Absolute disaster

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Day two of Fathe Dan Miller’s second sex abuse trial.  Miller took the stand in his own defence this morning.  Examination in chief and cross examination complete at noon.

I doubt that defence lawyer Robert Carew is thrilled with his verbose client.  I’d describe it as an absolute disaster.  Past experience reminds me that this is no measure of the verdict, but if Father Miller thought he could take the stand and run the Crown around by the ear he was sorely mistaken.

Closing arguments by Crown and defence start at 2 pm.  That will probably be it for the day.

Enough for now


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Another name on the list

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I have added three pictures taken yesterday (14 October ’14) outside the Pembroke Ontario courthouse after day one of Father Dan Miller‘s sex abuse trial.  I thought he had gained a few pounds since he was previously convicted?   No matter, the one for sure is that there was no indication – at least to me –  that he lost weight while serving 6 months of a nine month sentence.

The trial continues Friday, 17 October 2014 at 10 am in the Pembroke courthouse.  For a number of reasons I’m not going to blog anything regarding testimony on day one of the trial – the fact that I was unable to take notes or record is high on that list :)  However, as is inevitably the case there is also a publication ban on the identity of the complainant – recounting much of that testimony would create problems in abiding by the ban so best I leave it alone.  I can and will however tell you that the complainant testified that Father Miller masturbated him to ejaculation on two occasions.  The complainant was a boy of 12 or 13 at the time.

Please keep the complainant in  your prayers.  And please, if you are free to so, get to the courthouse on Friday morning.  I will never understand why so few Roman Catholics attend these trials in person. It is so important, both to offer support for the complainant and to understand the nature of the charges and how they are dealt with in court.


There are two courtdates tomorrow (16 October 2014)

(1) Father Bernard Buckle

Father Bernard Buckle has a courtdate tomorrow in Stephenville,  Newfoundland.  His trial date has been set for 18 February 2015 so this probably tied into what documents can be entered into evidence and which witnesses will be called.  It MAY I suppose be occasion to enter a guilty plea – one just never knows.  I have missed guilty pleas because I thought nothing of significance was going to happen in court on a particular day.  However, this probably routine legal haggling/preparation for trial?

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.  If anyone does attend please let us know if anything of significance transpires.

(2) Deacon William Kokesch

16 October 2014:  Sentencing, Montreal courthouse

Tomorrow is the sentencing for Deacon Kokesch.   Kokesch pleaded guilty to child porn charges last February.  There is a good chance that this will be a sentecing hearing in which case sentencing may be set for a later date.

I encourage those who can do so to attend.


Another name added to the Accused list….

The name of   Father Robyn Gwyn, a priest with the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario, has been charged.  I have added a page with as much info as I can find at this time.

I missed the news on these charges because of my medical woes over the past 6 weeks. It looks as though news of the charges hasn’t reached Ontario.  I can find no coverage at all.

I am trying to some more info – awaiting call backs or emails – trying to sort out what exactly Farther Robyn Gwyn was doing in Berwick, Nova Scotia?

And, yes, I certainly am curious as to why he retired back in 2004 and as of 03 May of that year is on ” is on indefinite leave from active ministry.” He’s 66 now so would have been all of 56 at the time.   Did something of significance happen in 2004?

Any information regarding Father Gwyn is most welcome.

I commend the complainant for coming forward.  Please keep him in your prayers.


Cast is due for removal tomorrow :)

Enough for now,


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I attended day one of second sex abuse trial of Father Dan Miller today.  First and important:  the trial continues on Friday morning (17 October 2014)  at 10 am at the Pembroke courthouse.  There is no court tomorrow:  Friday 17 October is the next day.

I will blog a few thoughts tomorrow.  I asked permission to tape (because arm in cast and unable to take notes).  Permission denied!  Without notes it is nigh to impossible to cover what transpires during any trial.  I will do what I can.  I do have a couple of pictures taken today to post – will get those up tomorrow.

The only person on the stand today was the complainant.  The day ened with the Crown resting his case.  A good part of the day was spent with Mr. Carew (Miller’s lawyer) badgering the witness mercilessly,  parsing every word the complainant has uttered in the past., and doing all that he could do to discredit him

More to come

Enough for now


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Some court updates and heads up:

1.  Father Dan Miller

Previously convicted molester Father Dan Miller’s second sex abuse trial starts this Tuesday.  The trial is booked for two days:

14 & 15 October 2014:  10 am,  TRIAL Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East)

I encourage those who are within driving distance and free to so to attend.  Please keep the complainant in your prayers this thanksgiving weekend.

