Alas, my question has been definitively answered

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When it comes to clerical sexual predators, complicit clergy and  apologies Pope Francis has stepped over a line:

18 January 2018:  Pope Francis shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander

Accusing the victims of calumny?

And this demeaning of victims comes on the heels of the papal apology:

17 January 2018:  “Why this Chilean abuse survivor refuses to accept Pope Francis’ apology” & related articles

Yesterday I pondered if anything had changed since Pope Francis’s previous defence of Bishop Barros with claims that the opposition to him was unfounded and coming from the ‘the left.’

Alas, my question has been definitively  answered.

Pray for  victims everywhere.  This papal accusation of calumny against victims  papal  goes beyond to pale.

Meanwhile in Ottawa  at St. Patrick’s Basilica:  (Father Amesse- St Patrick’s Basilica  Bulletin 14 January 2018)


Enough for now,


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Victims deserve better than this from their archbishop

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Very disturbing news from the Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick:

17 January 2018:  Blame tough lives of priests’ victims on economy, not abuse, says church

Note the following four quotes from the article:

 – (1)  To the argument that victims were emotionally traumatized by the abuse and unable to complete an education or earn a decent income, the church maintains it is not responsible for what happened to those individuals through the course of their lives.

“Such damage was on account of existing sociological, educational, linguistic and economic factors present in New Brunswick and elsewhere at material times, which factors were not caused by the archdiocese,” the defence document says.

 – (2) The church also argued it shouldn’t have to pay because it already engaged in a conciliation process in 2012, led by retired judge Michel Bastarache and meant to compensate victims.

“The plaintiff chose not to enter that process, and cannot complain of not being provided for as a result,” the archdiocese said in its defence


– (3) “The plaintiff has entered into an illegal, inflated and unenforceable agreement of contingency with his solicitors, the result of which is to promote unreasonable litigation … and to increase costs to the archdiocese,” the church says.


 (4)  according to the article, in denying responsibility for psychological anguish the victims experienced, the diocese argued that “Such losses or damages arose from mental or physical conditions that existed prior to the assaults or were acquired … after the assaults,”

I believe it is a given that the disregard for the plight of victims of clerical exhibited above  embraced by the Archbishop of the Moncton Archdiocese, Valéry Vienneau.  It is, after all, Archbishop Vienneau who is paying these lawyers.  But are we to conclude that the archbishop, Justice Bastarache, all the “Conciliation” process staff, diocesan lawyers and all diocesan staff who have dealt with and interacted with victims over the past few years  concur with the mindset exhibited above?  And, are we to conclude that any hint of understating or sympathy expressed to victims for the long-term suffering they have endured was a ruse, – no more than a means to an end, the end being to entice them into the conciliation process and thereby, it seems, avert an “increase in costs to the archdiocese” ?

It’s amazing is it not that the diocese seems to think that victims should have had no option but to engage in the diocesan conciliation process?

This truly is disgusting.  And revealing.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.  They truly deserve better than this.

Enough for now,


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Home about two hours ago.  A dirty drive – we skirted  that awful strom rolling up the Eastern seabord, and then ran into the lake effect weather in upper New York state.

It was amazing to watch the temperature plummet six degrees as we crossed into Canada.  But, all in all a good run, and hearts go out to those on the east coast who are truly suffering because of that awful noreaster (sp?).

As always it was extremely difficult to leave family behind and good to be back home.

We have a second Christmas on Sunday,  with our Ottawa family 😊

Time permitting I will get a couple of articles posted tomorrow and relay some information.  I do have a commitment in the morning, and still need to get things put away,  get washing done and so on, but I will do my absolute  best to spend a few hours getting things up to date.

Enough for now,


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Happy New Year

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Best wishes for a Holy, Happy and Healthy New Year!

We will be back home by the weekend.


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Merry Christmas

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We had a good run down to Alabama – a little nasty getting out of Ottawa with snow and freezing rain, but once we hit the 401 we pretty well sailed along, happily watching the temperature climb up, up and up.

Much excitement here.  More family from Canada arriving this evening.

And finally a chance for a belated posting of the 18 December 2017 Andrew Duffy article in the Ottawa Citizen re Father Stephen Amesse  being assigned as Associate Pastor at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa.  Here it is:

19 December 2017:  Priest acquitted of sex assault appointed to downtown church

I expressed a few of my thoughts on this several days ago. I hate to have to address this on Christmas Eve, but this has been my first opportunity to get anything posted.  I firmly believe that Father Amesse should not be in the priesthood never mind a parish.


