A wonderful and lengthy chat

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Well, I just had a wonderful and lengthy chat with Geraldine Mahoney, a lovely and brave lady, nurse and loyal wife who was married to former Ontario Provincial Police Officer  Patrick Maloney. Pat died in 2008.

As you will see when clicking on the link below, Pat was sexually abused as a young boy by Father Henry Maloney.  I believe what Geraldine has to say speaks for itself:

July 2016:  A brave wife speaks out: Former OPP officer endured childhood sexual abuse at hands of Father Henry Maloney

Yes, Pat, like most if not all victims, was tormented by the abuse, and, yes, he had his rough times, but Geraldine loved him dearly and stood by him to the end.   Pat died January 2008 at the age of 54,  only eleven short months after he was diagnosed with cancer.

As you see, Pat began to tell  Geraldine about the abuse while they were dating.  He told her more over the first three years of their marriage.   They talked about it from time to time throughout the 30 plus years of their marriage, but, Pat never wanted to report it, and when Geraldine tried to urge him to do so, he would reply: “No, leave it be. The old bastard will get his when he dies.”  She now ponders if she should have perhaps pressed harder.  She just doesn’t know.

Note that Geraldine talks about a very young Pat driving Father Henry about .  I specifically checked on that.  Yes, according to Geraldine, the boy indeed  did drive the priest around, most trips averaging about an hour each way, – and, yes, the boy was behind the wheel chauffeuring the priest about at the tender age of 12, the abuse began the same year.

As we talked I realized that Geraldine has no doubt that there are victims of Father Maloney out there, each haunted by the abuse, tormented by the memories and battling a shame which rightly belongs to Maloney and his enablers.   From what I hear via other grapevines, she is probably right. Keep them in your prayers.

By the way, for those who wonder, the sexual abuse of Pat Mahoney preceded that of Mike Fitzgerald.  And, yes, for those who wonder, Geraldine has been in contact with Mike Fitzgerald.  As soon as she read that Mike had been sexually abused by Father Maloney Geraldine wanted to talk to him.  I believe that contact has meant a lot to both of them.

So, Thank you Geraldine for sharing a little part of  a life which was tinged with pain and difficult times, but, as I learned so well in talking to you, marked by your deep love for Pat.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

In closing I want to let readers know that during his hospitalization  Pat, who, like most victims of clerical sexual abuse had little to do with the Church,  received Holy Communion regularly and was visited by a priest several times.

I pray that Pat’s dear soul, through the mercy of God,  is now at peace.

On that note, I close off as I always do, with

Enough for now.


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Sentencing hearing for former Tecumseh pastor

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The sentencing hearing for Father Robert Couture is this morning at 10 am:

  Thursday 28 July 2016: 10 am,  sentencing hearing, Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue), Windsor, Ontario

Finally!   Sentencing.  It’s taken a while.

On 10 December 2015  Father Couture was convicted by a jury for theft over $5,000.   Between 2002 and 2010 the Diocese of London, Ontario priest  stole between $180,000 and $234,000 from St. Anne’s Parish in Tecumseh, Ontario.

Couture, ordained in 1988, took a leave of absence in 2010 to attain a B.Ed at Ottawa U.  At the time of his arrest he had been doing substitute teaching in French Catholic schools – was teaching a grade 4/5 class at ecole St. Paul in Stony Point, Ontario since November 2012.

I just checked. Robert Gerard Couture is still a teacher in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.  Here is a screen shot taken moments ago (click to enlarge):

Couture Ontario College of Teachers 28 July 2016 still teacher in good standing







Anyway, this morning is a  sentencing hearing.  Usually both sides present their case at a sentencing hearing as to how much time  should or should not be served,  what risk he is to re-offend, and defence usually has a cache of letters from those who think their client is an exemplary human being, and sometimes defence will call character witnesses to take the stand to testify to the latter.

Sometimes a judge will pronounce sentence on the same day as the sentencing hearing- most will set a date to sentence.

I do hope there will be people in attendance to hear and see what happens.

Please pass on any and all news and links to media coverage.

