A Heavy Millstone

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In case you missed it, from Bob Jensen

Thank you Bob.


A reminder to each and everyone that one person can make a difference:

01 December 2016:  Thousands of alleged fugitives nabbed at Canadian borders in wake of CBC Toronto investigation

I applaud the victim who pushed all the right buttons to ensure that the fugitive clerics – and all fugitives for that matter – will no longer be able to breeze in and out of Canada with alacrity. Thank you!  And, well done.

Enough for now,


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A little more information

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A few court updates:

(1) Father Barry McGrory

The  next court date for Father Barry McGrory is:

21 December 2016:  08:30 am. “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

As always, please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(2)  Jessica Beraldin (Roman Catholic teacher, Ottawa Archdiocese)

The next court date for Jessica Beraldin  is:

03 November 2017:  “to be spoken to,”  Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

And, yes, that’s right.  That is 2017.  A hair’s breadth from one  full year away.  As I said elsewhere,  I double checked, and then triple checked to make 100% certain I heard it right.   Please keep the complainant  in your prayers.

(3)  Father Gary Hoskins (priest turned social worker, Diocese Saint George’s, Newfoundland which is now the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador)

Father Hoskins  had a court date in Corner Brook Newfoundland yesterday.  There is no media coverage that I can see so no idea what these motions were about.   No matter, his trial had already been scheduled for  21-24 March 2017.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(4)  Father Bill Moloney (Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario)

Nothing yet.  I keep checking.  One of these days there will be a court date 🙂

As always, please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(5) Marcel Lalonde

I called the Brockville Crown’s office today to find out if anyone in the office had been able to tell me what is happening  on Lalonde’s next court date of 12 December 2016.  I was told that I will be receiving a call providing me with a phone number for a media liaison person in Toronto.  Once I get that number I can call that person and then ask what  is happening 12 December, and also ask has another trial date been set?  That’s all I want to know.

This is a tad deja vu.  The Lalonde link to the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up come to the fore.

Father Fred Olds

 And now a little more information regarding Father Fred Olds.

(1)  I have just posted a link to another document on the Father Fred Old page

27 October 2011:  Addiction Care

This article touches on Father Olds establishment of Conifer House in which Father combines something called “chiropractic ” with counselling.

As far as I’m concerned, this is weird.  Just plain weird.  What is a parish priest doing playing around with stuff like this?

Bite my tongue.  I will stay mum!

(2)  I received an email today from Alice Lemoine, the Executive Assistant to Archbishop LeGatt.  She explains on behalf of the Archbishop that Father Olds is “on temporary administrative leave while the investigation continues and until the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith advises and directs Archbishop LeGatt on how to proceed” and that “Archbishop LeGatt addressed the parishioners of Saint Bernadette on November 20th.  On the same day, the Vicar General, Fr. Carl Tarnopolski read the same message to the parishioners of Saint Timothy where Fr. Olds has been pastor since August 1, 2015.”

So, while it is true that  the Archbishop did not personally address the parishioners at St, Timothy’s, his message was read to them,a and it was read to them by the Vicar General,  Fr. Carl Tarnopolski.  I am surprised that Father Tarnopolski did not mention that.  He told me that “Bishop LeGatt did not speak to the parishioners at St. Timothy’s.  He spoke to only the parishioners at St. Bernadette.”  And, yes, that is true, but given that I had been told that the archbishop had addresses parishioners at both churches I believe that the fact that he himself, the Vicar General, had read the Bishop’s statement to parishioners at St. Timothy’s would explain the misunderstanding.

Peterborough Diocese

(1) Interesting…

While researching Father Bill Moloney I came across the following parish bulletin.  Yes, it has information regarding Father Moloney, but note the insert regarding a Father Ken Rae:  Father Moloney – Camp Northern Lights

So, in January of 2016 Father Ken Rae, at the time  Pastor of Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church,  Ennismore, Ontario, resigned suddenly.  According to the bulletin, on the weekend of January 11 the bishop arrived at all Masses  to announce that Father Rae “had made a decision to resign from Parish Ministry due to reasons which are personal and health related.  I have accepted his resignation effective this weekend…”

Father Rae was ordained 1990.

Strange, no?

It sounds as though, for whatever reason, Father Rae failed to say his own farewells and explain his plight to his flock?

Does anyone know what this is all about?

(2)  Thinking of the Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario, another question….

Does anyone know anything about a Father Clarke Hudson, ordained 1981 for the Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.