2.  Father Gary Hoskins

Father Gary Hoskins next court date is:

01 December 2014: 10 am, Corner Brook courthouse, Nfld, “first plea”

As I said elsewhere, most people will have anticipated that because Father Hoskins was committed to stand trial the next court date would be his trial date. That alas is rarely the case. There will probably another few courtdates before the actual trial date is set.

Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers

3.  Father Abraham Azhakathu mst

A trial date has been booked for Father Abraham Azhakathu mst:

05 March 2015: TRIAL booked for two days, Court of Queen’s Bench (Superior court), Peace River, Saskatchewan

The charges were laid March of this year. This is amazingly fast – as far as I’m concerned this is the way all cases should proceed.

4.  Father Omer Desjardins omi

This was a huge surprise. I called to get the next court date for Father Omer Desjardins. His next court date is for sentencing! He must have quietly entered a guilty plea:

23 October 2014 ; 10 am, for sentencing, Blaine Lake circuit court, 107 Main Street, Community Hall, Blaine Lake, Sask

  I had hoped to get some more information about this, specifically  to confirm a guilty plea.  I did query twice that the next court date is for sentencing and was told each time that, yes, is for sentencing.  There can’t be sentencing without either a guilty verdict or guilt plea, and to my knowledge there has been no trial, so he must have plead guilty.

My goodness but these cases seem to move so much faster in Saskatchewan.  I wonder why?  Any ideas anyone?  It goes to show it CAN be done a whole lot faster, doesn’t it?

Note that court will be in the community hall in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan.

Please keep the victim in your prayers.

5.  Father Robert Couture

Sorry, I was unable to get through to anyone to get the next courtdate for Father Couture.  i will try again next week.  I will be out Tuesday and Wednesday so will try on Thursday.


Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend :)  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Enough for now,


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SMIS sex abuse scandal

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Is there any news on the Father Omer Desjardins in Saskatchewan? I haven’t checked online yet – hoping someone can bring us up to date and direct me to media coverage.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

My husband’s condition has improved significantly in the past two days so I will now endeavour to get up-to-date on the court dates of the past couple of weeks.  I am still hampered with a broken arm so takes me forever to do the simplest of tasks and have settled in to the reality that I just will not be able to use right hand until the cast is removed two weeks from now.  I feel like a bird with a broken wing :)  I will however do my best to get updates on all court dates.


I have just posted the latest in the St. Mary’s International School sex abuse scandal:

04 October 2014:   Kagei letter to parents and alumni re contact by victims and talk of some sort of inquiry

I must say I have deep concerns:

1.  I hope and pray that those victims who have contacted the school will speak out elsewhere so that the magnitude of the scandal can be fully understood and also so that we can see what, if any, cover-up, has accompanied the scandal.  It is victims who can tell us who knew what and when, and what action if any was taken by school officials and the Brothers

2.  What kind of inquiry is Mr. Kagei setting up? and who will be appointed to look into the allegations?    I fear this is an attempt to placate the troubled masses and in so doing to take control to keep the lid on the scandal.  I hope and pray I am mistaken, but it looks so eerily familiar.


Many thanks for all your prayers, emails, cards and goodies during the past few difficult weeks.  I can not begin to tell you how much they were appreciated.  Words fail me completely.  Thank you.

Enough for now,


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Another delay

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A very quick blog…

(1)  Thank you michael for the news on Father Charles Picot.   Disappointing – yet another delay – two more months,  Hard on the complainant.  But good to hear too that another complainant has found the courage to come forward.

I see that the comments had closed off at the foot of the page.  That happens every now and then without rhyme nor reason.  It’s back in order now.

Please post links to any media coverage, and please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  I have been told that the sex abuse lawsuit trial against the estate of Father Charles Sylvestre and the London Diocese is not proceeding this week as planned so anyone who was planning to attend please hold until further notice.   At this point I have left it on the Legal Calendar as starting on 29 Sept. – I have no idea if that will be the case or not.   I will be unable to check on it this week so please, anyone who knows if it is proceeding and when let me know.