Enough for now,


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Trouble for the Cardinal

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I don’t know what’s happening, but this summer is turning into a busy time.  Lots happening, both with Sylvia’s Site and the regular business of family life, with big birthdays,  anniversaries and so on  🙂

I am awaiting call backs on two court-dates, Donald Grecco and Jessica Beraldin.  As soon as I have news I will post.


As anticipated, Father Joe LeClair entered a guilty plea to his impaired driving charged:

26 July 2016:  Priest pleads guilty to drunk driving

Bad enough Father was using the pulit at St. Joseph’s in uelph to talk about his time in jail, now news that he into high-schools talking about his addiction problems.  For those who think this is wonderful, I’m sorry,  I  personally believe it is highly inappropriate.

Anyway, no driving for a year for Father Joe.


Trouble for Cardinal George Pell, again.  Big trouble:

28 July 2016:  “George Pell sex files: police sought advice from prosecutors” & related articles  

27 July 2016:  “Cardinal George Pell ‘facing sex abuse charges after two men claim he groped them at a pool in 1970s’” & related articles 

27 July 2016:  George Pell: The swimming pool allegations

Remember when he said he was unable to return to Australia to testify at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse?  Well, do you think there is a remote possibility that he was sacred to death if he returned that he would be arrested if he set foot on Australian soil?

Remember too that Pell was under investigation back in 2002 – an ‘internal ‘ inquiry into allegations dating back to his days as a seminarian?  The judge believed both the complainant and Pell, and, in the end that mean that Cardinal Pell (the Archbishop) was cleared)

So, now there are more allegations.  The police have been investigating for a year and must now decide whether or not to lay charges.

The Cardinal has been vociferous in his denials.

We shall see..  Please keep the complainants and witnesses in your prayers.


And then there’s this:

25 July 2016:  Mountain Home priest accused of rape free without bond 

The parishioners flocking to Father Victor Jagerstatter’s defence.

I swear I will never understand.  Surely by now Catholics know that there is scarce a priest who has been charged and convicted who was not loved,  admired and respected by many trusting Catholics?   Those people know no more about what their parish priest was up to in the middle of the night than I do, and we all know less about what happened that night than the police and prosecutors do.

Enough for now,


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SMIS class action lawsuit

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Those who may have concluded that the sex abuse scandal and cover-up at the prestigious Saint Mary’s International School in Japan has been swept under the rug never to be heard of again are sorely mistaken.  Far from it. Here is the latest news.  A class action lawsuit is in the works.

As you may recall, SMIS is run by the Canadian branch/province of the Brothers of Christian Brothers.  The province is headquartered in LaPrairie, Quebec. Japan and the Phillipines is a Vice Province.

Before giving news of the lawsuit, a reminder that, to date, we know of sex abuse allegations against  five Brothers, all of whom are/were Canadian born.  Of the five, it is known that three returned to Canada.  Two were definitely still alive and in Canada in recent months.  Here, with brief commentary, are the five:

(1) Brother Lawrence Lambert fic(Guy Lambert);

Brother Lawrence Lambert was a known molester back in 1965.  After he was reported he spent a brief hiatus back in his native land (Canada)  and was then permitted to return to teach at SMIS eventually achieving the rank of Principal at Principal at St. Mary’s Elementary Elementary school, Tokyo

After a victim came forward and news of the abuse became public Lambert returned to Canada.   (signed letter of apology to victim)  He was alive and in Canada just months ago.

(2) Brother John Paradis fic (Brother Paul-Emile Paradis or Brother Paul Paradis);

Brother John Paradis was Principal in 1965 when “Jacob, ” a Jewish boy, was sodomised by Brother Lambert in the school chapel.  Here is a mother’s account of what happened at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo after Jacob’s parents found out.

Note:  “Brother John agreed Brother Lawrence would be sent to Canada and never permitted near children.”   See above.  Brother Paradis allowed this known predator back to SMIS and gave him unfettered access to young boys for years.

There are sexual abuse allegations against Brother John.

Brother John has been back in Canada since at least 2009.  Just months ago he was alive and living at the Brothers of Christian Instruction facility in La Prairie, Quebec, Canada.

