Was he sentenced?

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Father Daniel Moreau was scheduled to be sentenced yesterday in the Sorel-Tracy Quebec courthouse.

Father Moreau was arrested early March 2013.  On 17 February 2017 he entered a guilty plea to  charges related to  possession, distribution and production of child pornography.

Can anyone find any coverage on the outcome of his sentencing?  Was he actually sentenced, or was it just the sentencing hearing with sentencing to come at a later date?


More clerical sex abuse allegations in Guam:

22 May 2017:  “Father Jack Niland is 12th Guam priest accused in latest sex abuse lawsuit” & related article

Twelve accused is a lot.  With a population of between 160, 000 and 170,000,  85% of whom are Roman Catholic, 12 accused is a huge number.


A reminder that there are two court dates tomorrow:

(1) Father Brian Boucher (Archdiocese of Montreal, Quebec)

Father Boucher was charged 03 May 2017 with a number of counts of sexual assault and sexual touching related to the allegations of three complainants.  He is also facing a charge of breaking and entering.

His next court date is:

Wednesday, 25 May 2017:  09:00 am, Montreal courthouse, (1 Notre-Dame St E, Montreal )

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers,

(2)  Father Amer Saka (Priest with Chaldean Catholic Church in Canada)

Father Saka was charged 13 July 2016 with fraud over $5,000 and possessing proceeds of property or thing exceeding $5,000.  The charges relate at least in part to allegations that Father Saka gambled away funds for refugees.   Police will say only that the total sum of money ‘lost’ was in excess of $500,000.

Father Saka’s next court date is:

Wednesday, 25 May  2017:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” courtroom #5,  London Ontario courthouse ( 80 Dundas St.)

I encourage those who can do so to attend.


Days are busy busy busy.  Hoping to get on top of things this week 🙂

Enough for now,


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We’re wrapping up a long wet weekend here 🙂  A holiday today.  Happy 24 May!


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Another guilty plea by Grecco

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Just on my way out the door when I spotted this. A guilty plea by ex-priest and previously convicted molester Don Grecco. I will post it later:

Niagara priest pleads guilty to molesting two boys
19 May 2017

6:04 AM

Police are urging victims of a priest who pleaded guilty last week to molesting two boys to come forward.

Former priest Donald Grecco pleaded guilty last week to three counts of gross indecency in the sexual assault of the two boys more than 40 years ago.

The charges stem from incidents that took place between 1977 and 1982 when Grecco was a priest at St. Thomas More in Niagara Falls, St. Kevin’s in Welland and St. Stephen’s in Cayuga

He will return to court September 7th for sentencing.

In 2010 Grecco pleaded guilty to molesting three altar boys in the 1970’s and 80’s.

He was sentenced to 18 months behind bars and two year’s probation.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

Enough for now.


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Moncton court

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Previously convicted and currently incarcerated molester Father Yvon Arsenaual has a court date this morning:

18 May 2017:  09:30 am, courtroom #3, Moncton Courthouse Moncton NB (45 Assumption Blvd)

This date is related to a new set of charges.  If anyone hears news of the outcome, or any more about the news charges, please pass it along.

I commend the complainant for going to police.  Please keep him/her in your prayers.


From Australia….

Archbishop Philip Wilson is trying desperately to elude justice

18 May 2017:  “Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson seeks to have charge of hiding child sex abuse thrown out” & related article

Meanwhile Australians wait with baited breath to see if sex charges will or will not be laid against Cardinal Pell:

18 May 2017:  “‘Even churchmen have a right to a fair go’: Top cleric backs Cardinal George Pell” & related article

17 May 2017:  “Call to charge Pell rests with police ” & related articles

The Cardinal, by the way, is back in the Vatican.


Back to work .  I had hoped to have things re Ottawa wrapped up yesterday but had an appointment yesterday afternoon, and then it was on the watch a special moment in the life of one of our little granddaughters 🙂  Love and cherish those moments 🙂 🙂

Enough for now,


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Royal Assent

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A note of special interest to victims in the province of Alberta…

07 March 2017:  New bill removes 2-year limit for victims to sue attackers 

Bill 2 received Royal Assent and became law 04 May 2017





This is no doubt welcome news for the large majority of victims of clerical sexual abuse in Alberta.   Those of you who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a priest or other prominent Roman Catholic but have been unable to file suit in Alberta because of  the 2 year deadline should now be able to proceed.


2000 cases of clerical sexual predators backlogged, and Pope Francis insists that the Vatican “is on the right path.”

13 May 2017:  Pope has 2000 clerical sex abuse cases to handle

This is just plain hard to digest.  As I said eleswhere, this just didn’t happen overnight, did it?