Father Hudson ‘retired’  sometime in the early 2000s.  About two years ago I contacted the Diocese of Peterborough Ontario to find out if or not he had been defrocked.  The Chancellor refused to give me that information.  At that time Hudson was living in Port Hawksbury, Nova Scotia.  I have been told  that he tells people to refer to him as ” Father Hudson.|”  To my knowledge he is not functioning within the community as a priest.

Any information regarding Father Clarke Hudson and his departure from the Peterborough Diocese welcome.

(3)  I was thinking that there seemed to be a number of names from the Peterborough swirling around.  Look at this.  Here’s a list of clergy from the Peterborough Diocese whose names are on the Accused list include:

Father Timothy O’Connor (Ordained 1989.  1992 guilty plea )

Father Christopher Sciuk (Ordained in Poland 1980. To Canada in mid 80s.   Guilty plea 2001)

Father Robert Pappi, (Ordained 1985.  Convicted 1991)

Monsignor Martin Wain  (Ordained 1981.  Guilty plea 1990)

Father Patrick Herlihey (Ordained 1981.  2001 guilty)

Father William Russell (Ordained 1979.  2002 guilty)

Monsignor James Conrad  (Ordained 1979.  1991 convicted for stroking man’s leg in roadside washroom stall.  1992 conviction overturned)

Father Mark Buckley (fraud charges – withdrawn after intervention by Bishop Doyle)

Father Douglas Stamp CssR) ( Ordained 1980.  Redemptorist.  Guilty to sex abuse of boys while serving in Peterborough Diocese)

And, for today,  all of this truly is

Enough for now,


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A psychologist?

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First,  some information regarding court dates

(1)   Marcel Lalonde. (Thrice previously convicted former Cornwall Ontario school teacher)

12 December 2016:  10 am,  ??? for what?, Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W.)

This one has become very confusing.  I won’t go into details lest I create even more confusion.  The bottom line is that, as I have mentioned before, there is no longer a four-day trial as was previously scheduled, and there IS a court-date booked 0n  12 December 2016.  I am waiting for a call back from the Crown’s  office in Brockville, Ontario.  I wasn’t aware that there an outside Crown has been called in on this one, but, that’s what I found out yesterday as I attempted to find out what exactly is the purpose of this 12 December courthouse, and if perchance the previously scheduled four-day trial has in fact been re-scheduled.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(2)  Father Ron Leger csv (Previously convicted Viatorian priest.  Former  student and teacher at Cornwall Classical College)

13 December 2016:  1 pm (1300 hrs), courtroom #301:  Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.)

Note too that, beleive it or not,  Father Leger is out on bail, and, unless the parole board stepped in, back on day parole.

29 November 2016:  “Convicted sex offender Father Ron Léger granted bail” & related article 

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(3) I am waiting on calls backs regarding Father Barry McGrory and Jessica Beraldin.  Father Bill Moloney‘s name is now in the system at the Peterborough courthouse, but the next court date has not been entered yet.  I will keep checking every couple of days.  Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Now back to the strange case of Father Fred Olds.

The news is out.  CBC ran an article yesterday.

30 November 2016:  Winnipeg priest put on leave, investigated for impropriety  

And, ….Archbishop LeGatt had a statement which apparently was read to parishioners at  St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church  on the 18th and 20th of November.  Here it is:

19 & 20 November 2016:  Presentation of Most Reverend Archbishop Albert LeGatt to the parishioners of Saint Bernadette Parish 

Now things are going well beyond the strange.

First, why, when I first emailed the Chancery Office, did the Chancellor Fathers Nwosu not send me a copy of the Archbishop’s statement?

That aside, I can only say that I have been sick, literally sick, since reading the Archbishop’s “presentation.”

Look at this:

The Archdiocese therefore went ahead and engaged an independent third party, a certified clinical psychologist who holds a Ph.D.,to conduct a preliminary enquiry.

What in the name of all that’s good and holy is this nonsense?  A psychologist?!!!   A clinical psychologist?

A priest is accused of something or other which concern “his responsibilities and duties as a shepherd, as a pastor of souls,”  and the Archbishop brings in psychologist to conduct a “preliminary enquiry”!

Dear Lord help me!

A psychologist?

Really?   A psychologist???

Why?  Why a psychologist?

So, be it.

A psychologist.  For reasons unknown the Archbishop chose to retain a psychologist to interview persons who presumably have knowledge of and/or were in some fashion impacted by whatever Father Olds allegedly did or , for that matter, did not do.

My head hurts.