(3) Brother Benoit Lessard fic (Brother Daniel Lessard).  Brother Lessard died in 1980;

Died 1980

Teja Arboleda was sexually abused by Lessard.  There are numerous accounts of Lessard’s “counselling” sessions at SMIS.

(4)   Brother Marcel Villemure fic (Brother Claude Villemure)

There are allegations that Brother Marcel was with Brother Lawrence Lambert in the chapel and also sexually abused “Jacob.”

There are other sexual abuse allegations against Brother John.

I believe Brother Marcel is still in Japan, but may have returned to Canada in recent months?

(5)  Brother Alban Cyr fic

There are allegations that, amongst other things, he masturbated in front of a young boy.

At some time Brother Alban returned to Canada and was living in La Prairie, Quebec. I know that he was alive in 2011, but have no more recent information.

That’s what we know of some of the Brothers.  Now look at what we know of the two former SMIS lay teachers.

(1) Selas   Frank Selas

Frank Selas was a fugitive from justice for years. Selas was finally arrested in San Diego in January of  this year.  He is facing charges related to allegations of sex abuse of young boys which post-date his time at SMIS

(2) Andrews  Donald Andrews

convicted in 1997 for sex abuse of young boys which post-date his time at SMIS.

Finally, as you may also recall, over a year ago, and I do believe only in response to negative publicity and mounting pressure, SMIS set up a supposedly “independent’ inquiry .    Whatever investigating has been done to date has been done behind closed doors.   There has been nary a whimper nor word on the progress or outcome of said “inquiry.”  Silence!!

And, yes, if you are wondering, unfortunately because of Statues of limitations in Japan criminal charges could not and therefore have not been laid.

That’s where things stood until now….

And now, now a class action lawsuit is in the offing.  Hats off to Teja Arboleda for getting this going, and to St. Mary’s International School Labour Dispute for making it public.

The following, with external links embedded, is posted on the St. Mary’s International School Labor Dispute site.

Boys Don’t Cry (They Sue)

It’s time to lawyer up, St. Mary’s! And the Catholic Archdiocese of Tokyo. (Parents, if you see tuition go up next year–you’ll know why now).

If you haven’t seen the 2016 Best Motion Picture Academy Award Winner Spotlight, you should. (Now on Netflix!)

It is a story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive, systemic cover-up, by the local Catholic Archdiocese, of children being molested by priests. This initial case was how the world woke up to the inhuman system of an ‘untouchable institution’ that cannibalized children’s souls because people were too afraid to challenge it. It was the work of Boston lawyer Mitchell Garabedian that subpoaened the Archdiocese’s records showing that it knew one priest was harming over 130 children, and kept re-assigning him to new parishes to cover up the stories. (Sound familiar, St. Mary’s? Sending confessed rapist Brother Lawrence Lambert to a Japanese school in Shizuoka—all under the watch of the Archdiocese of Tokyo!). The case was a watershed moment that exposed the same rampant system of cover-up in dioceses across the US and the world. Thousands of victims have filed civil lawsuits based on the precedent of Mr. Garabedian’s initial class-action suit of 86 plaintiffs. He has been doing these cases for over 20 years in many countries around the world.

Mr. Garabedian is the legal counsel the alumni of St. Mary’s will be engaging. The jig may be up for the evil still doing business in Tokyo.

In mid-2015, the Tokyo community of international school families witnessed the intrepid journey of the 13 women survivors of sexual abuse at ASIJ holding their international school accountable, through petitioning with 1800 signatures, hiring their own lawyers and forcing an acknowledgment and apology from the notoriously absconding ASIJ Board.

In the June 15th, 2015 Final Report issued by the legal team of Crew Janci LLP (Portland, Oregon) representing the 13 survivors, an acknowledgment by ASIJ’s Board of Directors of crucial points that had been denied for 40 years was published. It also summed up the final result of the case:

…on June 5, 2015, the school’s newly appointed Board of Directors released a public apology, stating that “Jack Moyer’s abuse of students was extensive, and there were Heads of School, high-level administrators as well as teachers who were aware of information concerning abuse by Moyer.” The Board’s apology was issued as part of a unique resolution and reconciliation achieved by the victims and the American School in Japan, which included reimbursement for counseling costs, compensation for the survivors’ injuries, new and improved child safety policies, and full acceptance of responsibility for the actions of “teachers and administrators…[who] failed to protect students in their charge.”