Do those 2000 include requests to have predatory clergy laicized?    I think it does.


The latest  on the on-going plight of Australia’s Cardinal George Pell regarding sex abuse allegations:

16 May 2017:  Cardinal George Pell demands apology over new book claims

I wonder if the Cardinal is back in the Vatican now?


We had a wonderful and fun family brunch yesterday for Mother’s Day.  I was oh so close to bankrupting everybody in Monopoly 🙂  That doesn’t happen often, so, an exciting moment in time 🙂   A lovely get-together.


I am awaiting news regarding Archbishop Don Bolen’s meeting with the flock at St. Patrick’s in Cupar last week. There was to information regarding Father Robert MacKenzie .  There are also a few more bits and pieces to post regarding the Benedictines in the UK and Fort Augustus Abbey in Scotland.  I will add them later this evening to tomorrow.


The information on the Ottawa priest is nearly ready to post.  I pick away at it a few hours each day.  Getting close.  No promises.

And now, supper time!

Enough for now,


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Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s  Day to all mothers!

Sylvia Continue reading

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More trouble for the Cardinal

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Note that previously convicted and presently incarcerated molester  Father Yvon Arsenault is facing new charges:

18 May 2016:  09:30 am, courtroom #3, Moncton Courthouse Moncton NB (45 Assumption Blvd

Father Arsenault was previously charged in Moncton, New Brunswick in December 2013, and in the Miramichi in March 2015.  The two sets of charges were eventually merged and he entered guilty pleas to all October 2016.  On 24 February 2017 he was  sentenced to four years.

I commend the complainant(s) for finding the courage to contact police.    Please keep him (her?)  in your prayers.


More trouble for Australia’s Cardinal George Pell:

13 May 2017:  “Cardinal George Pell accused of sexually abusing two choirboys, book claims” & related articles

Back in 2oo2 an internal church inquiry cleared Pell, then Archbishop of Sydney, Australia,  of sexually abusing a boy  in 1961 while Pell was still a seminarian. According to media reports, the retired judge who  led the inquiry concluded that he was “not satisfied that the complaint has been established”.

 15 October 2002:  Catholic archbishop is cleared of sexual abuse allegations

There have, as you will see int he first series of articles,  been further allegations from other male complainants since 2002.

And, yes, hats off to “Zoie Jones” who snapped that picture of the Cardinal transiting through London Heathrow airport .  He may have been incapacitated and unable to travel a few months ago, but he certainly  looks to be in good form and fit to travel there.


Today is the the 100th anniversary of the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal .

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Enough for now,


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The wheels of justice grind slowly

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Nearly four full years ago I posted the following article, a disturbing account of what appeared for all the world to be a punishment meted out upon a priest in Scotland for his continued attempts to have a predatory priest who sexually assaulted him as a seminarian brought to justice both in and out of the Church.

28 July 2013:  “New sex abuse crisis in Scottish Catholic church” & related articles

Well,  the accused priest, Father Paul Moore, is finally going to trial in December. I have pulled together a raft of articels to update.    Sorry, I realize that there  are quite a number of articles lumped in together, but I kept searching to put the pieces together, and I do believe that all of those are necessary to paint a picture of the magnitude of the injustice and cover-up at all levels.

12 May 2017:  “Retired priest faces trial over abuse claims” & related articles

And, yes, this is in Scotland.  And, yes, that’s the homeland of Father Robert MacKenzie who, as we understand, may eventually be extradited to his native land to face sex charges related to his years as a Benedictine in Scotland.

Note too that Father Moore was shipped off across the Atlantice ocean to Canada’s ‘Catholic” “treatment” facility,  Southdown.

And, note too, yes, there’s even reference in there to  Forty Augustus Abbey, school Father MacKenzie’s alma mater, where he was first a pupil and, later after his ordination as a Benedictine monk, a teacher.   I think actually there may be an error in the article which states:  “He was later allowed to return to Scotland where he worked for a time at Fort Augustus Abbey School, ” –  I do believe that the school itself had closed around 1993?    I believe too that  the Abbey itself remained functional for a period of time after the school was closed, and have heard that clerical sexual predators were ta times shipped off to the Abbey.  Any clarification from those who know dates welcome , equally welcome would be what  years or years Father Moore landed there.

No matter, in light of our recent interest in Father MacKenzie it’s just interesting to see that this Father Moore who was protected for countless years by Church officials in Scotland, and whom the police failed to charge for countless years,  spent time in Canada at Southdown, and time at the the Abbey.

Sad to say, the wheels of justice seem to grind as slowly in Scotland as they often do in Canada.  Thankfully in this case Father Paul Moore will finally face his accusers in a court of law.  And, thankfully, Father Lawson never gave up!