This is not making an ounce of sense.  Not an ounce.

And look at this:  Around the time the psychologist got involved, Father Olds was encouraged  “to seek legal advice and assistance.”

And this:   The psychologists  “preliminary enquiry” has morphed into an  ” ongoing investigation” (emphasis by the Archbishop)  and, a reminder from His Grace that  “a person is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.”

Then, a wee bit of good news:  “the allegations do not involve minors.”

But, take a look at this:  Click here to link to “The Diocesan Policy for Protection of Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults.”

Do the allegations perhaps involve “vulnerable adults”?  Is that why “Father Fred” was immediately removed from the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults?

I wonder if Father Olds still would have been removed from that committee if the allegations  relate  to something like gambling? or fraud?  or theft? or engaging in consensual sexual relationship with and adult?

No idea.

No mention of police.

Meanwhile, it’s all in the hands of the Vatican.   Time perhaps, but the grace of God, will tell what this is all about?

A mess.

Enough for now,


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Saint Boniface priest subject of internal investigation

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So, I have managed to sort out the Saint Boniface Archdiocese story, at least to the point of confirming that a priest has indeed been removed from a parish, at least temporarily.

In consequence, the Father Fred Olds page is posted.   As you can guess, I have been working on this since I first hear that there were problems.  There is still a bit of re-arranging to do, and I think one or two links to add, but that is what I have pulled together for now.

I have no idea what the allegations relate to.  Whether or not they relate in any way shape or form to the January 2016 theft and fraud charges against Leo Coughan, I have no idea.  Coughan was administrator at St. Bernadette’s Roman Catholic Church in Winnipeg for about 10 years; Father Olds was Pastor at the same church for about 20 years.  Coughlan  left the parish of his own volition in January 2015.  Father Olds was just transferred to St. Timothy Roman Catholic Church in the Fall of 2015 and, in fact, had been at the St. Timothy’s for barely over a year when he was ‘removed’ – temporarily or otherwise.  (Scroll way down to the page to  the Winnipeg Free Press article:  “Church administrator accused of embezzling $400K.” )

So, what’s going on?

I was told last 22 November that  Archbishop LeGatt had spoken to parishioners at both Saints Bernadette and Timothy churches to advise that Father Olds is under investigation.  I was also told that it sounded as though his faculties had been revoked.

My attempts to get further information from St. Timothy’s failed 🙁

So, off went an email to the Chancellor’s office.  No reply as of yesterday, so off went an email to both the Chancellor and the Vicar General.

Yesterday I received the following response from Father Carl Tarnopolski, the Vicar General for the Archdiocese

From: “Fr. Carl” <xxxx@shawlink.ca>

Date: 2016-11-29 11:28 AM (GMT-11:00)

To: Sylvia MacEachern <xxxx@sympatico.ca>

Subject: Re: Father Fred Olds

Dear Ms. MacEachern

  1. The allegations do not involve minors.  Therefore, no police investigation.
  2. Father Olds has been placed on temporary administrative leave from St. Timothy’s pending advice and/or direction from the Vatican.
  3. Father Olds has had his faculties temporarily restricted.
  4. Bishop LeGatt did not speak to the parishioners at St. Timothy’s.  He spoke to only the parishioners at St. Bernadette.  He did not advise that Father Olds is under investigation, but that a preliminary enquiry has taken place.  The preliminary enquiry has been concluded but the situation is not ended and that the investigation is ongoing.  He stated:  “a person is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.  We continue the search for the whole truth in the matter of these allegations” and “if anybody has any information at all that may be relevant or helpful to please contact my (archbishop’s) office immediately.  We need the help of all to bring about the good of all.  And we especially need the prayers of all.”

When queried regarding the use of the word “restricted” vs “suspended” in relation to Father Olds’ faculties Father Tarnopolski replied:

Suspended implies permanent removal of faculties.  Everything right now is temporary as we are awaiting the Vatican’s guidance.  His faculties are restricted as far as public activity is concerned.  He may celebrate Mass in private in his home.

And that’s where it’s at.

What’s going on?

The investigation continues.

The Vatican is involved.

We shall see….

Take time to read through the Father Fred Olds page.  As you will see, he surely has been a busy busy man.  I don’t quite have his many years as Chaplain at the two Saint Boniface hospitals sorted out yet.  They preceded his 20 or so years at  St. Bernadette’s.