A summary of the report can be read here.

St. Mary’s admin, in comparison, have lied about ever reporting the criminal and crime to the police, or seriously investigating anything. (For those of you new to the stories–the ASIJ scandal and the St. Mary’s scandal broke to the wider community at about the same time–early 2014). So, now, what about the boys of St. Mary’s?

Fathers, friends, leaders of society, and broken men living today were once students at St. Mary’s who were raped and molested by the Brothers and Staff. Months, and now years, have passed since the story broke and it is evident that the school and the archdiocese have taken ZERO measures to account for children harmed in their care and jurisdiction. The admin hope that in silence, it will be business as usual.

In St. Mary’s case(s), one of the worst perpetrators is still alive (a confessed rapist of children), and was even living on campus when the story broke—30 years after his first(?) early(?) raping days. Can the school corporation honestly say that they knew NOTHING all these years? Is that even possible when two brothers were present at the rape? When dozens of more boys’ lives were scarred in a system of depraved ‘summer camps’ and ‘office visits’, again, with multiple staff in attendance?

The only way to determine the extent of systemic abuse is to stitch together the massive array of narratives from the survivors of abuse at St. Mary’s International School. Many of the survivors are still alive.

The men will sue.

Here are some details about joining the class action lawsuit as we at the blog know it:

  • it will be at NO legal cost to the individuals (i.e. $0); Mr. Garabedian only takes a percentage at the end IF there is a financial settlement
  • anonymity throughout the whole case is the individual’s choice and will be honoured
  • survivors can live anywhere in the world
  • Teja Arboleda, a St. Mary’s Alumnus and survivor, has volunteered to be the lead and public plaintiff

Survivors looking for closure, with a band of brothers can contact Mr. Garabedian: http://www.garabedianlaw.com/contact-us

and / or

contact Teja Arboleda (Class of 1981): tejaarboleda@gmail.com

That’s right: to all those who wish to sweep this under the rug and carry on as usual: this cottage industry of boys in Tokyo being sexually abused by a cloaked institution is going to go out of business.

May you not sleep until it is over.

FYI: Pope Francis has set up a tribunal to clean house of all the Bishops into covering up evil against children.

(Teja was shown as “Class of 1989.”  I checked.  It should be 1981.  I have corrected)

I strongly encourage those of you who were molested at SMIS, or who witnessed and/or have information regarding abuse at the school, to contact one of the above.   Because of the statute of limitations truth and justice can not be pursued in criminal court.  This class action suit therefore is an opportunity to finally shed some light on SMIS’ dark secrets.   It is occasion to expose the magnitude of the abuse, and, yes, the magnitude of the cover-up.  More than that, it is  an opportunity for those of you who endured abuse at the school to start to rid yourselves of that terrible burden of silence and shame which you have been carrying for all these years.  I know it is hard, but perhaps now is the time to speak up, time to finally put the shame where it rightly belongs – right on the backs of the molesters, and on the backs of their their enablers.  Your voices need to be heard.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Enough for now,


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Ontario Chaldean priest charged with fraud

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After a 4-5 month police investigation, Father Amer Saka, a Chaldean priest in Canada, has been charged with fraud over $5,000 and possessing proceeds of property or thing exceeding $5,000.

14 July 2016:  “Parish priest charged with fraud after allegedly gambling away more than $500,000 meant for Syrian refugees” & related articles & VIDEO

By way of explanation, the Chaldean rite is in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, but it has it’s own diocese andbishops.  There is one, and only one, Chaldean diocese in Canada, that being in the Eparchy of Mar Addai of Toronto.  All Chaldean Catholics in Canada are part of that eparchy.

Father Saka served as pastor at St. Joseph’s Chaldean Catholic Church in London, Ontario for about eight years and also administrator for an unknown period of time at the Mar Ouraha parish in Kitchener.  Neither parish is part of the Dioceses of London or Hamilton Ontario. – they are part of the Eparchy of Mar Addai of Toronto.  The bishop of the eparchy, and hence Father Sakas’ bishop is Emmanuel Hanna Challita.

