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Father Robyn Gwyn had a court date in Kingston, Ontario this morning (Monday 27 June).  I hope to have some more information for you tomorrow.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


Father Joe LeClair has a court date tomorrow morning:

28 June 2016: 09:30 am, to set a date, courtroom #1  (36 Wyndham Street South, Guelph, Ontario)

If anyone sees any coverage regarding the outcome please pass it along.


I have been told that Father Tim Moyle, a priest in the Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario, suffered a minor stroke today.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


We have family visiting this week 🙂  Days are full.  I will be keeping tabs on Sylvia’s Site throughout the week, but I will be  on the go all day so aside moderating comments input to the site will be minimal until next week.

Today included a tour of Parliament Hill,  the ride to the top of the Peace Tower for a spectacular view of this beautiful city,  and a meander  through the Market.

Lovely day.

Enough for now.


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They do not cover themselves in glory

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Mike Fitzgerald‘s letter to Bishop Michael Mulhall is posted:

12 April 2016:  Mike Fitzgerald letter to Bishop Michael Mulhall (with Bishop Mulhall statement of 02 October 2015 attached)

It speaks for itself.

Well said Mike.

(Note that Mike talked to the then Bishop of Pembroke in November 2005, Richard Smith (now Archbishop of Edmonton Archdiocese).  That was the end of it.  Not another word from the the bishop.  No offer to assist.  Nothing.)

Your letter Mike is a stark reminder to us all that when it comes to dealing with victims of clerical sexual abuse, the large majority, if not all, of our  Canadian bishops do not cover themselves in glory.

Enough for now,


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Problem fixed

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I was unable to access the site all day yesterday.   Finally, this morning, news that the problem has been fixed 🙂

So, the following articles have been posted

(1) 22 June 2014:  Mount Cashel was worst-case scenario for boys: expert

(2) 23 June 2016:  “Montreal Catholic archdiocese forbids priests from being alone with children & related articles

(3) 22 June 2016:  For a responsible pastoral ministry

(4) 07 June 2016:  Montreal Archbishop Lepine issues decree For a responsible family ministry

I have made brief comment at the foot of both numbers 1 &2.


Believe it or not, when Father Joe LeClair showed up at Mass st St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Guelph, Ontario he received a standing ovation.  His next court date on the impaired driving charge is

28 June 2016: 09:30 am, to set a date, courtroom #1  (36 Wyndham Street South, Guelph, Ontario)


Those in the Kingston area please mark your calendars for this comting Monday.  Father Robyn Gwyn has a court date:

27 June 2016:  10 am, motion, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston

I would dearly love to be there, and would, but family is visiting from the States – arriving on Sunday and here for thew week.  It will be the first time our family has all been together in absolutely years so there will be no courtrooms for that week.

I encourage those of you who can do so to attend.  It is open tot he public, and you will be able to find out what this motion is all about.


And now I must run out and cut the grass, – then will get on with posting that letter which Mike Fitzgerald sent to the Bishop of Pembroke.  Once it’s posted I will let you know.

Enough for now,


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Here we go…

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There are a number of bits and pieces of information which I have been wanting to pass along to you, and included are some questions  I hope some of you can help me answer.  . Here we go, along with a few questions:

(1)  Father Douglas Stamp (Redemptorist priest)

I have been told but not confirmed that convicted Redemptorist molester Father Douglas Stamp was laicized and continues to practice canon law.

Raised in Newfoundland, Stamp, the former Chancellor of the Diocese of St. John Newfoundland,  spent weekends in jail for three months after a guilty plea to sex abuse of two 12-year-old boys in Peterborough, Ontario in the late 70s and early 80s.

In Spring 2002 resigned his position as Chaplain at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario after Catholics learned that he was a convicted child molester.

Stamp alleges that he was sexually abused by Father James Hickey.

If anyone has any further information regarding Douglas Stamp please pass it along.

(2)  Father Joe LeClair (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

Below is a link to the parish bulletin for the week of 12 June 2016 (commencing Sunday 12 June) ,  Father LeClair was charged 25 May 2016.

LeClair 12 June 2016 St. Joseph Bulletin CWL evening with Father Joe highlighted


Evening of Spirituality,Tuesday, June 14th with Mass at 6:30pm,

followed by dinner at 7:30pm. Tickets $18 at the Parish Office or

Helen Synnott 519-xxx-xxxx.

Don’t miss this!!!

Did the evening of spirituality proceed?  Does anyone know?

