it is a shocker to find out that police have determined that there is sufficient evidence to lay charges against a trusted priest.

And yes, I absolutely do commend the complainant for coming forward.  Please keep him/her in your prayers.  I also encourage anyone with allegations against Father Bernard Buckle o to contact your local police.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars for 25 August 2014.  If you are within driving distance and can make it to the c outhouse, please mark your calendar to be there.

I will get back to work now on theinquiry.ca.

Enough for now,


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Another Newfoundland priest charged

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Charges have been laid against a former priest with the Diocese of St. George’s, Newfoundland.Bernard Buckle has a plea date set for 25 August 2014.

For now, here is an article from yesterday’s Western Star:

Plea date set for sex charges against former priest

The Western Report (Newfoundland)

TC Media

08 July 2014

A former Roman Catholic priest who spent most of his tenure in western Newfoundland has a plea date set for Aug. 25 on sex charges.

Bernard Buckle had his lawyer appear on his behalf in Stephenville Provincial Court on Monday when the time of the plea date was set. He faces three charges of sexual assault.

Buckle, who is now 81 years of age, was born and grew up in Corner Brook before being ordained a priest in 1961 in Corner Brook. After ordination he was appointed assistant priest at Stephenville, where he remained for eight years. In 1969 he became parish priest of Lourdes where he remained for 10 years. He then became parish priest of St. Alban’s in 1979 and remained there for five years, after which he was appointed priest of St. Stephen’s Parish in Stephenville.

Const. Justin Deluney of the Bay St. George RCMP would only say the charges against the former priest are “historical” and wouldn’t give any further details, including where the alleged offences occurred or the age of the complainants at the time.

I will see what info I can find and get a page together and add Bernard Buckle to the list.  Once done I will make note of the addition here. (By the way, he is still a priest – perhaps not ‘practicing’, but he is still a priest)

My thoughts and prayers are with those who found the courage and strength to come forward.


I continue plugging along at rebuilding theinquiry.ca.  An awful awful task.  I knew it would be that, but it is worse than I thought.  There are so very many connections from one person to another that it is proving impossible to get links squared away, and very difficult to link in relevant blogs.  All those blog links became broken links as soon as the original website disappeared, and all now have to be re-done.  I have started working on some of those as I add to the new site.

The blogs help to explain what was happening at the Cornwall Public Inquiry (from my perspective), and often give additional background information.  The blogs are a must read for those who are trying to wrap their heads around this very complex sex abuse scandal and cover-up.  As I work my way along I will be adding links to relevant blogs on the pages.

To date I have noted major additions to theinquiry.ca on the Home page.

It is impossible to make mention of every addition, but I am trying to let you know of major additions, and. of course, hope that you are clicking your way through everything on the page,  and beyond :)

You may have noticed that a lot of information and links have been added to the Ron Leroux page, including links to blogs and my attempt to explain Ron’s “recantations”:

(1)  Cameron’s Point and the ritual

(2)  Who’s on or off “The List”?

(3) Joss Van Doepen Incriminated

There is also a fair bit of information added to the Murray MacDonald page.  There is more to add, but that is prbably all I will do there for now

A page was added for Father Kevin Maloney , and Father Romeo Major and Monsignor Rejean Lebrun.  Also added is the “The Lawsuit” and files related to the lawsuit

I wish I had time to comment on as I post, but the object of the exercise right now is to get that information back up and in the public domain.

What a horror story.  I knew it was bad, but with a little distance from it see now that it is even worse than I had thought.

Anyway, I will get to work getting that page together and posted for Bernard Buckle.

Enough for now,




The other

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Category list

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I had hoped to have a few things squared away on theinquiry.ca before I blogged, but a few glitches with software which as yet I am unable to resolve.  So, a quick note and then back I go to sort things out.  I swear this is becoming the sotry of my life :(

No work accomplished over the weekend.  I had a visit from a dear friend whom I hadn’t seen for six years.  We could not believe that six years had passed. Time has moved along so terribly fast.

Anyway, the weather was with us – not too hot and not too cold – and we spent literally hours upon hours on the deck talking and talking and talking – and we continued our chitter-chatter well  into the wee hours of the morning both Saturday and Sunday.

A wonderful break ,  – and so much fresh air!  I am usually posted in front of the computer so must say the change, fresh air and company were so very welcome and greatly appreciated.

And back to work today.

I am trying to get the Ron Leroux page together, but ran into a bit of a hiccup in getting the material posted as I had hoped to do.  I will have to come up with another approach.

If you have been keeping an eye on the Home page for theinquiry.ca you will have had a bit of a guide as to what has been added and hopefully have been clicking away at all the links.

Also you will have noticed that a “Category” list has been added to that page.  My hope is that this will allow people to keep tabs of some of the many names associated with the Cornwall sex abuse scandal, cover-up and inquiry.  If you click on a name you will get ‘hits’ for every article posted on the site to date which has that name as a category.  It should also be a fairly straight-forward way of connecting the dots.


I got back to adding articles to Sylvia’s Site on Thursday last.  Check New to the site - all are of interest and most are worthy of comment.

Must run along now and get a few things done around the house.  I will carry on with the Ron Leroux page shortly.  Perhaps if I give the computer a rest things will work as they should on the layout.  Sometimes that’s all that is needed.  Really and truly :)

Enough for now.









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Lovely day

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Happy Canada Day everyone.

We headed off this morning to meet up with family for brunch and then on to wander the streets and take in the sights and sounds of beautiful Almonte. The downpour of rain aside we had a truly lovely day.

Happy Canada Day to you too Mieucul :)

I hope and pray no one suffered damage during that tornado watch.  I think the advisory or watch or whatever it is has been lifted, and as yet have heard of no reports of tornado touchdowns.

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone

Enough for now



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