Saka was, however,  participating in the Canadian government’s refugee-sponsorship program through the Hamilton Roman Catholic Diocese.  The Hamilton Diocese, by the way, is  the diocese headed by Bishop Doug Crosby omi, the Oblate bishop who last year welcomed into his diocese Father Joe LeClair,  an Ottawa Archdiocese  priest with a gambling problem convicted in 2014 of fraud and theft .  In fact, Father LeClair was recycled to the Hamilton Diocese after he suffered a ‘relapse’ after being recycled into the  Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick.  It was after that New Brunswick ‘relapse’ that Bishop Crosby took LeClair in to assist at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Guelph, Ontario.   And, yes, that’s the same Father Joe LeClair who is now facing charges  of impaired driving, but who still, thanks to the Bishop’s Crosby’s ‘charity,’ is  serving as a parish priest.

As for Father Saka,  police  will say only that the total sum of money ‘lost’ was in excess of $500,000.  When word of 51-year-old Father Saka’s ‘problems’ first broke his bishop, Emmanuel Challita , was quoted as saying that  Saka told him he, Saka, gambled away more than $500,000 given by families to hold for refugees relatives under a private sponsorship program.

You may recall that when the allegations first came to light Father Saka was whipped off to Southdown  in Holland Landing, Ont.  Southdown, which used to located in Aurora Ontario,  is a treatment centre for priests with alcohol, gambling, sex problems.  (Father LeClair also spent time at Southdown –  for treatment of his gambling problems\)

Saka’s lawyer is quoted in today’s London Free Press as saying that the priest “does have some health issues that have been addressed in the last few months. We don’t know how serious they are, but he was taken to Victoria hospital and will be released.”

Who knows where this one will go?

I will check on his next court date tomorrow.  Those dates are never available on the same day as a court appearance – usually mid afternoon the following day is the best time to update.

Enough for now,


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Well hallelujah!

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Well hallelujah!   Ex-priest Eric Dejaeger omi has been denied legal aid to appeal a number of his Iqaluit convictions:

14 July 2016:  “Pedophile priest denied legal aid to appeal Nunavut convictions” & related article

That doesn’t mean the application will not proceed.  Dejaeger has 30 days to appeal, and, alas.  it seems that he intends to do just that.  Why he was denied is, at least, for now, unknown.  Someone seems to have concluded Dejaeger can afford to pay or a lawyer himself, or perhaps determined that he can get his Oblate brethren to pick up the tab? (Yes, he was defrocked so he is longer an Oblate priest – or for that matter any kind of priest other than an ex-priest- BUT, the Oblates did not boot him from the order, so he is still an Oblate, and given that he is still an Oblate, well, who knows what the Oblates may be willing to cover when one of their own is in yet another pickle?)

No matter.  I am sure Dejeager will find a way to sort things out in his own best interests.   But, look where he is!  Look where Eric Dejeager is now.

Sometime in the past few months Dejaeger was slipped out of Iqualuit and now resides in  Warkworth Institution, a medium security facility  near  Campbellford, Ontario (other sources say the facility is located in the municipality of Trent Hills, Ontario, between the communities of Meyersburg and Warkworth.)

So, first, here are a few pictures of Dejaeger’s new home away from home:

According to Correctional Services Canada website ( Warkworth Institute)

Warkworth Institution is a medium security facility located in Campbellford, Ontario. The institution is based on a structured campus design model where offender accommodations are direct observation living units.

As part of CSC’s efforts to encourage inmates to become law-abiding citizens, CSC offers various national correctional programs.

Facility Characteristics

Institution for male offenders

Security level: medium

Date opened: 1967

Rated capacity: 537

Does that “accommodations are direct observation living units” sound as though Dejaeger has his own little room, or apartment?  I haven’t had a chance to check on that.  If anyone knows please share 🙂

Finally, you may want to take the time to read the following two articles to get a ‘feel’ for why Dejaeger  probably landed in Warkworth :

The Value of Community Treatment Programs for Released Sex Offenders

 Effective sex offender treatment:  The Warkworth Sexual Behaviour Clinic

How long has Dejaeger been in Warkworth already? We don’t know, however, whatever the time it’s probably been sufficient  to have him “assessed” and to get him into a program and so on.