(3)  Father Barry McGrory (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

Convicted child molester Father Barry McGrory was a member of the  Columbia Squires (Unity Circle No. 55)

29 September 1949: Barry McGrory elected Notary of Unity Circle No. 55, Columbian Squires, Ottawa

26 September 1949:  Barry McGrory member of Unity Circle No. 55, Columbian Squires, Ottawa

There is reference in both articles to Grand Knight “M.J. Beahen.”  I wondered initially if that might be the clerical molester we know as Bishop Beahen, but after a bit of checking decided probably not.  Bishop Beahen was “John M. Beahen”  therefore initials “J.M.”    But, more to the point, Bishop Beahen was ordained to the priesthood in 1946.  As far as I can tell the Ottawa Journal always referred to priests as  “Rev.”  or Monsignor.

Just out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know what relationship, if any, existed between  that former Grand Knight and Bishop John Beahen ?

(4) Monsignor Kenneth Steffen

(Monsignor Steffen was – and perhaps still is – a homosexual partner of Monsignor John Renken. Renken has been teaching Canon Law at Ottawa’s Saint Paul University since shortly after he was run out of Springfield Illinois.  I have received reports as recently as last year of Monsignor Renken visiting and staying with Steffens at Sts. Peter and Paul.)

I received word a week ago that Monsignor Steffen was given one hour to vacate the rectory at St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Alton, Illinois.  He is said to be under investigation by a priest from Springfield.  There are allegations of homosexual activity, theft and harassment.

Note the following two parish bulletins:

12 June 2016:  Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church bulletin (Scroll to second page(scroll to second page:  Note “Pastor:  Monsignor Kenneth Steffen)

19 June 2016:  Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Church bulletin(scroll to second page:  Note “Parochial Administrator Fr. Jeffrey Goeckner)

A reminder here that in the past both Monsignors Renken and Steffens were in trouble because of what was delicately termed “personal and ministerial misconduct.” There were also allegations of “improper financial activities” and using computers and the Internet “in a manner inconsistent with the mission of the church.”

If anyone hears any news regarding Monsignor Steffens please pass it along.

(5)  Father Victor Phelan

In 2013 a lawsuit was settled in the States related to the sexual abuse of boys by a Father Victor Phelan, a priest with an order of priests commonly referenced as the “White Fathers.”

Does anyone recall Victor Phelan being at Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa in the late 60s?

Phelan was ordained in 1971, so I’m not sure in what capacity he was at Blessed Sacrament, but I do have someone telling me that he was there.

Any and all help appreciated.


Mike Fitzgerald sent a a very good letter to Bishop Michael Mulhall this past April .  The letter will be posted this evening or tomorrow.  I will also be posting a statement made by Geraldine Mahoney regarding the abuse her dear husband Patty – may he rest in peace – endured at the hands of Father Henry Maloney.


The civil Mount Cashel trial  continues in Newfoundland.  This is the battle over whether or not the Archdiocese of St. John’s will beheld accountable in a class action lawsuit for the horrors which transpired at the Mount Cashel orphanage ,  Here are two new articles posted today:

21 June 2016:  Orphanage Santa dies; was American serviceman stationed in NL  (RC Scandal/Mount Cashel)

22 June 2016:    “John Does consistent in not lying: psychologist” & related article 

Enough for now,


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Who paid for this travesty of justice?

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Well, I don’t know what to say.  At a loss for words,

Father Linus Bastien , accused molester ordained to the priesthood  for the Diocese of London Ontario in 1951, is dead.

How this case managed to drag on through the courts for all of these years without getting to trial or evoking a guilty plea is beyond comprehension.

Just look at this:

October 2011:   first charged October  2011:  two counts of indecent assault and two counts of gross indecency

27 October 2011:  further two charges laid, one of indecent assault and one of gross indecency

12 February 2012:  further two charges laid, one of indecent assault and one of gross indecency

November 2012:  further charges laid in Chatham, Ontario

27-28 February  and 03 March  2014:   Preliminary hearing.  Committed to stand trial on 30 counts of gross indecency, indecent assault, sexual assault and invitation to sexual touching against 12 boys, most of whom, if not all, were former altar boys.  The charges related to twelve male complainants and dated to between July 1963 and July 1989.

Do you see that?  In early 2014, two-and-a-half years after the first charges were laid, he was committed to stand trial.

There was no trial.


In January 2015 Bastien was busily disputing the charges,  arguing that the judge at the preliminary hearing had made errors in law

No luck on that angle.

The next angle (to elude justice) was arguing that he was unfit to stand trial.