Any further info to fill the gaps appreciated


I have been trying to get courtdates sorted out.  Still waiting for a call back on two.  Once I have them all I will post

Enough for now,



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Further info tomorrow

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Father Gary Hoskins has a court date in Corner Brook, Newfoundland tomorrow morning:

30 November  2016:  motions, Corner Brook, NFLD Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.)

I believe it’s for 10 am, but must admit I am not 100% sure.   If you plan to attend give the courthouse a dingle first and check on the time just be certain.

It is doubtful that Hoskins will be in attendance, but it certainly would be interesting to find out what the motions are about.  His trial is set for 21-24 March 2017, so the motions relate somehow to the trial.

Anyway, it would really just be great if someone could be there to find out what is happening.  Weather permitting, perhaps the Corner Brook Western Star will send a reporter?  I do hope so,

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Jessica Beraldin had a court date yesterday.  I will try to find out when her next court date is.  Once I find out the information will be posted.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


I have further information regarding the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface Manitoba situation.  It’s late now – will leave it ’till morning 🙂

Enough for now,



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For the love of God

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Oh my dear goodness!  Previously convicted Father Barry McGrory has been charged!

25 November 2016:  Disgraced Ottawa priest accused of sexually assaulting yet another minor 

I was just about to get supper together and heard the news – had to get this posted!

I commend the complainant who found the courage to come forward.  I commend the other four who have, for whatever reason unsuccessfully,  been trying to get the ear of police.

Hats off to Rob Talach for assisting the complainants in their efforts to contact police.  I am sure there will be many who, like me, are keen to hear why there has been contact to date with those poor souls.  If they, the police, only had a smidgen of an idea how terribly difficult it is for these people to just garner the courage to contact the police period.  How unsettling for them to be left like this.  No call.  Nothing.

Not good.

Any, we shall see.  There may very well be a a very good explanation for this ‘oversight.’  I earnestly hope and pray that is the case.

And, in the hats off department,  hats off to Andrew Duffy for running that series in the Citizen.  So very important.  And a special thanks to you, Colleen Parish, for speaking up.

The long easy ride for Father Barry McGrory has come to an end.

There are other articles to post.  I will get at them later – for now, just really wanted to let you know that a molester who has eluded justice for years on end has been charged.  Guilty or innocent of the charges laid?  Well, I don’t know, do I?  But, I can tell you I am happy to see that he has been charged.  I am also saddened to watch the clips of an 82-year-old priest with a back-pack in the midst of winter out side the courthouse.  It should never come to this, should it?  No priest should be a molester.  Never.  It should be an oxymoron.  But is perchance the odd one slips through, well, they should have been defrocked as soon as the powers that be found out.  Never mind all of the idle chatter  of stripping of faculties and on and on.  He should have been out.  O.U.T.  For goodness sake I know that he was functioning as a priest in the Toronto area.   Whose doing, pray tell,  is that?

If , as ‘they’ often claim, there are difficulties getting the Barry McGgrorys of the Church ‘defrocked’ because of claims of  something or other in or about Canon law is prohibitive, then, for goodness, change the Code of Canon Law.  There are more canon lawyers running around here, there and everywhere than you could shake a stick out.  Do something really positive you canon lawyers.  If the claim is that we’re saddled with these predators in the Church because of the Code, then for goodness sake get to work getting that code changed so that these child molesters are defrocked as quickly as is humanly possible.  It’s really that simple.  Do it.  Please.  For the sake of the children.  For the sake of the victims.  For the good of the Church.  For the good of the priesthood.  For the love of God.  Do it!

But, “good” news.  Happy and sad at the same time.  Strange, as right as is it, there is never true rejoicing.  It’s the scandal unfolding, isn’t it?  The rocks being turned over?  The things which have been hidden in  darkness being brought to light?   Not pretty.

As I told someone not too long ago, it’s like lancing a huge boil.  Painful before.  Excruciatingly painful during.  Dirty and foul smelling as can be initially.  More pain.  Eventually, if all goes well and it keeps draining as it should and the core has been removed, blessed and welcome relief 🙂

My thoughts and prayers are with the complainant who came forward, and with those who are waiting for a call from police, and with those who may be trying to summon up the courage to pick up the phone and take that big step.

Time to get supper together.

Enough for now,


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Saint Boniface priest under investigation

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There’s nothing in the system yet regarding a court date for Father Bill Moloney.  I have found that this is not unusual.  For whatever reason it takes a while for the information to be transferred from police into the court system.  I have tried twice – will try again next week.