Please keep the plaintiff in your prayers.

(3)  Yesterday afternoon was spent at the hospital.   My husband is scheduled for the first part of his surgery this morning – plugging the artery in his leg.  That will be done as an outpatient – we were told that he will be there for most of the day.  He will be admitted on Friday to have the abdominal aortic aneurysm repaired.  Please keep the welcome and much needed prayers going.

I am still sorely restricted in what I can do physically.  I mentioned two weeks ago that I had broken both bones in my right arm and a toe on left foot.  Well, my arm is  improving but I am still unable to use the fingers on the right hand to type or do too much of anything.  I can’t even drive!  The cast is on for another month.  Oh joy :)

So, a reminder to all that due to husband’s medical situation and my very untimely trip up in the laundry room I just can’t keep up to date on emails and blogs.  I never for a moment stop thinking about and praying for you, but due to present circumstances am unable to do all that I want and need to do on Sylvia’s Site.

Enough for now,


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Another Oblate charged

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Another Oblate priest charged.  The name of Father Omer Desjardins omi has been added to the Accused list.

Father Desjardins has been serving in  Winnipeg for over 24 years.  If you scroll down the page you will see a short article which references he and fellow Oblate priest Father Jean-Paul Isabelle.  promoting French in Saskatchewan. By way of interest and connecting dots, Father Isabelle, you may recall, was the superior of the Manitoba province of the Oblates back in 1995 when then Father EricDejaeger had fled justice and the country.  Isabelle gave the fugitive Oblate a heads up that the RCMP had a warrant out for Dejaeger’s arrest.  (click on the link Father Jean-Paul Isabelle for copy of the letter.

Father Desjardins’s next court date is 02 October 2014.  I am unsure at this which courthouse in Saskatchewan.  If anyone can help me here please do.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


The pre-trial motions for Father Dan Miller were held Monday past. and possibly also Tuesday.  I have heard that the motions were held in camera – no public allowed!  So, no idea at all what this was all about.  To my knowledge the trial dates of 14 & 15 October 2014 still stand.  Mark your calendar.  It’s getting close.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Father Gary Hoskins has been ordered to stand trial:

17 September 2014: Former priest ordered to stand trial for sexual assault charges” & VIDEO

The case now goes to the Superior court in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  It will be a few weeks before his next court date is set and probably some months before trial. Please keep the complainant and his family  in your prayers.

And, as you will see, the video clip also has an update on the the Father Bernard Buckle charges.

Father Buckle has entered a plea of “not guilty.”  He has elected trial by judge and jury, and has opted to have a preliminary hearing.  The preliminary hearing date has been set for 18 February 2015 – 09:30 am. Stephenville Newfoundland.

As always. please keep the complainant and his family in  your prayers.


My apologies – it is very difficult getting articles posted.  I look like the Statue of Liberty – right arm raised high :)  It’s the only relief – and can not use my right hand at all.  I thought things would be much better than this by now.  I see the doctor tomorrow – am hoping whatever  is delaying healing will be fixed.  As I said before, this is so surreal!  My poor husband who has serious surgery scheduled for next week is busy now looking after me.  Just crazy.  Sometimes we just look at each other and laugh.  What else can we do?

But, I must confess that we are eating like kings!  People have been dropping off meals and goodies.  Delicious!  Another silver lining.  Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and kindness.  We even have a lovely bouquet of flowers gracing the table :)  Much to be thankful for.

But,  back to the moaning and groaning.  It takes me forever now to get things posted, and some things I just can’t do when I’m shy a hand.  I was picking away at getting the Father Omer Desjardins page together for the past two days – still more to do on it but that’s all I will do until I get this arm back in operation.  And of course getting things done around the house is a challenge +++.    It takes a long long time to accomplish so very little!  Please just bear with me and be assured that it is not for lack of interest and concern that very little is being done on the site and emails are not being answered in a timely fashion.

Next week my husband has his two-part surgery done.  The first step is on Tuesday, and second on Friday 26 Sep.  Please keep the prayers going.

Enough for now


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I haven’t read the judge’s Reasons for Judgment yet, but have read that Dejaeger was convicted on a number of the charges and got off on a number more.  I am heartbroken.  I am disappointed beyond measure.  I am worried about the victims whose charges did not end with a guilty verdict.

Please pray for all the victims. and their family and friends.

