A paedophile ring?

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Since health woes hit our home last Fall I have been remiss in trying to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening internationally.  As soon as I was able to peck away at the keyboard again I was happy just to try to keep abreast happenings in Canada.  Right now the keyboard is a non-issue, but my hands are full dealing with issues happenings here in Canada.

However, ….I did compile a series of articles here to let you see what’s happening in Spain:

30 January 2015:  “Spurred by pope, Spanish Catholic Church confronts sexual abuse” & articles re the ten priests charged

Read them all through.  If, as is reported, the Holy Father urged an investigation last August, very good.  I think I saw somewhere that he also directed the young man to go to police.  That piece of information is not repeated in most articles so I’m not really sure if that is fact or fiction.  But, the thing is, a raft of priests and one or two laymen have been charged.  And Pope Francis apparently contacted the Archbishop in Spain and urged an investigation be conducted.  All good.

The complainant is only 24 or 25-years old. I commend him.  He is young to have found the courage to deal with this.  Keep him in your prayers.

There is mention made of the fact that the young man is a member of Opus Dei.  We shall have to wait and see if that becomes relevant.  The names of the priests charged have not been released.

I have no idea what the legal system is like in Spain, particularity when, as it seems to me, it comes to what amounts to allegations of a paedophile ring.  I don’t know what the problem is but as soon as there is so much as a whisper of a ring anywhere everyone goes into a tizzy and a frenzy of denial. We saw that play time and time again in Cornwall.  It has happened elsewhere.  Will it happen in Spain?

We shall see…

At the end of the day I hope this young man gets the support he so desperately needs in the trying months ahead.

Let’s pray that justice is done, and that if indeed there is a paedophile ring functioning it is identified as such and all members are brought before the courts.  (I suppose first we must pray that there will actually be an investigation to determine specifically if there is or is not a paedophile ring -and that authorities won’t be dancing on the head of a legal pin with claims that, well, the boys were post-pubescent, or some were post-pubescent, da, da da, da.

Anyway, ten priests charged.  They are out and about, but, at least they have been charged!

Enough for now,


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Terrible travesty of justice

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The page for Father Jean-Paul Sylvestre has been added, as has the Statement of Claim:

03 June 1994:   Statement of Claim (lawsuit) Father Jean-Paul Sylvestre

The information on Father Sylvestre is scant, but it is clear that, although he was incardinated in the Diocese of Grourad (Archdiocese of Grourard-McLellan) in Alberta  he was on loan for many years to the Military Vicariate where he served on various military bases as chaplain, first with the rank of Flight Lieutenant, then Captain and then Major. (Military Vicariate is now the Military Ordinariate, but most people are more familiar with term Military Vicariate)

The allegation in the Statement of Claim allege sexual abuse of a young boy in the mid 60s while Sylvestre was serving at CFB/RCAF base in Uplands, Ontario (in Ottawa)

There are gaps in information which I have on hand, and so, for example, I can only sort out that sometime between 1973/74 and the early 90s Father Sylvestre arrived in the Archdiocese of Montreal with his address and phone number that of Saint Thomas A Becket Roman Catholic Church in Pierrefonds, Quebec.  Whether he was assisting at the parish or just residing there is unknown, but he was there for a few years.

The lawsuit was launched in 1994.  I can find no record of him in the Canadian Catholic Directory from 1996 on.  Did he leave? was he defrocked? did he die?  or, did he leave the country?

Anyone with any further information please contact me or post a comment.


I meant to let you know yesterday that I finished posting the entire complaint which I filed with the Canadian Judicial Council regarding the conduct of Justices Colin McKinnon and James Chadwick at the first sex abuse trial of Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc.

09 April 2001:  Complaint to Canadian Judicial Council re judges at Leduc trial (Cover letter)

Appendix A:  Justice Colin McKinnon (Appendix A to CJC complaint)

Appendix B:  Justice James Chadwick (Appendix B to CJC complaint)

Backgrounder:  Backgrounder (Appendix C to CJC complaint)

17 July 2001:  CJC Responds:  Canadian Judicial Council Response (to allegations of judicial misconduct at Leduc trial)

I know it’s a heavy read, but good to look back on knowing as we now know that when Leduc was sent back to trial by the Ontario Court of Appeal the bench at that trial was taken by Justice Terence Platana who, unbeknownst to anyone at the time, had strong connections to Cornwall AND is a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church.

Justice Platana granted Leduc a stay.  Perry Dunlop was hung out to dry.  An accused child molester “walked.”

All a grim reminder of a terrible terrible travesty of justice.


I’m still working at find out out the status of sentencing of Deacon William Kokesch.  This morning I learned that the Crown handling the case has been sick for some time.  I am now waiting for a call from the office of the new Crown.