By 25 February 2016, at least one understandably frustrated victim had had it.

Small wonder.

Errors in law.

Unfit to stand trial.

All from a priest!


Never mind the nonsense about definitions and the charges laid,  The question which needed asking of  Father Bastien was:  Did you do it or not do it?  Never mind trying to get ‘off’ on a technicality.  Did you, Father Bastien, a Roman Catholic priest, did you or did you not, sexually abuse those 12 boys?

And another.  Regarding your concerns about fitness to stand trial.   You knew from the day those first charges were laid that the years were creeping up on you.  Why, if you profess innocence,  did you, a Roman Catholic priest, not insist the case go to trial?

The latter did not of course happen.  Rather, this thing dragged on from year to year, and with each year the  elderly priest miraculously grew yet a year older.

And then the news:  Father Linus Bastien was hospitalized, and, of course, the previously scheduled fitness hearing was rescheduled to late October 2016.

Yes, rescheduled to late October 2016.

Can you really believe it?

October 2016.

And now, he’s dead.

I may be mistaken, but I think that’s the way he wanted it to play out?

Did the Diocese of London pick up the hefty nigh to five year tab for Bastien’s legal services?  Was it the diocese which paid to have this priest elude justice and betray the victims time and time again?

If not the diocese, who?

Was it we the tax payer?  Did we pay for it?

Who paid for this travesty of justice?

My heart goes out to all you men who were sexually abused by Father Linus Bastien, to all of you who finally summoned the courage to do the right thing and go to police after years upon years of silence.

Stay strong all of you.   Please, in this difficult time,  try to stay strong.  Find a way to direct you anger and frustration in a positive direction.  Write letters.  Write to the bishop.  Write to Crown.  Write to you MP and or your MPP.  Write letters to the editor.  Get it off your chest.  Let people know.   Do what you can to ensure that  a travesty of justice such as this can not happen again.

I ask everyone to please keep the victims and their families in you prayers.

Enough for now,


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Squire molester

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It’s taken a while, but I think I have finally rounded up as much information as I can regarding the conviction of Ottawa’s Steve Fagan.

Fagan, a layman and former adult leader of the Our Lady of Fatima (OLF) Columbian Squires circle, sexually abused a 14-year old Squire in the summer of 1984, during the weekend of Father Paul Hamilton‘s ordination in Kingston, Ontario.  The victim had travelled to Kingston for the occasion from another corner of the province.  Fagan and a group from the OLF Squires travelled from Ottawa.

As you can see on the page, Father Paul Hamilton was an active member of the OLF Squires while he was pursing studied for the priesthood in Ottawa.  Ditto his good friend Father Michael Reed., who was ordained two years earlier .

And, as you can also see, the leader of the OLF group was Father Stephen Hill –
and, Father Hill, ordained 1978, was a late vocation to the priesthood,   a former teacher at St. Pius X High School, a very good friend of and former secretary to  Bishop John Beahen, an active member of the Knights of Columbus, canon lawyer and past president of the Canadian Canon Law Society ,

Both Father Stephen Hill and Steve Fagan held leadership roles with the provincial board of the Ontario Squires.

Father Hill died February 1999.  At the funeral (St. Patrick’s in Ottawa) Father Paul Hamilton sang/chanted from the old pulpit a strange repetitive  refrain  –  “Out of the darkness and into the light.”

Google “Columbian Squires”  to learn more about them.  I find that they are routinely described as “an international youth fraternity run by the Knights of Columbus for Catholic boys between the ages of 10 and 18.”

In researching I found that Barry McGrory was a member of the Squires way back when.  I will post the article later, along with an update on Father Douglas Stamp and some news regarding Father Kenneth Steffen in the States.

Enough for now.


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No charges laid

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Father Joe LeClair has a court date this morning on his impaired, over 80 and having open liquor charges:

14 June 2016:  09:30 am, first appearance, 36 Wyndham Street South, Guelph, Ontario

I encourage those who can attend to do so.

Usually the accused will be present in court to answer to the charges on a first appearance, however I have seen instances in which a deal is worked out whereby the accused does not have to appear.

Please pass on news of or links to media coverage of the outcome.


Bob Jensen has kindly posted an audio to his chillingly insightful  poem ” A Heavy Millstone.”   Here is a link to the audio:


Thank you Bob.  Thank you.

A suggestion to readers…

I think our bishops could benefit by reading the poem?  Here is a list of contact information for most of the bishops in Canada.


The following article regarding Father Barry McGrory  was posted on Friday:

10 June 2016:  Women demand police re-open investigation into Ottawa priest with history of sex abuse

Indeed.  No charges laid.