And then….????

Well, who knows.  We can guess, but who really knows?  Right now he’s busy trying to appeal some of the convictions,  and trying to get funding to file the appeal.  He’ll probably enjoy the book club.

Please keep Dejaeger’s many many victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Shy a lot of information

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The Father Victor Phelan M.Afr. has been posted.  As you can see, it is shy a lot of information.  Anyone with further information regarding Father Phelan and or anyone who who can fill in background and/or explanations regarding the White Fathers years in Eastview/Vanier/Ottawa please post a comment or contact me.

Supper time 🙂

Enough for now.


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What a sham

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Given that he was out on day parole in December 2015 I suppose it should come as no great surprise that Father George Ansell Smith has just been granted full [parole, but, in truth, it does.

So, May 2013 Father George Smith was sentenced to 11 years in jail, and 06 July 2016 – a little over three years later – he’s out.  Finished.

13 July 2016:  Retired priest George Ansel Smith granted full parole 

Initially Smith was charged with charged with 72 sex offences.  Thirty of those charges were, for whatever reason (plea bargaining?) withdrawn by the Crown.  And now, he’s  presumably paid his debt to society?

Look at this:

The board said Smith scored a 23 on the General Statistical Information on Recidivism, which indicates that four out of five offenders with similar characteristics will not reoffend within a three-year period.

That means that one out five “offenders; DID reoffend within a three year period.  Who, in their right mind, is willing to take that sort of risk with the safety and will being of our children?

Oh yes, true enough, there are “conditions” attached.

“not be in the presence of any male children under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a responsible adult who knows his criminal history and has been previously approved in writing by his parole supervisor.

“He is to have no contact with his victims or any member of their families.

“He cannot own use or possess a computer or any technological device that would allow him unsupervised access to the Internet.

“He is not to be in,, or near places where children under 18 are likely to be — elementary and secondary schools, parks, swimming pools and recreation centres — unless accompanied by an adult previously approved by his parole supervisor and his is not to consume, purchase or possess alcohol.”

Who, pray tell, will be keeping tabs on Father George Smith 24/7 to ensure he does NOT violate those conditions?  Who, pray tell,  will keep tabs on him 24/7 to ensure he is NOT in the presence of any young lads?  And, for that matter, who pray tell, will advise people where this sexual predator is living so that parents can protect their children themselves?

And, another question.  Who decided that girls are safe in the presence of this predatory priest?  Who decided that girls are NOT at risk?  True enough his perverted preference seems to be boys, but how many times have we seen a priest who usually molests boys go after a little girl?  Father Barry Glendinning did.  And, to the shock  of many, Father Hod Marshall had a young female woman amongst his many victims.  It’s just not that unusual.

Anyway, what a sham that parole board is.  Just a sham.  There they are, all hearts and flowers and overflowing with charity for a priest who raped the souls of those young boys, lived a lie throughout his priesthood,  betrayed the trust of countless Roman Catholics, and defiantly thumbed his nose at God.

Wouldn’t it warm the cockles of the heart if Father Smith declared himself unworthy to be released?  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

And, yes, this wolf in sheep’s clothing is still “Father” Smith.  He is still a priest.  Have proceedings commenced yet to have him defrocked/ laicized?  Has anyone in the diocese decided yet that this serial molester truly is unfit to be a priest?  Does anyone know?

Oh my, it must be so terribly disheartening for a judge to see his sentencing virtually mocked like this.

My heart goes out to all the victims of Father George Smith.  Ditto their families.  Please keep them all in your prayers.


I will post the info on Father Victor Phelan M. Afr. next.  It’s basically finished but I want a few minutes to go over the links and ensure all is in order.

Enough for now,


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Guilty plea in offing?

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For now I’m posting these two court updates and links to the two Statements of Claim, then will download and post disturbing news about Father George Smith and also post the Father Victor Phelan M. Afr., page.  I think this is the fastest way to get things done right now 🙂  Busy times.