Enough for now,


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Another name to add

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The judge’s sentencing of Father Omer Desjardins omi has been added:

22 January 2015:  Father Omer Desjardins – Judgment ( Sentencing)

I have redacted portions  in accordance with the publication ban.


Another name to add to the list.

I have a copy of the 1994 Statement of Claim field related to sex abuse allegations against Father Jean-Paul Sylvestre.

Sylvestre, a priest with the Diocese of Grourad-MacLennan in Alberta, appears to have spent a good number of his years in ministry as a military chaplain with the Military Vicariate.  The allegations relate to his years as chaplain at the Uplands Air Force Base in Ottawa, Ontario.

I will open a page and post the document and what information I have on Father Sylvestre.


When I was checking the Accused list I discovered that the name of Father Omer Desjardins has disappeared.  I know I had added it to the list, however believe that the Accused A-L page is now on overload.  I will have to break the page down into two pages.    I think best I do likewise with

I fear that other names may have disappeared as well.  Please check.  If a name that you know was once on the list is no longer there please let me know.


Still no word on the Deacon Michael Kokesch sentencing which was scheduled for Friday past in Montreal.  I am still waiting for a call.  Frustrating.

And, on that note,  back to work…

Enough for now,


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Keep an eye on the page…

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More courtdate updates:

(1)  Father Albert Laisnez (Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta)

06 February 2015:  09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB)

(2) Eric Dejeager omi (former Oblate priest who was laicized but is still an Oblate)

06 February 2015: 09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB)

(3)  Deacon William Kokesch (Archdiocese of Montreal)

Sorry, but no news yet on this one, and not for lack of trying.  On Monday I talked to staff, left name and number and was told I would have a callback within 24 hours.

No call, so today I tried again with the Crown’s office.  I have left a message and am again awaiting a callback.  Cross fingers :)


There are a few more articles posted on the Cornwall inquiry website (theinquiry.ca).  As I get articles and information back up I try to make note on the Home page.  Sometimes that’s not possible because the addition entails adding text as I work on the page, but a lot of the additions are listed there.  Keep an eye on the page for what’s been added, and, as before, I ask that you please click your way through them and the site itself as often as you can that the  information will once again be found on searches.

Added  today are the following:

09 April 2001:  Complaint to Canadian Judicial Council re judges at Leduc trial (Cover letter)

Appendix A:  Justice Colin McKinnon (Appendix A to CJC complaint)

19 January 2001:  Web site posting ‘damaged’ jury trial ; Court spectator scolded for forcing switch to judge alone

02 March 2001:  “Judge made right decision” with commentary by Dick Nadeau

21 September 2006:  One Year Into Cornwall Inquiry Stonewall-Cover-Up Goes Higher (Re connections. Inquiry costs & Father Frank Morrissey and the now Father Jeff King advice to bishops in mid to late ’80s)

I will hopefully get the compliant to the Canadian Judicial finished today.  I am trying to get as much key information as possible posted about the Leduc trial so that you can truly see why Justice Terence Platana – who has Cornwall connections and whom we now know is a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church – should never have taken the bench at the “second” trial of Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc.  I strayed a little from that objective in posting 21 September 2006:  One Year Into Cornwall Inquiry Stonewall-Cover-Up Goes Higher , but came across the article  and decided to post it now rather than go hunting for it later.

Enough for now,


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No media

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I tried without success yesterday to get updates on the following three court dates,  There was no media coverage that I have been able to find on any:

(1) Deacon William Kokesch

Deacon William Kokesch, former communications director for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, was scheduled to be sentenced in Montreal court on Friday last (23 January 2015).

Nearly a  full year ago (21 February 2014)  Kokesch entered a guilty plea to charges related to child porn.

I confirmed that the date of 23 January 2015 for sentencing was still on the Court roster.  I am awaiting a call back with further information.

Surprisingly, there has been no media coverage of the outcome of that sentencing.  Very strange. Perhaps it will all make sense when I get that callback today ? :)

(2)  Father Albert Laisnez

Father Albert Laisnez also had a courtdate on 23 January 2015, but in Edmonton, Alberta.  The information on next courtdate will not be available until later today or possibly later in the week.  I will try again tomorrow.

(3)   Eric Dejaeger om

Eric Dejaeger also had a court date scheduled in Edmonton Alberta on 23 January 2015.  As with the above, the information on next courtdate will not be available until later today or possibly later in the week.  I will try again tomorrow.

There is no news on the outcome of the Father Ronald Leger courtdate in Winnipeg Manitoba yesterday (MOnday 26 January 2015)  That was Father Leger’s first courtdate.  No media coverage that I can find.  Surprising too.  I will try to get information  later today or tomorrow.