How many time did we hear that at the Cornwall Public Inquiry? Help me out.

I know for fact that former school teacher Marcel Lalonde was reported to police by no less than six complainants 1989 :  no charges!  CAS was not notified.  The school where Lalonde taught was not notified.  Nothing!

Lalonde is currently before the courts.  Trial date is set for December 2016.  The complainant in this case alleges he was sexually abused by Lalonde in the Fall of 1989.

Since that ‘botched’ 1989 police investigation Lalonde had been charged and convicted no less than three times.  He is now facing his fourth set of charges.

As little time as I had for the Cornwall Public Inquiry I will admit that what it did do, amongst other things, was expose a number of instances in which charges were not laid when they should have been laid.  It does happen. It certainly does.  Whether through incompetence, negligence, lack of staff and/or cover-up, it happens.

I pray that justice will finally be done for these victims of Father Barry McGrory.


The Mount Cashel civil trial in St. John’s Newfoundland continues.  I will post yesterday’s coverage.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Poem as pdf file

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For those wanting a copy of Bob Jensen’s profound and deeply insightful poem “A Heavy Millstone,” I have posted it here as a two-page PDF file.

A Heavy Millstone

If you have trouble opening it please let me know and I will try something else to make it readily available.

As you will have noticed I left the poem on the home page for the weekend – really wanted to ensure that no one missed it.

Thank you Bob 🙂


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A Heavy Millstone

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By Bob Jensen

We gathered, we the faithful
When summoned by that bell
The small, the weak, the innocent
Drawn towards its knell

Three hours hid the sun
When that vulgar show began
The rapist with the Eucharist
Upon his filthy hands

Hands that tore the fleece
From the smallest, faithful lamb
And hands that left the soul defiled
And primed it to be damned

And when his rape had finished
And mass had then begun
He placed the Holy Host
Upon the slaughtered lamb’s young tongue

And one hundred chosen in their pews
Knew well the father’s sin
But offered up those trusting doves
Their precious, helpless kin

Men who to a burning house
To save the child within
Would rush without a thought
Allowed that sacrificial sin

And women, selfless shepherds
Who were turned back at the inn
Sat silent and obedient
While the faithful flock was thinned

And in that great cathedral
Built to glorify his God
The bishop killed the Lamb
When he spared the priest his rod

And for every priest and layman
Who hid the vulgar truth
May there be a heavy millstone
To justify lost youth

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And on to Ottawa

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Yesterday the Father Richard Racine page was redone.  As you see, Father Racine, ordained in 1986,  was yet another of the seemingly growing wave of ‘late vocations’ to the priesthood.

A native of Cornwall, Ontario, Racine became a teacher.  It was while he was teaching in a small community within the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario that he started to sexually abuse 11-year-old Danny Bodzasy.  The abuse continued for four years.  RAcine told the boy it was normal, that everybody did it.

Strangely enough, it seems that it was around the same time that he was molesting the child that he began to pursue further studies to become a priest!  How he could in good conscience proceed with his studies while sexually violating a little boy tells us all we need to know about Richard Racine and his conscience.

And, yes, as do many molesters. Racince had ingratiated himself to the boys family, and the poor unwitting and supportive  souls all turned out for Racine’s ordination to the priesthood!  According to the victim and his family, the abuse continued for another year.

And then, in the Spring of 1990, Racine had himself castrated.  He claimed that he was out of control, and that he felt he was wearing two faces .

That he was.

In a statement to the court prior to sentencing Racine said “It is not my intention to make excuses for my behaviour, though I will readily admit that through therapy I am discovering many things, including being abused myself…”

I’m sorry.  I do see that as an attempt to make excuses, but I do not see it as an excuse.

So, a guilty plea.  A 15 month sentence.  Racine served five months.


Something caught my eye. A significant discrepancy in the accounts of Father Racine and Danny.  Just so you don’t miss it, this excerpt from the 10 June 1994 edition of the Toronto Star which is posted on the page:

The priest, who was sentenced Jan. 10 after pleading guilty to sexual assault, gross indecency and attempted buggery, said he has acknowledged that his sexual desires have ruined a young man’s life.

“What I did to the young lad was very bad. He came to see me a few months before I was arrested and told me he was going for counselling and I encouraged him.

“I said ‘Danny, yes, go to counselling,’ knowing full well what was going to happen to me.”

Bodzasy doesn’t hesitate when he recalls that same conversation with the man he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to forget.