(1) Father Joseph LeClair  (Archdiocese of Ottawa, in March 2014 sentenced to one year jail for fraud and theft.  May 2016 charged in Guelph Ontario with impaired driving, 0ver 80 contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada, and having an open container of liquor contrary to the Liquor Licence Act,  Currently serving in the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario)

The next courtdate for Father Joe LeClair is:

25 July 2016: 09:30 am, for “a plea,” courtroom #1  (36 Wyndham Street South, Guelph, Ontario)

It looks as though this may be a guilty plea in the offing?

(2) Nathan Labatt  (Former youth volunteer with the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry, boys scout leader and volunteer Ukrainian Catholic Church.)

Nathan Labatt now has  upcoming courtdates in three different jurisdictions

Regina, Saskatchewan:   26 July 2016: 09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Regina courthouse (2425 Victoria Avenue) (two charges listed)

Kamsack,: 18 July  2016: 09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Yorkton, Saskatchewan, courthouse (29 Darlington Street East) (two charges listed)

Humboldt, Sask.:  08 August 2016:  10 am, Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue) (one charge listed)

Please keep the complainants in your prayers


Father Ronald Leger csv, a Viatorian priest,  is a former Cornwall Ontario Classical College student and teacher.  In July 2015 he entered a GUILTY plea to charges related to ‘historical’ sex abuse of three young boys.  He has served in the Winnipeg are in the Archdiocese of St. Boniface since 1971

Two Statements of Claim filed in June of this year have been posted:

15 June 2015:  Leger Statement of Claim:t D.M.N. and Ronald J. Leger, La Corporation Archiepiscopale Catholique Romaine De Saint-Boniface and Clercs De Saint-Viateur Du Canada

15 June 2015:   Statement of Claim:  BLN and Ronald J. Leger, La Corporation Archiepiscopale Catholique Romaine De Saint-Boniface and Clercs De Saint-Viateur Du Canada

As always, please keep the victims in your prayers.

As an aside and  note of interest here, Father Denis Vaillancourt, the former Chancellor of the Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese, was a student at the Classical College when Leger was teaching.  Vaillancourt’s sex trial is scheduled for June 2017.  (For that matter, Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc was also a student when Leger was teaching)

Enough for now,


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How convoluted is this?

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Well, I am at a total loss right now to sort out what exactly is happening as  far as the Nathan Labatt case is concerned.  Thank goodness someone brought my attention to the following article in Discover Humboldt:

04 July 2016: Labatt Adjourns Matters Again in HPC

First, before I carry on, an advisory to anyone who planned to attend all or part of a three-day-trial in Kamsack, Saskatchewan:  there is NO trial next week!  I don’t know when it was cancelled (or postponed?) but I did speak to someone at the courthouse today and was told there is no trial booked in Kamsack, but that there is a court date booked for next week:

12 July  2016:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Kamsack, Saskatchewan, courthouse, 120 Smith St. E., Kamsack

Meanwhile, as you see from thew above article, other charges have been winding through the Humboldt courthouse.  And, further charges are pending from Regina, Saskatchewan.

I am in the process of trying to sort this all out.  For now, I can only say that there seem to be  two sets of charges on the go right now – one set in Kamsack, and another set in Humboldt.  The three-day trial previously scheduled to commence in Kamsack Sask is no longer on record and instead there is a “to be spoken to”  courtdate (in Kamsack)  on 12 July ’16.  Furthermore, there was a two-day trial scheduled for 30-31 March 2016 in Humboldt but for whatever reason that never got off the ground.  And, finally, as you see in that news report, it seems there are more  charges in the offing from Regina.

How convoluted is this?

Anyway, a reminder again that there is no trial next week in Kamscack.

I will try to get this all sorted out next week.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers


A  TRIAL date has been set for Father Denis Vaillancourt, the former Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Three days have been booked:

13-15 June 2017: 10 am, TRIAL Cornwall Ontario courthouse (29 Second St. W.)

Note that the trial is next year (2017), and that it will be held in CORNWALL at the Cornwall courthouse.

Please, as always, keep the complainant in your prayers .

Enough for now,


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