My heart-felt prayer and wish for each and every one of you is that you will be blessed with happy and holy Christmas.

Merry Christmas!





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Crazy crazy day

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Well, off to the Southern States this morning for Christmas with family.  The car sleigh is packed and ready to go.  There will be 15 of us for Christmas so lots of parcels, plus goodies  🙂

There were several things I had hoped to get done yesterday, but what a miserable day it turned out to be.

First, I was trying to update the maps on our GPS.  The darn thing erased everything.  Every map was gone, and it just would not download a map again.   It kept trying, – but failure every time.  Finally I had to make a phone call.  And finally,  after about two hours – success!  The GPS is programmed and ready to go 🙂

In the midst of all the GPS business I needed to get cell phone coverage for  the States.  I usually pope online and it’s taken care of in no time.  Not yesterday!

The Bell website was having problems .  So, I tried a phone number, – and actually got a message that they were exceptionally busy, couldn’t take my call, and try calling later!!

To make a long story short, I found another number and tried again.

One hour and 45 minutes on hold!  But, mission accomplished.

Truly a crazy, crazy day.

The reality now is that everything  which I had hoped to get done on Sylvia’s Site and did not get done will have to wait until after Christmas.  We will be in an area in the States where internet access is not the best, plus I find that as the wee ones get older and curiouser they are keen to see what I am up to.  I take pains not to mar their precious innocence, so computer time when connection is working at a time when I have a quiet and private space is hard to come by .

I will moderate and keep tabs on comments.  I may post little comments or pictures from time to time but doubt that I will get any articles posted.

I ask that you hold emails to me via the site or my personal email until the New Year.

For those whose emails I have not yet answered, my apologies.  Would you please re-send them in the new year?

(I did manage to send off a quick email to Archbishop Terrence Prendergast regarding his appointment of Father Stephen Amesse as Associate Rector at St. Patrick’s Basilica in downtown Ottawa.  I could not in good conscience stay silent. )

Enough for now,



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Two days before Christmas

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Father Denis Vaillancourt,  the former long-time Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall,  has been sentenced to 12 months house arrest, followed by 12 months probation and must donate $500 towards charity.

Thankfully for the victim and his family it’s over.  Please keep them in your prayers.


I am sick.  Just sick.

Look at this:

As you see, I highlighted that “good” news.

Ottawa’s Archbishop Prendergast has appointed Father Stephen Amesse as Associate Rector at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa.

This is the priest who, as a layman, assisted in the compilation of the CCCB’s 1992 sex abuse guidelines but at his own sex abuse trial claimed he didn’t know what grooming was! Not only that, he essentially testified that  a 14-year-old boy is not a child!

And, yes, this is the priest whose friend Eric is a body builder in the States.  Eric, who shaves his body, probably – as the Crown suggested and the complainant “Robert” said he was told – to make his muscles stand out.    That’s Eric the body builder, who I personally discovered, has very nude and filthy pictures posted in several places online, including on sites which feature gay porn.

Yes indeed, this is the priest who bought Robert  a body shaver!

It’s Father Amesse, the priest who testified that he shaves his body because he doesn’t like the feel of hair on his clothing.

Enough.  I suggest that those who are not familiar with the sorry and thoroughly disgusting  tale of the Father Stephen Amesse sex trial and  acquittal read  the following blogs:

08 March 2017:  BLOG The Father Stephen Amesse trial

10 March 2017:  BLOG We shall see….

11 March 2017: BLOG A heavy day

03 May 2017:  BLOG  “some issues”

29 April 2017:  BLOG Odds and ends

30 March 2017:  BLOG Many are sheer porn

15 March 2017:   BLOG He doesn’t know what grooming is?!

As I say, I am sick with this news.

What a Christmas gift from Archbishop Prendergast to those poor souls  at St. Patrick’s Basilica!  Imagine.  Two days before Christmas.

More about this as I think it through..

Enough for now,



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Good therapy

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Today is day one of Father Brian Boucher’s tw0-day preliminary hearing.  There will without doubt be a publication ban on all testimony and evidence so even if there is media present we wont hear anything about the allegations themselves.  We could however get news of the numbers of people in the courtroom, and Father Boucher’s  demeanor throughout the day.

Boucher, you may recall, was charged in January of this year.  The charges laid relate to sexual offences which are alleged to have transpired between 1994 and 2011.