Enough for now,


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Former Benedictine colleague in jail

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As most of you know, extradition proceedings are apparently under way to have Father Robert MacKenzie returned to Scotland  to face charges in relation to  historic sex abuse.  The allegations appear to be related to his time teaching at Fort Augustus Abbey School.  That’s the sum of what we know.

So, here is a look at a similar extradition process as it is unfolds in Australia:

11 May 2017:  Abuse accused monk eligible for extradition from Australia

Father Chrysostom Alexander the priest referenced in the article, was , according to the article “returned to Australia by the Catholic Church in 1979 after abuse allegations first surfaced.”  He then served as a priest in Australia for 20 years.

What is of particualr interest here is the fact that Father Robert MacKenzie also taught at  the prestigious Fort Augustus Abbey School situated at the South end of Loch Ness.   Like Father Alexandre, he once too was a Benedictine monks.  Indeed, the pair were colleagues.  Father Alexandre and MacKenzie were at Fort Augustus together,  and probably for quite a number of years.    (Father Alexandre left  for Australia in 1979, and  Father MacKenzie  for Canada in  1988.)

Now look at time frames regarding the extradition process in Australia.  The allegations against Father Alexandre surfaced very publicly in the following BBC documentary Sins of Our Fathers

[Click in the box in lower right-hand corner of screen to enlarge]

It has taken four very long years to reach this point where we know that the extradition process for Father Alexandre is proceeding .  As you see however, it’s not over.

Note that as he battles this out in Australia, Father  Alexandre is in jail.  He was arrested earlier this year, and has been denied bail.

Enough for now.


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One less to prey

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There are two court updates:

(1)  Donald Grecco  (ex-priest, Diocese of St. Catharine’s Ontario, previously convicted)

Friday, 12 May 2017:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #4,  Robert S. K. Welch St Catharine’s courthouse, St. Catharine’s, Ontario (59 Church St).

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Brian Lucy (previously convicted church organist, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario)

29 January 2018: 10 am, TRIAL  Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

Obviously the last court date for Brian Lucy was not for a guilty plea or sentencing, witness that  a trial date has been set.

And, yes, the trial date is for 2018.  Next year.

I don’t as yet know how many days have been booked for trial. The lady who could give me that information was not available. I shall try to reach her again some time this week.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers

(3)  Father Robin Gwyn (Priest, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario)

There were two sets of charges which were not merged but rather moved through the Kingston courts separately.  Father Gywn was convicted on one set of charges and entered a guilty plea to others.

a) The Reasons for Judgment for Father Robin Gwyn is  posted.  This is from the charges which went to trial , and for which he was convicted (Sept. ’16) and was recently sentenced to three years in jail:

September 2016:  Gwyn: “Reasons for Judgment”

As stated on the article, I have made numerous redactions and so on to spare the victim any fear of his identity being revealed.  Please keep him in your prayers

b) Father Gwyn still has an upcoming court date tied into his October ’16 guilty plea on the other charges:

26 July 2017:  11 am,  “to be spoken to,” Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston

This is tied into setting a sentencing hearing or date for sentencing for the offences to which he entered the guilty plea in October 2016.

Please keep the victim in your prayers


Just look at this…

07 May 2017:  “Ex-Pine Bush priest in alleged sex-abuse case rips archdiocese’s internal politics” & related articles

Note, Gallagher was a ‘late vocation.’  I don’t for a moment believe that every late vocation is a sexual predator, but, my goodness it seems there are more than one would expect from men who are presumably mature when they decide to become priests.

Gallagher claims his sexual interaction with that young man was consensual.  He tried to excuse/justify as follows:

<blockquote>“I was tired, sick and lonely at that point. It’s not an excuse, but just an explanation,” Gallagher said.</blockquote>

Well, actually I’d say that that is an excuse, an attempt to justify his actions . Indeed, it’s truly a pathetic attempt to justify why he, at the time a priest in his early 60s, engaged in sex with a 19-year-old boy.  But, it seems it’s really no big deal to him:  “I had sex with a consenting adult,” Gallagher said. “What’s crazy about that? Sinful, yes. Crazy, no.”

Gallagher has thankfully been laicized.  He believes that he received  “capital punishment for a Class-A misdemeanor.”

According to the media “He wonders why he was removed from the ministry when other priests with worse offenses are simply transferred to another parish.”

Change and common sense have to start somewhere, and, yes, that makes one less predator contaminating the ranks of the priesthood.  One less predator free to abuse his vocation  to prey on the vulnerable.

Enough for now,



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