 I was told over the weekend that Rejean Vivarais died 16 January 2015.  May he rest in peace.

Those from Cornwall may recall that Rejean was sexually molested by Father Lucien Luc Meunier in Cornwall, Ontario around  1957.

My deepest sympathies go to Rejean’s family .

Enough for now,


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First appearance

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Viatorian priest Father Ronald Leger‘s first court appearance is tomorrow morning

26 January 2015:  1 pm, Winnipeg Manitoba courthouse ( 408 York Avenue)

Some of you will recall that Father Leger, a former student and teacher at the Cornwall Classical College,  was – is? – a good friend of convicted clerical molester Father Paul Lapierre.

Father Leger left Cornwall after the Classical college closed in 1968 .  After some further education in the States he landed in Manitoba where he taught high school and twice opened a drop-in centre for youth. He eventually suffered a “burnout” of some sort and wnet back to Quenbec.  After his return to Manitoba his opened another drop-in center.  He is said to have been close to another burnout and at that point began to serve as a pastor in a  parish.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.  Please also pass on any and all news of the outcome.


Tomorrow (Monday 26 January 2015) I will find out the nest courtdates for Deacon William Kokesch (Montreal) an Father Albert Laisnez (Edmonton).  I haven’t seen or heard a word about what happened with either of the two this past Friday.  As soon as I find out I will pass on the word

Enough for now,


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The lower end of the scale of gravity?!

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No word yet on the sentencing of  Deacon William Kokesch in Montreal.  I have checked several times.  Strange that there wouldn;t be word out by now.  I wonder if it even proceeded today?  Usually the word on sentencing gets out pretty quickly.  If you hear anything please pass on the word.


No news yet either on Father Albert Laisnez courtdate of today in Edmonton.  That doesn’t surprise me as much – there is a possibility will be an article or some form of media coverage tomorrow, but, sometimes there is no media coverage at all of these early courtdates.

Anyway, please pass on any news of what happened in court.


I don’t think there will be any coverage the Eric Dejaeger Edmonton courtdate of today.  I will check for the next courtdate on Monday (can’t check the same day because in most courthouses the information hasn’t been entered and files are often still in the courtroom)


Two informative articles of interest posted:

(1)  23 January 2015:  “Priest jailed for 1978 sexual assault” & related article

There has been scant media coverage of the Father Omer Desjardin abuse.  This article provides a little more information.

A few comments:

i.  “…the sentence of this court must adequately reflect society’s revulsion for such conduct.”

Does six months in jail really and truly and  adequately reflect society’s revulsion” with Father Desjdins’ conduct?

A Roman Catholic priest –  molesting a 10-year-old little girl – warranst sic months?

Look what the victim has to say to her molester:

“You deceived me and your crime has affected my life so drastically that it has been a life of pure sadness, hatred and mistrust……I do not believe there is a God, because you, as a man of God, have taken that from me.”

ii.  Justice Byron Wright apparently exercised leniency in sentencing because he feels that  the offence was on the lower end of the scale of gravity and Desjardins had no criminal record or other charges in the years since the assault.

- where on the scale of gravity do you fit a grown man who is a Roman Catholic priest who seeks sexual gratification from a 10-year-old girl.  Ten years old!!

- he has no criminal record and no charges since he abused that child?  What does it take for judges to understand that those victims of clerical sexual abuse who do speak up do NOT do so for decades?  The fact that a clerical molester has had no further charges laid means nothing.  No one can assume for a single moment that a convicted molester does not have other victims.  There is as much possibility that he has molested other unfortunate children who have yet to find the courage to speak up as there is that he never again laid a wayward hand on a child.

I fail to understand how any judge can use that rationale as grounds for lenience.  But, they do.

iii.  The child told her grandmother what happened.  Grandma did nothing.  Unbelievable!

iv.  “The victim, now 46 years old, reported the assault to police in 2013.”

We don’t know what month in 2013 the victim went to police, but do know that  charges were laid in September 2014


(2) 22 January 2015:  Priest accused of new sex offence as new complainant comes forward

i.  There is one new complaisant and one new charge

ii.  Four charges were withdrawn yesterday.  There is no explanation for the withdrawal of the charges.  What happened?  Does anyone know? Nor is there any indication if the withdrawal of charges means that the number of c complainants has dripped.

The article does say that there are now 17 charges, and this after the withdrawal of the four charges.

iii.  Note the following paras:

Arsenault had been a priest in several different New Brunswick communities, but he was most recently a Moncton-based priest at Saint Augustine’s Church and St. Michael’s Church. He was removed from the ministry July 4, 2012, and retired that same month.