Father Boucher was ordained  07 June 1996.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers /


After the recent acquittal of  serial molester Marcel LalondeI left Cornwall and returned home angry and frustrated.  Yes, I do often get angry and frustrated, but in this instance I really felt that my anger was unhealthy and such that I  would be wise to remain silent for a spell . I truly  am no good to anyone in that state 🙁

So, … I directed my energies into sorting and wrapping Christmas gifts .  It was good therapy – a pleasant task which consumes a lot of time and had to be done.  Think time 🙂


Sentencing for former long-time Chancellor of the scandal-plagues Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese Denis Vaillancourt is tomorrow:

15 December 201710  9 am, sentencing, courtroom #7, Cornwall Ontario courthouse (29 Second St. W.)


I had hoped to travel down to Cornwall for the sentencing but don’t think now that that will be possible.  I’m off to Alabama next week for Christmas  – lots to do and little time before departure,  and I really do want to and must  say a few words about the Lalonde acquittal.

Please keep the victim and his very supportive family in your prayers.  Let’s pray that justice is done and that this wolf in sheep’s clothing will serve at least a little while in jail for his crimes.

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Enough for now,


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Several things of note

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There are several things of note today:

(1)  Father Paul Breau

Sex assault charges which had been laid against Father Paul (Archdiocese of Moncton) have been withdrawn:

07 December 2017: Priest accused of sexual assault won’t have to go through trial

Did the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit  alleging repeated sexual abuse in the early 80s at the hands of both Fathers Paul Breau and Yvon Arsenault go to police?  Is that where these charges came from?  Or, is there someone else who is reporting sexual abuse at the hands of Father Breau?  Does anyone know?

(2)  Father Hope Klutsey sma

Father Hope Klutsey, as priest with the Society of African Missions arrived in the Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan December 2013 and departed suddenly and quietly in late October or early November 2017.  There has been no explanation aside news that he was said to have been  under investigation by police, had been called back to Africa by his superior and that the police allowed him to leave.  Requests to the archdiocese for clarification have gone unanswered.

So, the understanding was that Father Klutsey had returned to Africa.  But, look at thse screen shots.  Is Father Hope Klutsey currently nestled away at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin Ireland?

It looks that way, does it not?  True, he did attend Milltown for further studies in the late 2000s,  but this seems to indicate that he is currently employed by the institute?

Is Father Klutsey in Africa?

Or, is Father Klutsey in Dublin?

Perhaps he stopped in in Africa en route to Dublin?  Or, …who knows?

The bottom line is that…

No one knows exactly what Father Klutsey did.

No one knows why Father Klutsey was under investigation.

No one knows why he fled the country.


A question which now begs to be answered is this:  If indeed, as it seems, Father Klutsey is in Dublin, Ireland, is anyone at risk?  Women?  Children?  Men?

(3)  MR. Hod Marshall

Two more pictures have been added of now deceased serial Basilian molester Hod Marshall who was defrocked/laicized shortly after entering his guilty pleas in January 2014.

Both pictures show  that Marshall was definitely teaching Math and coaching basketball at St. Thomas High School in Huston Texas. (STHS was run by the Basilians) .  Here are the pictures:

1956-1957:   Teaching Math and coaching basketball at St. Thomas High School (Houston Texas) yearbook pictures:

It’s interesting to see the”Pray for me”  hand-written inscription on the Varsity Basketball picture.  Those are, witness below,  exactly the same words he wrote in in the 1955 edition of The Crusader, the yearbook for Assumption College School in Windsor, Ontario:(4)   MR. George Smith

In case you missed it when posted earlier today, Father George Smith  is  now MR. George Smith, and he has been MR. George Smith since January 2014.  He was defrocked/laicized:

05 November 2017: Statement from the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador Re George Smith

It is always a comfort to learn that a clerical sexual predator has been “defrocked” and no longer sullies the ranks of the priesthood by his presence.  Better that predatory clergy such as he spend the rest of their days praying for their victims and for all those whose faith has been destroyed or sorely tested due to their sins and crimes while they work at securing their own salvation.

The right thing was done.  I don’t understand why the diocese did not publicize that information or post it on the website until now.  People need to know.  When a diocese does the right thing, people need to know.

(5)  Marcel Lalonde

I decided not to write up anything today regarding the acquittal of Marcel Lalonde.  I just was not in a good frame of mind to do so.  Best I wait 🙂

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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He was defrocked in 2014

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A quick post…

Father George Smith is MR. George Smith, and has been MR. George Smith since January 2014.  He was defrocked/lacized :

05 November 2017: Statement from the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador Re George Smith

What a shame we actually  had to ask to find out.

Note the following sentence: “Any allegation of improper conduct by a priest is an extremely serious matter.”

This was a conviction, not an allegation.  Smith entered a guilty plea.

Enough for now,


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