“I told him I was going to go for counselling and he said, ‘Why don’t you just go away to B.C. There are lots of jobs out there.’ He wanted me to hitchhike out there and be on my own. He was going to give me a bunch of money to go.”

Note Racine said he encouraged the boy to go to counselling.  According to Danny, Racine wanted to pay him to head off to BC.

A troubling and rather significant  discrepancy.  I personally believe Danny’s account.

And on to Ottawa

For years Father Racine’s address in the Canadian Catholic Church Directories has been listed as that of the Kingston Archdiocese diocesan centre.  In other words, it’s a secret. A big secret.

No matter.  It seems that at some point Father Racine found his way to Ottawa, and in fact, in the late 90s and up until around 2003 was living at Springhurst Residence, just a hop, skip and jump from St. Paul University, and just a few more hops, skips and jumps from Immaculata High School.

For those unfamiliar with Springhurst, it is an Oblate residence which, alas,  has housed a fair number of Oblate molesters over the past years.  And, yes, that’s also where our disgraced former Bishop Raymond Lahey was given safe haven when he was up on possession of child porn charges.

True, not every priest at Springhurst is a molester, but, as I say, there have been more than one or two who lived there after serving time.  I don’t know who keeps an eye on them.  From what I hear, they come and go as they please.  (I truly feel for those decent Oblates who have to spend their final days in the company of priests who have so selfishly and cruelly violated the innocence of  a child, and in the process so horrifically offended God and Church.  What  a terrible cross to bear.)

Anyway, Father Racine landed at Springhurst.  And then, on he went to do volunteer work at a local soup kitchen,  the Shepherds of Good Hope.  Racine cooked at the kitchen.   He had runa  recpe colum in the But, on occasion, he did more than that.  He was also from time to time  ‘saying’ daily Masses at the Shepherds.  Not everyday.  In fact, the usual every day Mass was ‘said’ by Oblate priest Father John Hunt.  But  sometimes it was ‘said’ by convicted molester and Racine’s fellow Springhurst resident  Father Len Paradis.  And, yes, sometimes it was Father Racine himself who ‘said’ the Mass.

And, yes, for those familiar with Ottawa, that  is the Father John Hunt – a very very close friend of Senator Allan MacEachen by the way -who once worked as a receptionist/researcher in the early 90s for Ottawa  city counselor Mark Maloney.  Really.  I kid you not.    That was after Father Hunt disappeared from St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa. The next thing we Catholics  knew, there he was working for Mark Maloney.  I didn’t believe it.  I called Maloney’s office.  Father John Hunt fielded the call.

Imagine.  A Roman Catholic priest working as a receptionist/researcher/whatever in the office of a city counsellor!  With the very really crisis, and all the boo hoos about the shortage of priests, there was one spending his days answering the phone at City Hall.

Those poor souls at the Shepherds of Good Hope.  This was the best the archdiocese could offer them?

As an aside, and by way of interest (1)   Paradis has since left the priesthood.  He now lives with his male partner and runs an antique store in Ottawa, and (2) Father John Hunt died 05 November 2007 at the age of 68.

He’s still a priest

Where is Father Richard Racine now?  I have heard that he was planning further involvement with the Shepherds of Good Hope.  Whatever he is doing, he is still a priest.  A convicted molester.  Yes, castrated, but google and read – there is ample evidence that castration does not remove the sexual appetite or ability to perform sexually – it does minimize.

Is he still ‘saying’ Mass?    He obviously had faculties from somewhere to ‘say’ Mass a few years ago.  I would guess that he  also has faculties to hear confessions?

Were his faculties not revoked?  They should have been, at least right after he entered his guilty plea and was off to jail.  Who then gave this criminal faculties?  The Archbishop of Ottawa?  the Archbishop of Kingston?

I am in the processing of trying to find out.

Legal document

I have a very badly marked-up legal document which I want to post, but must first try to find a way to clean it up.  Long before I envisaged posting documents online I unfortunately read everything with a pen in hand, –  underlining, circling and making notes in the side columns.

I will see what I can do.  If worst comes to worst perhaps I can post those few parts which are ‘clean.”   I really do want to get it posted.


Another  article posted regarding charges against Father Joe LeClair:

09 June 2016:  Guelph priest faces impaired driving charge 


Sorry, for those who are waiting for news, I didn’t get the next court date for Father Denis Vaillancourt – will do so tomorrow.


Tomorrow some information regarding the Squires in Ottawa.  Not a lot, but enough to connect a few more dots.

Enough for now,


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