The following information has been added to the Father Bill Moloney page:

Father Moloney-Spiritual Leader for School Board

18 February 2012:  Father Moloney in Coburg

23 June 2013:  Penny drive raises $1,416 for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

01 November 2012:  Priests in Movember challenge

16 November 2010:  School first in Canada to raise $1M for Terry Fox

Camp Northern Lights Board of Directors ref Father Moloney has stepped aside and will take a leave “as per camp policy pending the outcome of the investigation”

Undated:  Father Moloney thanks St. Mary’s parishioners for donation of $2,105 to the camp

29 May 2011:  Picture of Father Bill Moloney says prayer in dunk tank at St. Anne’s Fun Fair

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


The next court date for Ottawa Roman Catholic school teacher Jessica Beraldin  is:

28 November 2016:  08:30 am, “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Not a single word regarding the Nathan Labbat child porn trial in Yorkton Saskatchewan which ran 22-24 November 2016.  Not a boo to be found anywhere!  Nothing!!!

Anyway, the trial should have wrapped up yesterday.  There will be another court date for verdict.  It’s too early to try now, but later today I will try to find out the next court date.


The name of  Brother Marcel Courteau sc and a link to a page with a small amount of information has been added to yet another new page, the latter for a religious order of brothers known as the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.  The page for the Brothers has been added because there is a class action lawsuit being launched in Quebec and, by the sound of things, a number of men are coming forward alleging sexual abuse by a number of the Brothers.  There are definitely allegations against a Brother Claude Lebeau sc.  I will be adding his name.  Once the information is posted I will let you know.  Keep an eye on the NEW to the site link.  That’s where I mention all articles which have just been posted anywhere on Sylvia’s Site.

(Note:  The link to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart page can be accessed manually by either hovering over or  clicking on the “RC Scandal” link under the picture at the top of the page.)


Something has changed with the  pending sex abuse trial of former Cornwall teacher and thrice previously convicted molester Marcel Lalonde.  Yesterday “aaa” blogged that the trial has been delayed again.

So, the trial is delayed, again, BUT … there is still a court date scheduled for 12 December 2016, and that court date is for “arraignment.”

What’s going on? I thought he would have been arraigned before this?  Goodness, it’s been nearly three years since the charges were laid (charged February 2014) and he’s been through a preliminary hearing and ordered to stand trial.

Is he about to enter a guilty plea?  Is that it?

Strange.  I was thinking perhaps more charges have been laid, but I can’t imagine that a case which has been chugging along for nearly three years would be further stalled at this point by adding a new set of charges from a new complainant ?

We shall see.

Please please, those in the Cornwall area, mark your calendars for 10 am Monday, 12 December 2016 and plan to attend so that we can find out what’s happening.

And, yes, please keep the complainant in your prayers.


A priest in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface, Manitoba is under investigation.  I am currently awaiting a response from the Chancellor regarding the matter.  I do have the name of the priest – will wait to see what the Chancellor has to say before I publish it.  Meanwhile, if anyone has any information please pass it along.


The sex abuse trial of Bent Hawkes in Kentville, Nova Scotia has wrapped up. The following article were posted over the past few day

23 November 2016:  “Crown hasn’t proven pastor’s guilt, lawyer tells N.S. indecency trial” & related articles

22 November 2016:  “Expert warns pastor’s gross indecency trial about ‘imagination inflation’” & related article 

Judge Alan Tufts has reserved his decision until 18 January 2016.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Trial in Yorkton tomorrow

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A reminder that the Kamsack, Saskatchewan child porn trial of former  Archdiocese of Regina youth volounteer Nathan Labatt starts tomorrow in Yorkton, Saskatchewan:

22 – 25 November  2016: TRIAL, 09:30 am,  Yorkton, Saskatchewan, courthouse (120 Smith St. E)

The trial is booked to last three days.

I encourage those who can do so to attend, however, I hear that there may be freezing rain in that area tomorrow so please exercise good judgment.  If the freezing rain hits best to stay put.  It is just too dangerous to be out on those prairie roads in weather like that.

I am hoping that there will be a media presence and we will therefore receive coverage of testimony.  If any of you have connections to media in that area please give them a dingle and ask that they cover the trial.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


The next court date for Chaldean priest Amer Saka is:

22 December 2016:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” courtroom #5,  London Ontario courthouse ( 80 Dundas St.)