The Archdiocese of Moncton sent out a news release on Jan. 2, 2013, announcing that Arsenault was one of two priests suspended indefinitely from all ministry following allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

Former Supreme Court of Canada justice Michel Bastarache brought the allegations to the attention of the archdiocese.

The allegations were made to him during the archdiocese’s independent reconciliation and compensation process for victims of sexual abuse.

In a news release, the RCMP said they started the investigation in December 2012 as the result of a complaint.

 I post these as a reminder that Father Arsenault was quietly suspended in July 2012  because of the sex abuse allegations.  There was not a boo about sex abuse allegations  until the archdiocese issued a press release in January 2013.

Note too that the RCMP investigation started five months after Arsenault was suspended,   What that means I don’t know, aside the fact it appears that police were  not contacted at the time of Father Arsenault’s suspension.


 I am going to start  adding the names of Judge, Crown and defence lawyer involved in criminal trials.  I think it would be helpful.  I find myself often searching for those names on a page. I’m sure others do too.  I did the same thing with the names of Bishops – realized about two years after I started the database that I was spending an inordinate amount of time trying to sort out who the bishop was at any given time.  I decided to add the names of all bishops serving in the diocese from the time an accused arrived.  I think that has been helpful for all.  I now add those names routinely when starting a new page.

It can take a lot of time dig through media and legal documents to find those names of so have decided I will do so at leisure and as I add articles to various pages.  If you have names on hand for anyone on the Accused list please send them to me along with the name of accused and I will get them posted,  It would save me a lot of time :)

Enough for now,


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The NEW to the site page was on overload and crashed.  I am in the process of redoing it – had hoped to just delete old posts and carry on from there, but it doesn’t want to let me do it that way.  I will have to fiddle around with it a bit to get it functional again.

I can’t let you know on NEW to the site so will pass on word here –  just posted this article re the sentencing of Father Omer Desjardins:

23 January 2015:  “Priest jailed for 1978 sexual assault” & related article

Enough for now,


[It’s done :)  I will get a few other articles posted and then hopefully create a page with the old links]

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A lot going on

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I will repeat the courtdates for tomorrow as a reminder:

(1) Eric Dejaeger omi

Oblate, ex-priest and convicted molester Eric Dejaeger has a court-date in Edmonton, Alberta tomorrow morning:

23 January 2015:  09:30 am, to be spoken to, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse

My fear is that these charges will be lumped in with the Nunavut charges.  We saw that happen with Father Hod Marshall.  A sweet deal was made that he would plead guilty and there would be no further charges against him prosecuted in Ontario,

Well, more charge came, but they came  from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  And, well, – guess what happened there?  the Saskatoon charges were transferred to Ontario, and then they were lumped in with the multiple Windsor charges, and then Hod was sentenced to two years in jail.

Anyway, as it stands the courtdate in Edmonton is on tomorrow.  It wil be nothing of significance, just the setting of another date.

Keep all the victims and complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Father Albert Laisnez (Archdiocese of Edmonton)

Father Lainez, charged May 2014,  has a courtdate tomorrow in Edmonton, Alberta.

23 January 2015: “for arraignment” in  (Edmonton? ) Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

I encourage those who can do so to attend.  Please keep the complainant in your prayers. And, yes, please pass on news of the outcome.

(3)  Deacon William Kokesch (Archdiocese of Montreal)

Deacon Kokesch, former CBC , Montreal Gazette CCCB (Bishops) employee and molester who was heavily in involved in World Youth Days, will be sentenced tomorrow after his guilty plea to child porn offences:

23 January 2015  2:30 pm, for sentencing, Montreal Quebec courthouse (1, rue Notre-Dame Est

Please attend if you can, and please pass on news of the outcome.


Read through the last few posts of today.  There has been a lot going on.

Enough for now,


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In jail

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Oblate molester Father Omer Desjardins is now behind bars in Saskatchewan:

22 January 2015:  Omer Desjardins, 82-year-old Catholic priest, jailed for sexual assault

As I said elsewhere, I am relieved that he received jail time.  He will probably be out in a half-way house in a month, but at least he’s in jail for a spell.

Well done tot he victim who went to police.  Thanks to you we know that Father Desjarins is a molester:  a wold in sheep’s clothing.


I have added the ordination picture of Father Danny Mills. He was ordained 27 May 1965 so the picture would have been taken in around that date.

More on Father Danny Mills in due course.


Father Yvon Arsenault has a courtdate set for 03 Febraury 2015 to enter a plea.  He now faces 17 charges from 6 complainants.

Father Arsenault already had a courtdate set for 03 February in Court of Queen’s bench, Moncton, New Brunswick on his initial set of charges.  I think probably the new charges have now been joined with the old, or the merge in in process.

I haven’t see any media coverage from today yet.  Please pass along links.

And please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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