The judges reasons for judgment and one media article are here:

10 September 2014:  Dejaeger verdict Reasons for Judgment

12 September 2014:   Nunavut court: pedophile ex-priest Eric Dejaeger guilty on 24 count

I will post more media coverage shortly – am having great difficulty getting articles up and typing with this broken arm :(  am anxious to read and try to come to terms with how this molester got off on so darn many charges.

Enough for now,


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Verdict due

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The verdict in the sex abuse trial of previously-convicted Oblate ex-priest Eric Dejaeger will be rendered tomorrow (Friday 12 September) in the Iqaluit courthouse, Nunavut.   Please keep Dejaeger’s many many victims in your prayers as they await the decision, and after.   Let’s hope and pray that justice is done.

Dejaeger also has a courtdate set for Edmonton, Alberta tomorrow “to set a date,”  I have a feeling those Edmonton charges may surface in the Nunavut courtroom tomorrow and be lumped in with the others.  I truly do hope I am mistaken.

Please post links to any media coverage re: the verdict.


Earlier today I posted a letter from the Headmaster at St. Mary’s International School (SMIS) to alumni regarding child molester Brother Lawrence: here it is:

11 September 2014:   Kagei letter Alumni Letter acknowledging he knew of Brother Lawrence apology January 2014 and victim came forward May 2013

Wonder why it has taken so long to get Brother Lawrence away from the schools and out of Japan?  And, the big question: Where is this molester now? In Canada? Nestled away with Brother John in Quebec?

Many questions must be both asked and answered regarding the sex abuse and coverup at SMIS.

Enough for now,





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Medical woes

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Well, here goes.  I will briefly explain the medical situation with my husband as best I can.

My husband Mike has had an abdominal aneurysm for several years.  It has been monitored annually.  There was enough of an increase in growth in the last annual check to warrant another in six months.  The six month check called for further tests – CT scan and MRI.   Finally  two weeks ago the bad news from the vascular surgeon.  The aneurysm requires surgical intervention.   In preparation for the surgery he has had to undergo a series of tests and see two specialists to give the okay for surgery.  He will wrap up all the tests tomorrow – still needs to see the cardiologist.  Once he has been cleared he will be slated for a two-part surgical procedure.

So, the bad news is the state of the aneurysm and requirement for surgery.  The good news is that the surgery can be conducted endoscopically – through the arteries.  That is a much less invasive procedure.

He also has an aneurysm on the iliac artery – the branch of the aorta which travels down his right leg.  For various reasons that aneurysm can’t be fixed and would cause trouble for the “fix” of the one on the abdominal aorta.  Therefore, part one of the process will be to plug that artery.  Yes, literally plug it – permanently.

Part one will be done as an outpatient – he will be monitored for about four hours after the procedure and then home.

Part two – the fix of the big aneurysm on the abdominal aorta – will transpire a few days later as an in patient.  He will be in hospital for a minimum of two days post operatively.

I will let you know when each step is taken.  I ask for your continued prayers.

Perhaps to add a little comic relief to a rather stressful situation, yesterday  I managed to break both bones in my right arm, the bone in the middle toe of my left foot, and tear a flap of skin off that little toe which required several stitches.

I am  still trying to sort out how it happened.  All I know for sure is that I tripped on something in the laundry room, and whoosh -that was it.  Thankfully Mike was home – he followed the screams, and, believe me I screamed :) He got me squared away and away we went to thew hospital.

I can’t say enough for the staff and ER doctor at the small, and for us very handy, Arnprior hospital.  They were very efficient and very kind.

It will probably be a few days before I can use the fingers of my right hand with some degree of comfort.  The arm is in a cast and, for now, in a sling.  I am pecking away at this with my left hand :(  It’s not as easy as I thought it would be –

I won’t be able to post articles for several days.  If there is something of note that you see in the news which you think would be of interest please post a comment and paste a link.  Don’t send it to me because right now I won’t be able to do a thing with it.

Isn’t this just crazy?  I can not believe I put myself in this pickle right now.  Of all times!!!


Father Abraham Azhsksthu had a court date in Peace River, Alberta on Friday past –  “to set a date”.   Keep the complainant  in your prayers.


Sorry, I won’t be answering emails for at least the next few days – until I can swing this cast  around with a degree of abandon..

Enough for now,


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