I had been trying to get the next court date for Ottawa Catholic high school teacher Jessica Beraldin.  Well, put in another call this am, and got a call back this afternoon, and Beraldin was back in court this morning at 08:30 am.  Because files have not been transferred back to the admin area from the courtroom yet I will have to call back tomorrow afternoon to get the next court date 🙁  !   Cross fingers that this time I am luckier than last 🙂

Sometimes this business of getting court dates goes so smoothly, and sometimes, well, …it just takes time 🙁


Our first snow of the season.  It’s been coming down steadily since last evening.  Blustery and cold.  The drive way has been plowed out once and is building up again.  Not a nice day to be on the roads, but kind of nice sitting here cosy and warm watching the snow blow and drift, and the bare ground covered in a thick blanket of white 🙂  Hope all are safe.

Enough for now,


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Can we in conscience continue to expose children to these scandals?

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It’s posted.  Finally 🙂

“Can we in conscience continue to expose children to these scandals”/  Levi Noel:  The Cover-up

As you see, I decided once I was working on it that it would be helpful to try to incorporate as much info as I have available into the timelines.  There is much more information to add.  I ask those of you who have other relevant dates of  sex abuse at the hands of Levi Noel and/or reporting to diocesan authorities or clergy to please contact me with the information or post a comment on the article.   If you are a victim and would like your name listed with the information, please let me know.  If you can fill in any gaps in the time lines, please do so.

That was a difficult one to work on.  Perhaps I will say more later – right now the main objective is to get it posted.

My thoughts and prayers are with all you men who endured sexual abuse at the hands of this wolf in sheep’s clothing when you were children.  Your courage in speaking up,  often breaking a fearful silence  imposed upon you as a child by Levi Noel himself and/or by a bishop of priest, has allowed us to see the horrific magnitude of the cover-up surrounding Noel and  the alarming lies, deception and horrific tolerance of  evil and sacrilege exhibited by some of the bishops.  Thank you.


Chaldean priest Father Amar Saka had a court date yesterday in London, Ontario.  I will try to on Monday to get the next courtdate.


Sorry, no call back regarding Jessica Beraldin’s next court date 🙁  I shall try again on Monday.


I mentioned a few days ago that there is more bits and pieces of information to add to the Father Bill Moloney page.  Now it’s time to get back to that.

Enough for now,


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Wry humour?

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Well, the charges were laid and Viatorian priest and previously convicted child molester Father Ron Leger csv is facing eight more charges related to allegations by four men who allege they were sexually abused after meeting Leger at a youth centre which he once  ran.  The charges were laid 19 October.

16 November 2016:  Priest convicted of sexual assault seeks bail

Amazing.  There’s almost a little wry humour here.  Just look at this…

Leger, who was sentenced to two years in jail in February of this year on similar charges,  had, as unbelievable as it seems, been granted day parole in October.  But, it seems that no sooner was he granted day parole than he was arrested!  I don’t know if he managed to get one day out on day parole?  or maybe two or three?  No matter, he was taken into custody, and he’s been in custody – minus the perks of day parole – ever since!

So, yesterday (16 Nov), there he was, back in court,  fighting for bail!

The Crown wants Father Leger to remain in custody.  A more than  reasonable request I’d say.

Leger’s lawyer  argues that his client should be granted bail because, well, after all,  he, Leger, would still be on day parole and subject to restrictions!!!! He could just pick up where he left off.  Never mind the four new complainant and eight new charges.  Father Leger was granted day parole after serving those eight months of a 24 month sentence so he’s entitled to day parole.

I’m at a loss for words.  Truly, as you well know, I do have those days where I swear to goodness I’m living in La La Land 🙂

Anyway, Judge Cynthia Devine mercifully reserved her decision.  She told the court she would make it in the next two weeks.

So, no day parole for Father Leger, right now.  No day parole until the ruling comes down.  Back to the Headingley Correctional Centre he goes – and back he goes for night AND day.  No  hopping out of bunk/bed in the morning to dash out the gates for those exciting day time sortis around town or into the city or who knows where and with whom.  Not yet.  Not just yet.  This is, well, this little spell might just make it seem that he really is  serving those two years behind bars for raping the souls of those three poor young lads.   Yes, I think so.  This little spell is maybe going to be what  it was like before he applied for parole;  before he applied for parole because, well, because he just plain felt that clerical molester or no, he was entitled to be about and about and, relatively speaking for a convicted child molester, foot-loose and fancy-free .

Bail or no bail?

We shall see….

I commend the four men who found the courage to contact  police.  Well done.  I encourage anyone with allegations against Father Ronald Leger to contact police.

Please keep all the victims and complainants in your prayers

Enough for now,


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